I've always wondered what would happen if someone did a Kakashi First Year Xover with Harry Potter. Most are just for 4th, 5th, and 6th year, so it's never been fully explored.

Title- Masks and Redemption

Rating- T for language and possible violence

Summary: Kakashi is commissioned by Dumbledore to go to Hogwarts as a guard for both the powerful Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter. He struggles to keep from being discovered, pass his classes, and save the stone from the ultimate Dark wizard himself- Lord Voldemort. Can Kakashi overcome the guilt from his past before it's too late?

ALSO: To those who are apprehensive about OCs- be comforted, for this is the first and last time you will see one in my story.


It was a relatively peaceful afternoon, considering that there was the Third Ninja war still going on. It was the type of afternoon that's comfortably cool, even in the summer, and a delicate breeze sifted through the forest surrounding Konohagakure. It made everyone pause and wonder if, perhaps, this was what it might be like to have peace between the Hidden Villages. A thoughtful afternoon.

That is, for everyone except...

"A mission? Again?" Minoru Kayuga's wail could be heard almost across the village. "But, Minato-sensei, we haven't had a lesson with you in ages! It's always you and Kakashi, going off on 'classified' missions, all the time! I'm bored of training myself!" The dark-haired genin slumped over dramatically on the stump he was perched on and let out a moan from his upside-down position. "It's not fair!"

Team Minato, getting back together with the return of two of its members from a high ranked mission, wasn't getting much training done at the 17th training ground. Minoru Kayuga sat in the middle of a clearing, while his teacher, Minato Namikaze was perched atop the middle of the three training posts.

Minoru was the rather whiny prodigy chosen to replace Obito after that disastrous mission. His pet peeve was that, while he was a prodigy, it just so happened that Kakashi was even more of a genius child. As a direct result of that, Kakashi, and not Minoru, was chosen as Minato's constant partner for S- and Unranked- Missions. And while Kakashi and Minato were off on missions, Minoru was forced to remain in the village with Rin, who he considered rather slow despite her healing prowess.

"Sorry, Minoru. It can't be helped. We have a war on." His sensei smiled sadly. "I wish I could train you, but it just isn't possible in the current situation."

Kakashi appeared next to the dark-haired Kayuga, where he certainly hadn't been sitting a few moments before. "Maybe if you stopped slacking off all of the time, you might make Tokubetsu Jounin, like me. Then you could go on missions with us." He paused, thinking it over. "Well, actually, no, you couldn't. But still; I'm a jounin, you just barely made Chuunin. Hence, no top-secret missions for you."

Minoru frowned and lifted up his head so that he could give Kakashi a death glare from behind his ridiculously long bangs. "You're a real bastard, you know that, Kakashi?"

Rin jumped from a nearby tree and landed gracefully, sitting placidly on Minoru's other side. "It is true though, sensei. Not about the bastard part, but the bit about the training. I mean, we haven't been training with you or Kakashi for a month and a half thanks to that classified mission, and before that, Kakashi went alone with that ANBU team to Lightning Country, and before that, you and Kakashi and Gai were away for three entire months.

"Now you've just finally come back home, and you're commissioned for another 'classified'. You can understand why Minoru's upset. We missed you and Kakashi, is all." she finished, looking at him pleadingly.

"I'm not upset, and I didn't miss Kakashi! I'm going to beat his thick skull into the ground the next time we spar, and I won't let sensei stop me!"

"As if you could actually hope to win." Kakashi sighed. "It never ceases to amaze me how far you can carry your delusions."

"Like hell!" The Kayuga 'genius' was turning pink with anger now, and it was almost funny to see him sputter. "I've gotten way better while you were away with sensei. I could take you on right now and you wouldn't stand a chance, bastard."

Kakashi opened his mouth, no doubt to make a scathing retort, but was cut off by the sudden appearance of his sensei right behind him, a messenger hawk on his arm, talons tearing the shirtsleeve.

"Calm down, Minoru," said Minato, ruffling the Kayuga's hair. "It actually seems as though Kakashi and I have been removed from that mission as a last-moment adjustment. The all-powerful advisory council wants us to guard the village, rather than, I quote, "go gallivanting off to places unknown."

