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Last of the Time Lords


River ran out into the cold, early December night as the familiar sound of the engines of the TARDIS filled the air.

It flickered into existance just outside her back door. Her yard was covered in snow from the day's weather. Even the TARDIS was getting covered in what little time it had been there. River stood, rubbing her hands over her arms for warmth. She had forgotten to grab a jacket in her excitement. Not that she cared about it at the moment as the doors opened.

The Doctor stepped out, straightening his bowtie. "Hello sweetie." he said with that goofy yet dashing smile that River loved.

She dashed forward and hugged him. It felt so good to have him back again. "Hello sweetheart." she said. "How've you been?"

"Oh, nearly died from a Weeping Angel, saved a race from extinction, ran from Daleks. Everything's been normal."

River laughed. "Sounds like I missed all the fun." she said, a bit disappointed.

The Doctor smiled. "And you?"

"Pretty boring without you. We haven't found much on digs either. So there's not much to report." she paused, staring at him. She loved those old but young eyes of his. "How long are you staying for?"

The Doctor smiled. He couldn't stay long. He could never stay long. She knew that, but she always asked. "I brought you something." he said, changing the subject as he reached into one of the many pockets of his tweeted jacket and bringing out a blue box with white ribbon. "It's our first Christmas together. I wanted to make it special."

River's eyebrows raised, and she burst out in laughter. "Christmas? Christmas isn't for another three weeks."

The Doctor's expression fell "I've come too early then?"

"Afraid so, sweetie." she said. Leave it to the Doctor to want to commemorate their first Christmas and come too early.

River was growing used to their wibbly-wobbly relationship with right and wrong timey-wimey meetings. They had only been going out for a month and already River had to stop him from spoiling things.

"But it IS our first Christmas yes?" the Doctor asked, wanting to be sure he was in the right general area in the timeline.

"Yes." River nodded.

"Okay..." the Doctor said. The gears turned in his head for a moment before he put the box back in his jacket. "Right then. Sorry. I'll just come back in a few weeks."

As he turned, River grabbed his sleeve. "Oh no." she said, a shiver running through her. Ugh it was cold. She hated cold. "It's five minutes for you, sure, but I have to wait the three weeks. Assuming you come back on time. You're here now. I don't want you to go again. Not so soon."

The Doctor smiled. "No I suppose you don't. Very well, but I better get my present soon."

"Soon as it's finished." River promised.

The Doctor brought out the blue box once again and handed it to her. "Merry Christmas, River Song." he said.

"Thank you, my Doctor." she said, taking the box.

It was so pretty that she almost didn't want to open it. Her heart fluttered and her stomach did flips as she wondered what could be inside. She carefully untied the white ribbon and opened the box. She gasped at what she saw.

Inside the box was a slim, golden bracelet that looked old and worn with many many years of age. It opened up into a heart and had a smaller heart to connect the two and fasten onto the wearer's wrist. Inscribed on the inside of the loop were letters written in a language River had only just started to learn.

"Old High Gallifreyan?" she said in wonder. "But that means..." she looked up at the Doctor, meeting his amused eyes. She had obviously reacted just as he'd expected. "Its from your planet?"

"Yep." the Doctor said, stepping forward and carefully taking the bracelet from the box. "Me, the TARDIS, and this bracelet is all that is left of Gallifrey."

"I can't take that!" River objected, "Not if it's all you have!"

The Doctor slipped it onto her wrist, fastening the two hearts together. "You'll keep it safe." he said. "Now, Miss Song, how would you like a little adventure before you head off to bed?"

River frowned, thinking. She rubbed her hands up and down her arms. "Ive got a dig tomorrow. And I'm cataloging all we find and..." her voice trailed off. "How can I resist?"

The Doctor smiled, "Ill have you back before curfew." he promised.

He snapped his fingers and the TARDIS doors opened. River beamed.

"Ladies first." he said, becoming her inside.

River happily went in, giddy with the warmth the TARDIS offered. "Next stop everywhere?"

"Of course!" the Doctor said.

The Last of the Time LordsAuthor of chapter: rosexknight

Chapter one - Time Baubles


Why was it always running with this man?

The Doctor stopped abruptly at a dead end of the space ship. They had been running since the moment they stepped foot out of the TARDIS and into the space ship. It was tiring. But now River could see that the Doctor was thinking. She could see the gears turning in his head. He would get them out of this. He always did. She glanced back the way they had came. He'd better hurry...

"Yes!" the Doctor said, stomping on the ground and running to a control pannel on a nearby wall.

River smiled with relief. That was her Doctor. "What are you thinking?" she asked him, running to his side as he unlocked the pannel with his screwdriver.

"Im thinking..." the Doctor began, scanning the panel with his sonic device. "That this ship is hovering approximately seven meters above the water."

"Right." River said, trying to follow his hundred-mile-an-hour talk. He still wasn't making sence.

"Im thinking that, with Earth's gravity it will take them three-point-seven seconds to fall into said water."

"Thats enough time for their boosters to kick in." River said, looking down the cooridor. They'd catch up with them soon. She had to be the Doctor's eyes and ears as he worked. "And a large body of water like this will only stall them for a moment."

"Ah but I said with EARTH'S gravity." he smiled as something clicked on the panel. "And this isn't Earth's water."

River looked at him in confusion, then understood. The panel controlled the trap doors they had seen all over this ship. The water on this planet was like acid. Regular earth water stunned them but the effects of water AND acid...

"Brilliant!" River exclaimed. "They come around the corner, we push the button and they fall to the acid."

"It will start to burn through the suits and they'll be forced to flee." The Doctor agreed. He loved how she could keep up with him. "But there's one catch."

"What?" River asked.

They heard the blasters then. They were close. The Doctor put his screwdriver back into his tweeter jacket.

"River, you can fly the TARDIS. It's just around the corner and up the stairs."

"I know, so what?" she asked, suddely terrified. "I'm not leaving without you!"

"Yes you are!" he said, opening a compartment with the button that controlled the trap doors. "The trap door will send us plumetting to the water too. And we can't teleport away."

"Maybe you can't!" River dove forward and pressed the button, holding it down.

"What are you doing?" the Doctor demanded.

The blasters sounded again, closer. Something exploded.

"Im saving your life!" she exclaimed, jutting a hand out to him. On her wrist was her Time-Vortex manipulator. "Not type in coordinates! Any coordinates. And meet me at home."

"That's the thing. River, I can't let you do this." he said. She had saved him once. And that had killed her.

"Too late to argue now." she said with a smile. "When I fall, I can trigger it and it will teleport me wherever you say. If you want to save me, save this planet, you will type in the coordinates and run."

There was another blast. Another explosion. The Doctor huffed in frustration and typed in the coordinates. The first coordinates that came to mind. The coordinates she knew she'd be safe at.

"Exterminate!" something called.

River grabbed his bowtie once he was done and pulled him to her, kissing him. She was scared. Petrified. She had to time this perfectly. "Be home soon." she said.

"Promise me you will be!" The Doctor ordered. He could see the fear in her eyes. The fear in her eyes she prayed he would never see again. It killed him.

"I promise." she said, kissing him again, then shoved him away. "Run."



The Doctor stepped back, then did as he was told, holding back his desire to run back to her, and ran to the TARDIS.

River turned back to see white and red and blue robots rolling around the corner.

"River Song," the white one said, its eye stalk moving up and down to examine her. "You will be exterminated!" they raised their blasters, taking aim.

"Wanna bet?" River said, and lifted her hand from the button.

The floor fell out from under them and they all fell. River acted fast, and pressed a button on her Time-Vortex manipulator, teleporting to safety before she and the Daleks hit the acidic water.