A loud thump wakes the Hutt from slumber. His lackeys and companions (if such a word existed for him) and bounty hunters stirred, but did not awaken. The Hutt searched for the source (as his vision was blurry with sleep) to find it right in front of him. The bounty hunter that had brought Chewbacca was freeing Solo.


Jabba curiously watched as the bounty hunter continued to free Solo, ignoring their surroundings. When Solo was free, it helped him, whispering words of comfort. Jabba couldn't hear what exactly was being said, though he did catch the last phrase, when the bounty hunter removed their helmet, revealing their—well, her—identity.

And the reply that was given.

Someone who loves you


When they pulled in for a kiss, he found it confusing. This was love, not seduction.

He could see their bliss rolling off each other. Ha! Pathetic.

He started laughing. And he laughed, startling everyone out of their own world. Solo and (he assumed that was her name) Leia stiffened. Leia swiveled her head, glaring. (she had brown eyes that stared in your soul)

He saw the lips move on Solo's face. I know that laugh.

Jabba's lackeys are laughing now, while he himself is quiet. "Bring them to me."

The two are standing now, both glaring. Two guards from behind the pair, roughly grab them by their arms, shoving them forward. Now, they are standing, waiting for their execution. But—

(beneath the hardened layer, you see the tenderness)

why should he get rid of the man that has caused you much strife and a girl that has a wonderful body?

"Bring her to me." A guard shoves her up to Jabba, and he licks his lips in delight. She turns away with disgust.

"We have—powerful friends."

He chuckles at the girls pure naivety. What friends? When you come to Tattoine, you have no friends. "I'm sure."

Solo is sent to his prison chambers—he'll deal with him later.

(her eyes are so broken, it kills him—none of his dancers were so sad—and he almost lets her go. and when the chain wraps around his neck, he's almost glad that this girl may find some happiness she would have never found here)