Rin perked up a bit at that, and Minoru seemed rather surprised that all of his complaining had been pointless.

"But why?" Kakashi asked hesitantly. "I thought that we were requested specially by the mission leader- and it was an important mission, so it's not like you would have been wasting your time..."

Their sensei shrugged. "Perhaps they plan on commissioning the entirety of Team Minato for a different mission." His eyes looked the slightest bit troubled in their sky-blue depths for a moment, but it was gone like a passing shadow, and he turned back to his team. He smiled, turning to Minoru. "Your accusations were correct. And, since there are no missions to stop us from doing so, let's train!"

The Sandaime was troubled. It showed on his face as he regarded the visitors wearily. When the two, a man and a woman, had stepped out of thin air, clutching a musty sock, he had assumed that they were assassins from Suna or something along those lines. Certainly they were dressed oddly enough to be from Suna. Now, having heard their story, he almost wished that that were the case.

What they actually wanted was to buy a mission.

The woman spoke in a clear, crisp voice, whereas the man seemed not to be capable of speech at all. The woman wore a kind of loose-fitting dress in an odd style and a pointed hat with a wide brim. Tiny glasses perched on her hooked nose, and she looked ancient. In wartime, most ninja lived to be only thirty, forty if they were lucky, and it was considered odd to see even a civilian live beyond fifty. This woman was was just about the oldest person he'd met, aside from himself.

As for the man, he wore a black- was that a dress?- and cape. Actually, his shoes were black, too. And his belt. His eyes were black, too, remotely reminiscent of an Uchiha, except that instead of burning with black fire, they were more like- like black ice. He was frowning as he looked down on the Sandaime, and he had a large, hooked nose. The Sandaime almost flinched at that. The poor man. Put together that nose, his inadvisable fashion regime, and that atrocious hair, and, well...

The woman had interrupted his thought by speaking clearly and quickly, albeit with an odd accent. "We have a request for a mission to register. If you could-"

"If you would like to request a mission, you needn't come to me. The mission center isn't in the Hokage building. My assistant can take you there if you don't know your way around the Village," he said, cutting her off. Something about these people made him think that it might be easier if they just left.

"Professor Albus Dumbledore, our employer, requested that we give this scroll to you and await your answer." The woman held out a small, fancy, tasseled scroll. "He says that it is extremely urgent."

Dumbledore. Well, that explained a lot, especially why he felt that it might be simpler just to toss the scroll in the wastebasket. Unfortunately for the Sandaime, his wastebasket was full, and even if he did dispose of the letter, Dumbledore would still find a way. That man always did. He sighed, took the letter, and unfurled it on his desk.

'To Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Most Honorable Sandaime Hokage,

I would like to request a mission. It would be expensive- an unranked guard mission- and would require some of your most talented shinobi. A very valuable and dangerous item, the Philosopher's Stone, is going to be hidden at my school for approximately ten months while we find a safer place for it, and I would like a minimum of three Leaf shinobi stationed at my school in case a Dark witch or wizard makes an attempt at stealing it. Also included in the mission is a request for a personal guard. We have a student coming here in September as a First Year. His name is Harry Potter, a very famous child in our world. Due to certain circumstances, certain Dark wizards may make an attempt on his life during the school year.

I would like again to stress the importance that these shinobi be very skilled. The item, should it fall into the wrong hands, could create chaos in the Wizarding world and perhaps the Hidden Continent as well. Also, so as not to attract a large amount of attention from Dark Wizards, they would be required to complete this mission in the guise of an older student or, if necessary, a teacher.

Rest assured, you will be paid in full once you agree to send the minimum amount of shinobi required with my messengers, Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, and if, at the end of the year, the object in question is still safe, I will 'tip' you with half of the original price, so send me your best. I am relying on you- I beg you, don't disappoint me.

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore...'

Sarutobi frowned, and let the scroll roll closed on its own. "He wants me to send my best, but I'm afraid that just isn't possible. We are in the middle of a war, and we need every ninja that we have. We can't simply send off our elite to guard a stone for you."

