Dearest Fanfiction Readers,

I am SO sorry I have not been updating, but I PROMISE I have a good excuse.

My sister in law spilt a glass of sweet tea on my laptop. It is still being worked on and I have NO news, so it's possible I've lost everything.


I do NOT have good luck with computers, I really don't. (And this is my MAC laptop! :( )

Again, I apologize deeply and I hope to get back on my fanfiction soon.

In the meantime, I have created a facebook page specifically for my fanfiction. If you want updates on certain fanfictions you're reading of mine, you can go like my page! :D Also, I'll have 'banners' that I've made. If you want, you can go HERE and like my page! I'd greatly appreciate it. Share it with all of your Bones/CM/NCIS/Law and Order SVU/Big Time Rush/Medium fanfic loving friends, too! :D :D


(It won't let any links go through, so just put a period where it says DOT)

Please stay tuned for updated fanfics, as I promise I'll try hard to get them up soon. :)

With love,