Note: I do not own Criminal Minds or any of its characters. Also this is loosely based off of "The Ransom of Red Chief" by O. Henry. Takes place in the time that Haley and Jack were undercover

"Yeah, Joan, I'll have to call you back, okay? Jack gets done school in a couple of minutes and I'm already running a bit late." Haley Brooks née Hotchner, known to her neighbor's as Heather Baxter, said into her cell as she walked out to her car. She hung up, got into the driver's seat, and turned the key. The car started but didn't move. She tried again and it still wouldn't move. Cursing she got out and looked at it. For the first time she realized that the tires looked lower than usual and upon closer inspection, all four were slashed. "Damn." She muttered and pulled out her phone again. "Sam?" She said when he picked up. "Would you be able to get Jack for me? He gets out in a minute and my tires were slashed."

"Alright." He said. "It's probably nothing but go lock yourself in the house and keep your phone with you. I'll go get Jack and be there as soon as possible."

"Thanks." She answered, rolling her eyes. She knew the danger but really, sometime he overreacted. It was probably just the college kids across the way. They hung up and she did what she was told.

Jack Hotchner peered out the window. All the other kid's mommies had picked them up already but his mommy was late. He hoped she'd come soon. He was getting tired of playing with cars and listening to Mrs. Noia try to do the voices right for, "Mrs. Spider's Tea Party." Just then, there was a knock on the door and Mrs. Noia went to answer it. Jack peered around her and then went back to playing with the cars again. It wasn't Mommy or Sam.

"Hello, ma'am." A man's voice said. "I'm here for Jack Hotchner." Jack lifted his head again and looked at the man, who gave him a small wave. He tried to think but he didn't remember him.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I can't let him go without a parent's permission." The teacher answered.

"Ma'am, I understand that but I'm with the FBI, and-" Jack jumped up and ran over to the door, ignoring the teacher's orders to sit back down.

"Do you work with my Daddy?" he asked. The man grinned.

"Yes I do, Jackie boy. My name's George and I came to get you so that we can go see your Daddy. What do you say?"

"Yay!" Jack shouted and got his backpack.

"Sir, I'm going to need to see some identification." Mrs. Noia protested.

"Of course, Ma'am." George said smiling, and pulled out a badge.

She inspected it and then reluctantly stepped back so Jack could pass. "I guess it's okay."

"Alright then, let's go, Buddy," George replied, taking Jack's hand. "Ma'am." He nodded goodbye and the two of them left and the teacher closed the door and started tidying up the room. She hadn't even had time to put the book she had been reading to Jack back on the bookshelf when there was another knock.

She got up, went to the door, and was surprised to see Mr. Kassmeyer, who she had been told was the boy's uncle and allowed to pick him up if Mrs. Baxter couldn't make it. "Well, hello Mr. Kassmeyer!"

"Hey," he said grinning. There was an awkward silence. "I'm here for Jack."

"Oh, you just missed him." She replied. "A colleague of his father's just came and picked him up.

"Who?"the man asked, his brow furrowing.

" He said he worked with Jack's father. He had FBI identification and everything, so I let Jack go with him."

"What did he look like?" Sam's voice was starting to get tense.

"Oh, I don't know. Dark hair, tan skin. I think his name was George. I hope there's not-" But Mr. Kassmeyer was already headed away, talking into his cellphone.

Mrs. Noia blinked after him, and then closed the door. "How rude!"