Minerva- he assumed that it was she- spoke again in that odd accent. "Surely you need funding in this war of yours? If you refuse missions, where on earth do you get the money to pay for the war? We need a minimum of two shinobi, and we are willing to pay a large sum. Surely it would be unwise to deny us that?"

"I can give you one ninja, but that's it. The war isn't an elaborate ruse- funding is useless if the village is destroyed."

She gave him a 'look'.

Sarutobi sighed. "One ninja is enough, particularly the ninja I have in mind. I owe Dumbledore a favor from a while back. That, and that alone, is the reason that I will accept this mission, foolish though it might be as a tactical decision. Understand?"

Mute nodding.

"Good. I'll summon him at once so that you can meet him at once."

He straightened in his chair and whistled loudly, once. A tawny hawk flew in the open window and perched on a stand near his desk, waiting patiently, smooth and sleek-feathered. Sarutobi made a mental note to compliment the folks at the message headquarters. With a sigh, he took out the blank scroll from the pouch on the bird's back, scribbled a quick note to Minato, and replaced the scroll in the pouch with a prayer that he got it soon. Another whistle and the bird of prey took off again, soaring into the blue summer sky.

"Sensei! There's a note for you from the Hokage! It's coded for urgent reply!" Minoru ran towards where Minato and Rin were sparring, only to skid to a halt as Minato materialized next to him.

Minato smiled as he took the scroll, but the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. When he opened the scroll, however, his eyes widened in surprise. "The Sandaime needs to see us. We should get going."

Minoru pouted. "Another top-secret mission? Meh. You and Kakashi haven't even been back for one whole day, and I won't be able to train with you guys for forever, and-" he stopped when his sensei began to laugh.

"You're mistaken, Minoru. I won't be leaving for a while yet. Remember the bit about 'gallivanting'? It still applies."

"But you said-"

"I will accompany Kakashi to the Hokage; however, Kakashi will be going on this mission alone."

Kakashi groaned, trotting up to them from where he had been practicing shuriken throwing on falling leaves, pinning them to the trees. A smattering of leaves in various shades of decay clung to the trunk like lichen. "Shouldn't we be leaving, sensei? It is marked, 'Urgent Reply'."

"Huh? But Kakashi's just a kid, he can't go on missions alone! It's not fair, he needs us, his team." Minoru was scuffing his toes violently into the dirt and creating a small cloud of dust.

"Maybe that will apply when you can actually beat me for once." But even Kakashi couldn't help but frown. Going on a mission alone was something he hadn't done since- well, to be honest, he'd always had his team there as backup.

Minato made a small coughing noise. "We really do have to get there, Minoru. I know you and Rin will miss Kakashi, but-."

"I'm not going to miss him!"

"Sure, whatever."

"See ya!"

Kakashi and Minato took off for the Hokage tower.

Neither of them knew what they were in for.

Minerva McGonagall was not a patient woman. Nor was she forgiving, gentle, or easily amused. She had been waiting in the Hokage's office for these shinobi to arrive for nearly ten minutes, and as time wore on, she found herself grinding her teeth irritably. The old man in the dress- the Sandaime, she supposed- had gone back to sorting paperwork.

And it was hot here- the old man didn't seem the slightest bit bothered, but both she and Severus were sweating noticeably. Fighting the urge to do a quick charm and cool the place down, she fidgeted uncomfortably as her ankles and knees grew sore from standing in one place. The Sandaime was oblivious to her distress. How did these people live without magic? She could just conjure up an armchair, but no- Dumbledore had insisted that it would be offensive to use a blatant display of magic.

Suddenly, to her surprise, two fast-moving forms barreled in through the window and skidded to a halt. One looked to be an adult, but young, maybe in his lower had gold hair, long on the sides, and an odd headband with the village emblem on it. He wore a green collared vest, which seemed to be the uniform of the shinobi here.

McGonagall looked over the other- his student perhaps?- and was rather startled to see a blade strapped to his back, the handle worn from years of use.

