Last of the Time Lords

Chapter Eleven

The frigid air stung their faces as River and the Doctor rode the small Kaladian to the Cyberman stronghold.

"You should not have spoken out against the Chief like that..." Lunek said as she ran around to the back of the fortress.

Luckily her white fur coupled with the thick snow allowed them to be camouflaged quite nicely.

"Why not?" River asked.

"He is the Chief. We are only females. We do not speak out. We simply wait for our males to choose us and have as many litters with our mates as we can."

River's eyes widened, "You don't even choose who you want to mate with?"

"No. Do you?"

"Yes! That's half of our lives…"

"Must me nice…" Lunek said almost sadly. "I will be chosen by a male next year. I only hope that he treasures me as I can see the Doctor treasures you."

River blushed as the Doctor put a hand on Lunek's side. "We're here." He said.

The large bear-like alien came to a halt. The Doctor slid off, holding his arms out for River. They were at the back of what looked like a factory, behind a large icy boulder. The Doctor looked around it. The door to the back of the factory was visible and unguarded.

"We haven't been detected." He said with a grin. "Now then. Lunek, we can take it from here. Get back to the cave okay? If you don't make it back by sunrise Ketox will head into a slaughter."

"Doctor I want to help…" she said shyly.

The Doctor ran his hand through his hair. He thought. Lunek would indeed come in handy but he did not want to put her in any danger than she was already in. Finally, he asked, "How fast can you run? With us on your back?"

"Fast." She promised.

The Doctor sighed. "If all goes according to plan we'll come running out of that door. We need you to be our means of escape. Can you do that?"

"Yes sir."

"Very well. River, with me. Lunek, you run at the first sight of a cyberman out here."

With that, the Doctor took River's hand and crept inside.

"Plan?" River whispered as they walked down the dark hall.

She wanted to get in and out as fast as she could. There were only three aliens that creeped her out, and the Cybermen were one of them.

"We blow the place sky high."

River's eyebrows raised. That wasn't like the Doctor at all. "That's it? Blow them up? Not transport them somewhere else or…or get them sucked into another dimension?"

The Doctor frowned. It wasn't his solution of choice either. "We don't have that kind of time." He said, "Besides, if Ketox is not certain that they are gone then he will charge in and they'll all be killed."

"What about the Cybermen?"

The Doctor stopped before another door, "They're more or less lifeless anyway."


"I know River. The moment I think of something else I'll let you know but for now just help me find the boiler room so we can rig it to go up in…" he looked at his watch, "Fifteen minutes."

The Doctor opened the door to be faced with an army of Cybermen. His eyes widened. They had been safe. No detection what so ever.

"The Doctor is here." The leader said, "Delete."

The Doctor slammed the door and darted down another hallway, River on his tail as the cybermen busted the door down.

"I don't believe it." He said as their feet pounded on the floor and their footsteps echoed through the corridor.

"What?" River asked from behind him.

"They knew. They knew we were coming."