Don't be insulted at the title. This is part one to a three part story.

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, but the minor detail fell into place just the other day, and I'm hoping to get the next two parts up really soon.

This is my first go at a Codename: Kids next door story, so please be nice? Please? I welcome any critics out there, as long as it's not anything about who I pair together. This is my story, and these are the pairs I like. Kay? Kay. :D

Disclaimer: I don't own Codename: Kids next door. If I did, it'd be all you'd ever see on television. ^.^

Stupid boys….

Nigel Uno sat huddled over the computer. Hoagie Gilligan and Wallabee Beetles were on the couch, jerking every which way with controllers in hand. Abigail Lincoln lay sideways in an armchair, her feet dangling off the arm rest.

The bleeps and bloops of the game stopped, and suddenly a large explosion could be heard.

"YES! I win again! Pay up Numbah four!" Hoagie laughed. Wally, codename Numbah four, simply threw the controller to the ground and pouted.

"No." He glared at the game system.

"Aw, come on! We had a bet!" Hoagie accused.

"I said no!" Wally yelled.

"Why not?"

"'Cause it's mah last piece!" Wally yelled.

"A bet's a bet Numbah four, now hand over the candy." Hoagie, codename Numbah two, put his hand out. The argument went on for a bit longer, until-

"SHUT UP! Numbah four, give Numbah two tha candy! We goin' candy shoppin' in two days! You can get mo' then." Abby, codename Numbah five, slapped her magazine shut to glare at them.

"Alright, Numbah five, geez…" Wally reluctantly handed over his last piece. Hoagie unwrapped and ate it immediately. Abby opened her magazine again and picked back up in the article she had been reading before the interruption. Hoagie grabbed a Yipper comic and Wally made his way into the refrigerator when Kuki Sanban, codename Numbah three, skipped in.

"THERE HERE, THERE HERE!" she exclaimed excitedly while throwing up her hands. "Are you ready Numbah five?" she bounced on her toes, waiting for Abby to reply.

Abby sighed and got up. Putting her magazine away, she walked calmly across the tree house to Kuki.

"Whose here?" Nigel asked. "I didn't authorize any visitors." He looked to Abby, his second in command.

"Numbah five promised Kuki she could have a slumber party..." Abby smiled gently at Kuki. "But now that I think about it, Numbah three never told Numbah five who she invited."

"Oh, sorry Numbah five! Ooooh! Here they come now!" She smiled, pointing behind her.

"Hey Numbah five, good to see you." Numbah three sixty two entered the room. Suddenly Numbah one stood up.

"Supreme leader Numbah three sixty two, sir." He addressed her.

"It's alright Numbah one." Rachel, codename supreme leader Numbah three sixty two, told him. "No need for formalities. This is strictly off duty. I'm just here to have some fun." She smiled at him.

Nigel returned the smile. He knew from his last trip up to Moon Base that she had been under a lot of stress. He was glad she was here.

"THERE you are! You left me with a stupid boy!" A distinct Scottish accent exclaimed.

"Uh-oh…" Wally mumbled. "Hide me!" He whispered from behind Hoagie. In walked the fiery red-head formally known as Fanny Fulbright, codename Numbah eighty six, followed not very closely by Patton Drilvosky, codename Numbah sixty.

"You know Numbah eighty six; maybe you'd be invited to other people's tree houses more often if you were nice to everyone." Patton said coolly, strolling into the room.

"Numbah sixty! Good ta see ya!" Hoagie said, shaking his hand.

"Good to see you too, Numbah Two. Thanks again for the invite. This has got to be the buh-millionth time the Toilenator's flooded the Artic Base while trying to escape." Patton rolled his eyes. "Unfortunately, he never seems to figure out that we have guards in all the bathrooms."

Hoagie and Patton laughed. Rachel and Abby were talking while Fanny waited impatiently to get out of the boy infested room.

"Okay! Bye-bye everyone! We're going to have our slumber party now!" Kuki exclaimed, waving at the four boys.



"Have fun…"

"See ya…"

Fanny quickly lead the group out of the room. They progressed down the hallway to the other end of the tree house so the boys wouldn't interrupt them.

"So what should we do first!" Kuki asked. "Oh! We could play rainbow monkeys! Or tea party!" Kuki smiled. Fanny agreed. Abby and Rachel nodded, not really saying much.

