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For Sneaky Girls

The four girls were speechless. Speechless and very pink. With goofy smiles on their faces.

"Wally…" Kuki said, hugging her knees closer to herself. She was elated.

"Hoagie…" Abby said. She was surprised, but happy.

"Nigel…" Rachel sighed. She was relieved.

Fanny didn't say anything. Not a breath, not a single movement. Then-

"PATTON LIKES ME! ME! He like ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Fanny yelled, jumping up and down. The others snapped out of their daze and looked at the squealing girl.

"Numbah five didn't think Numbah eighty six liked boys…" Abby said, readjusting her hat.

"Me either." Rachel said.

Fanny continued to celebrate by skipping all around the room and dreamily muttering 'Fanny Drilvosky'.

"But what are we going to do?" Kuki asked.

"Huh?" Rachel replied. "What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that the boys like us, but they don't know that we know that they like us." Kuki frown a bit, resting her head in her hand. Then she smiled again. "But we know that they don't know that we know they like us, so we just have to try and make them say they like us so that they'll never have to know that we knew that they liked us the whole time!" Kuki exclaimed, very proud of her conclusion.

Rachel stared at her, and then turned to Abby. "Can you please explain what the heck she just said?"

"What Numbah five thinks she means is that we gotta get them ta tell us without spillin' that we spied." Abby looked over to Kuki, who nodded.

"But how are we gonna do that?" Rachel asked. "We already heard them say that they're never gonna tell."

Abby watched Rachel as she tried to think of an answer. Fanny continued to skip around the room, but had gone from mumbling to full out singing.

"Patton likes me, Patton likes me…"

"FANNY WOULD YOU PLEASE QUIT WITH THE SINGING?" Rachel threw her hands up in frustration. "We're TRYING to come up with a PLAN HERE!"


"Numbah five's got it!" Abby snapped her fingers. She sprang up and grabbed the door handle. "Come on, follow my lead."

Hoagie smiled as the screen exploded again.

"COME AHN! YOU'RE CHEATING!" Wally threw the controller and pointed at Hoagie. Hoagie's reply was drowned out by an echo of giggles coming from the hallway.

"I just love him!" Kuki squealed. The rest of the girls giggled.

Three pairs of eyes instantly locked on Wally. Wally, still standing from his outburst, stiffened while his eyes turned to saucers. Before the girls could take another step, Wally launched himself onto and over the back of the couch. He landed about two feet in front of the group of girls.

"You love WHO!" Wally asked, surprise practically written on his face.

"Why would we tell YOU, boy?" Fanny sneered.

Kuki ignored her comment. "The Beast, silly!" She smiled brightly, walking around Wally to follow the group into the kitchen.

"The Beast?" Wally asked his eye brows pulling together.

"From Beauty and the Beast!" Kuki smiled. "It's so sweet how, after being so mean and rude for so long, he learns to love Belle and share his feelings with her!" Kuki said, twirling around.

Wally silently made gagging faces until Kuki finished. "Agh! Ah don't wanna hear ya silly girly talk!" He walked back towards the couch and sat down.

Nigel smirked a bit, catching exactly what Kuki had said. Hoagie shook his head, also understanding. They, having a bit more brain power than Wally, had realized that Kuki had just described Wally in a nutshell…minus the 'sharing his feelings' part. Patton smacked his forehead and murmured only loud enough for the four boys to hear, "Wally, you are an idiot…"

"What's that supposed to mean!"

"Keep it down, would ya?" Patton said, shushing Wally. "Are they saying anything else?"

They stopped talking and looked towards the kitchen, seeing the girls gathered around the table.

"We've got their attention." Rachel whispered to the other three. "Go."

"What kind of boy do YOU like, Numbah five?" Kuki smiled.

A set of ears, slightly covered by an aviator cap, perked up.

"Numbah five likes a funny boy." She smirked. "Calm, cool, with a sense of humor."

Hoagie's face lit up. "I'm cool and funny!" He whispered excitedly.

Wally snorted. "Since when?" Hoagie could tell by the smirk on Wally's face that he had meant it only as a joke.

"You just haven't seen me smooth talk the ladies." He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

"In your dreams, Gilligan." Patton rolled his eyes.

"What kind of boy would FANNY like?" Kuki questioned. Fanny balled her fists.

"I would NEVER like any stupid boy!" Fanny yelled, waving her arms. She stomped out of the kitchen, through the main room and down the hallway.

"Well, whoever it was, they'd have to be well trained. Definitely know how to dodge a punch." Rachel said as she watched her continue down the hall.

"Or a hundred. Numbah eighty six don't calm down easily." Abby smirked. "And what about our very own supreme leader?"

A pair of black sunglasses was being readjusted when Kuki answered, "She'd need someone just like her!"

Rachel smiled. "Yeah, I guess."

"Boy would have to be level-headed," Abby smiled, daring a glance over at her sector leader. "And willing to put a lot of things before himself."

Nigel smiled, his face dotted with red. He always put the Kids Next Door before himself. If he ever had a cause to fight for, to protect, he'd put it before himself.

Suddenly, Fanny was speed walking through the main room and into the kitchen.

"Forgot my soda…." She mumbled, grabbing a can off of the counter. The tree house was silent, the television mere background noise compared to the conversation that had ended in the kitchen.

The four boys looked at each other.

"Anybody know who their talking about?" Hoagie asked.

"I think…." Nigel started. "They're talking about us."

"Seriously? He-LLO! I don't fit any of those!" Hoagie cried quietly.