The boy with the sword on his back looked around slightly, and McGonagall caught a glimpse of his face. His hair was a bizarre silver color, and a black cloth mask covered up the bottom half of his face. He, too, had a headband, but it was pulled low over one eye, so that the most that could be see of his face was his other eye and ear. She couldn't help but wonder vaguely why he wore the mask- perhaps a disfiguration of some sort?

The boy didn't inspect her for too long. Instead, he followed the adult's lead and knelt on one knee before the old man. Perhaps this was the shinobi that he had summoned- the man looked strong enough, and he wore the regulation vest- but what was that boy doing her?

The adult shinobi with gold hair spoke up. "Namikaze Minato, reporting for duty."

The Sandaime nodded, looking up from his paperwork. "Ah, good. You brought Hatake Kakashi with you. And I've been meaning to tell you, Kakashi- spectacular work on that last mission. That was your fourth Unranked mission, correct?"

The boy with unruly silver hair- so that was Kakashi?- nodded. "Yes, Hokage-sama."

"Admirable. You are considering joining ANBU?"

"Perhaps in a year or so, Hokage-sama. I only just was promoted to Tokubetsu Jounin."

"Good, good- but I digress. Minato, I have a protection mission for your prodigy. It is classified as Unranked, and for now, you will not be joining him on this mission."

"I expected as much from your note, Hokage-sama. I'm sure he'll do fine."

"Naturally. However, this matter is of a secure nature, so I am afraid that you will have to leave us now. I will notify you of the rest tomorrow, at which point you may also talk to your student before he sets off."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." The adult shinobi made a sign with his hands and disappeared with a sudden flash of yellow light. It was like apparition, but silent. McGonagall frowned. Dumbledore hadn't informed her that these shinobi could Apparate. Perhaps there was more to the hidden villages than the magical community knew?

Well that was silly. Of course they had all sorts of secrets. Dumbledore was probably the only wizard alive who even knew about the shinobi continent.

All of a sudden, she realized what the Sandaime was talking about, and it hit her like a pound of bricks. Her voice was thin with disbelief.

"You're sending this child?"

The Sandaime looked up and smiled. "What child?"

"H-him! He can't be more than twelve! We asked for your best, and three at the minimum, and you're sending a little boy?" She squeaked embarrassingly on the last word, and her ears turned pink.

The Sandaime gave her a knowing look. "You are quite mistaken, Ms. McGonagall. Firstly, Kakashi is eleven, not twelve. Secondly, Kakashi graduated from the Academy and became a legal adult at age five. He is currently at the same ranking as some of the best shinobi in the village. A bit of a prodigy, really."

"A single eleven-year-old is hardly enough for the most valuable stone in the world! Really, even if you think he is mature enough to keep things secret, these Dark wizards are more powerful that you can imagine, and-"

The eleven-year-old turned and looked at her with icy eyes. "Pardon," he said in a carefully neutral tone, "But I fail to see what, aside from my age, you are unsatisfied with? I have failed just one mission in my life, so it can't be my history. Pray tell, what do you look for in a guard. Someone in their twenties, perhaps, wielding a four-foot sword?"[1]

"I- don't-...Was that impertinence, young man?"

"In polite terms, yes, it was."

"Enough!" The Sandaime stood, pressing his palms to his desk. "McGonagall-san, Snape-san, you will take Kakashi or no one at all, and I assure you, he is one of the elite shinobi in our village. His services should be quite sufficient. "Kakashi, you will be polite to your employers. Understand?"

Kakashi turned back to the Sandaime and knelt on one knee. "Hai, Hokage-sama."

The Hokage turned back to the two foreigners. "The two of you will keep Kakashi fully informed, despite his age. I assure you that he is fully able to handle it, and it will complicate the mission if you do not."

McGonagall looked slightly abashed, but either the man didn't speak Japanese or he didn't care, because he showed no emotion at the veiled threat.

"Erm, well, I shall return tomorrow at noon to pick up Kakashi-san. If you could brief him on the mission? Lovely," she said in a faux-cheerful voice.

She held out a sock to the slightly bemused Snape and disappeared with a pop.

[1] I just noticed that this was a surprisingly accurate description of Zabuza...

Poor, confused Snape and his unfortunate haircut.

~ Crysanth