"YAY!" Kuki smiled. She ran ahead and pushed back the curtain to her room. Fanny quickly snatched up a few of them and Kuki began naming them off to her. Rachel and Abby sat down at Kuki's tea party table and continued their conversation.

After a while Fanny grew bored with the Rainbow Monkeys and Abby and Rachel ran out of things to talk about. The four of them gathered onto Kuki's rainbow monkey carpet.

"What now?" Rachel asked. The other three looked at each other hoping that someone else could respond. Finally, Fanny opened her mouth.

"Well…. I know what my sister and I do when my brother has friends over…" She smiled mischievously.

"And what would that be?" Abby asked.

"We spy on him! It's sooooo funny! Sometimes we catch him when he tells his friends stuff like if he failed a test!" Fanny giggled, "Or better, who he likes!" Fanny was now doubled over in laughter.

"Alright, but who would we spy on?" Rachel asked. "And how?"

"The BOYS, duh!" Fanny said. "We can use Numbah three's Special edition Video Camera Rainbow monkey!" Fanny grabbed a purple rainbow monkey from off the floor. From the front, you couldn't tell it was a camera because it was in the eyes. The Rainbow monkey's back was a big screen that you could look at to take pictures or record something.

"Numbah five doesn't think this is a good idea…" Abby said, looking at it.

"Oh it'll be fine!" Fanny assured. "Those boys are so stupid! They won't even know!"

"But isn't that mean?" Kuki asked softly. "I mean, what if boys talk about their feelings when we're not around? Wouldn't it be mean to watch them without them knowing?"

"But that's the best part!" Fanny said. "Trust me. You guys won't be sorry."

So they began planning. Fanny was the mastermind behind it, so Abby and Rachel sat back and relaxed while Fanny and Kuki practiced exactly how they'd get the camera into the room.

"Alright." Fanny whispered. "Do it exactly how we practiced!"

Kuki nodded and skipped merrily into the big room. Wally and Hoagie were back at the video games, with Patton watching. Nigel now sat in the arm chair that Abby had been in previously, watching with some interest.

Kuki began walking around with the rainbow monkey, looking for a plug. She glanced around, noticing that all of them were full.

"Does anyone know where I can plug in my Rainbow monkey?" Kuki asked. "Oopsee…" She mumbled too quietly for anyone else to hear. Fanny was in the hallway silently freaking out over Kuki's mess up. She was supposed to get in and out without them noticing!

The game had ended, and Patton had grabbed Wally's controller. They quickly started another round, and Wally wanted to see Hoagie get beaten.

"Uhm, I think-Hit 'em again!-there's one, Uhm, - ha! What was that, Numbah two?- over there." Wally pointed over to an empty socket that Kuki had missed. She quickly skipped over and set up the monkey on a nearby counter, leaning him against the wall. Kuki smiled at her monkey and began skipping back to the hallway.

"OH!" She stopped. She ran behind Wally and surprised him with a 'Rainbow Monkey thank you' hug. "Thank You, Wally!" She smiled, picking him up off the floor and squeezing him tightly. She then skipped off into the hallway, waving at the boys.

"Bye-bye!" she smiled, meeting up with Fanny.

"Blech! How can you even touch a boy?" She asked, scrunching her nose.

"I gave him a Rainbow monkey thank you hug, silly! I always give him hugs when he's nice to me!" Kuki smiled. She and Fanny continued their way down the hall to the debriefing room. It was usually used for communication between sectors so that they could get messages to each other quickly, but at the moment there were four bean bag chairs set in front of it, and Abby was typing away.

"Hey, did you get it set up Numbah three?" Rachel asked. Kuki nodded.

"Got it!" Abby cried as the screen sprung to life. They could see a decent amount of the main room, and they watched as Hoagie and Patton continued playing their game. Nigel could be seen still sitting in the chair.

"Where's Numbah four?" Rachel asked.

"There he is!" Kuki pointed. They could only see about half of him since he was out of camera range. As he walked back into range, it was obvious even through the camera that he was blushing madly. "Oh, he's really red, is he okay?" Kuki asked worriedly.

"Numbah Five thinks he's just fine…" She smirked.

Maybe this was gonna be better than she thought….