"Your cool Numbah two, just in a different way than Numbah five. Trust me, she's talking about you." Patton reassured him.

"Yeah, and doesn't she ahlways listen to your airplane crud when nobody else will?" Wally added.

"Two, I've known Five for a long time. You're perfect for her." Nigel nodded.

"Well, if you're sure…" Hoagie shrugged.

"Good, so we agree. We tell them now." Patton stood up, looking at the others.

"Whoa, what?" Wally whispered. "No way!

"Yes way! Now 's the perfect time!" Patton argued.

"Fine." Hoagie smirked. "You first."

"Fine." Patton began walking. "I will."

The three boys got up and watched as Patton approached the kitchen.

"Don't mind me." Patton smiled at the girls. "I'm just grabbing a soda."

"Oh, sorry Numbah sixty. I think we have the last of them. There's more up on level twenty seven!" Kuki smiled broadly at him.

"Oh, well. That's probably better anyways." Patton smirked. "I'd rather not have to be worried about if Numbah eighty six poisoned them."

Fanny's anger seemed to return, full force. "WELL IT'S A GOOD THING YOUR GETTING YOUR OWN, BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE EASILY BEEN ABLE TO POISON YOU AND THE REST OF THOSE STUPID BOYS!" Fanny stepped towards Patton, her intentions being pure intimidation, but Patton looked unfazed.

"Just calm down…" Patton smiled mischievously, "…Fanny Pants." He watched the blood burn in her cheeks from both anger and embarrassment. She took three large, loud steps towards him and put her face not two inches from his.

She spoke in a low, harsh tone. "I don't know where you heard that nickname, but don't ever use it again."

Patton's smiled broadened. He let her linger there, trying to stare fear into him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Your freckles are cute when your angry."

He opened his brown eyes to see her green ones change from anger to surprise. She moved her face away from his, the red hot anger melting away to be replaced by a flustered look.

"I'm going up to level twenty seven for that root beer. Wanna come?" He smiled. She nodded, dimples appearing on each cheek from her return smile. They walked, side by side, down the hall. As they passed the other three boys, Patton mouthed "Your turn."

The boys walked over to the middle of the room, joined by the girls, and they watched as the two disappeared down the hall. Hoagie looked over to Abby, who was watching the pair.

"So, uh, Numbah five…" Hoagie used his 'smooth' voice, catching her attention. He closed his eyes, imagining he was wearing his robe. "How-

SMACK. The flash of red was now being placed back onto Abby's head.

"You ask about Numbah Five's sistah one mo' time…."

"Geez! No!" Hoagie said, turning away and rubbing his head. "Maybe I'll wait till tomorrow to tell you I like you…" He mumbled. Too late, he caught himself. He turned back around. "Uhm, ha-ha, I mean…"

"Numbah five heard ya." Abby smiled, raising her head to reveal her baby blue eyes. "And I don't think you half bad neitha…"

Hoagie smiled. "So you think I'm funny?"

"Don't push it." Abby began back towards the kitchen.

"Oh, forget it. You think I'm funny." Hoagie smiled, following her.

"Let Numbah Five think about that." She smiled, her face hidden.

"Oh, no need to play hard to get." Hoagie said his face bright with joy. Abby smiled, another discussion drowning them out.

"It's not gross, Wally. It's ADORABLE!" Kuki sighed, clasping her hands together.

"Nuh-uh. That was disgusting!" Wally argued. "'Your freckles ah cute when your mad.' BLECH!" Wally mocked, making faces.

"You're so silly!" Kuki giggled. "They're so cute together! Don't you think their cute?"

"Loike ah said before, it's not cute! Ah don't think nothing's cute! Only girls think things are cute!"

"You have to think something's cute." Kuki put her hands on her hips. "Do you think hamsters are cute?"


"Do you think Rainbow Monkeys are cute?"


"Do you think I'm cute?"

"N-What?" Her innocent, violet eyes watched as his emerald ones widened. "What kind of a cruddy question is that?"

"My mom tells me every morning how cute I look!" Kuki smiled. "So, Wally, do you think I'm cute?"

His face quickly turned a deep red, and he began rubbing his neck. He glanced around the room, anywhere besides the smiling Japanese girl in front of him. "Uh, ah, well…"

"OH WALLY!" Kuki exclaimed, grabbing him and squeezing him in a bone crushing hug.

Kuki!" Wally yelled. "Ah can't breathe!"

"Oopsee. Sorry." Kuki put the blushing Aussie down. She bent down and softly kissed his cheek. "Hope you feel better!" Kuki smiled, skipping across the room to get one of her rainbow monkeys. Wally stood, dumbfounded, and lightly touched his fingers to his cheek.

Rachel smirked. "About time…"

"Tell me about it." Nigel sighed. "I just hope this doesn't become a distraction on our upcoming mission."

"Not a chance, Numbah One. Your sector's given me more mission reports this week than some sectors have in two months. You're taking a break, and that's an official order." Rachel smiled. "But you're welcome to the Moon base anytime."

Nigel looked at the girl, a small smirk played on his lips. "I'll be sure to take you up on that."

Rachel nodded and turned to go back into the kitchen. Nigel proceeded to his computer and postponed all missions until next week. Wally was still standing in the same spot, his fingers still on his cheek while Kuki happily played with her orange rainbow monkey. Hoagie was insistently telling Abby jokes until she would admit that he was funny, and Patton and Fanny returned with one soda and two straws.

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