Chapter 1: Finalizing The Plan

As darkness fell over the huge city, a powerful Kat stood brooding on a walkway that ran the length of a river that passed through the western part of the city. It was a tourist sight with its beautiful park on one side and aquarium on the opposite side. He stood on the decorative bridge that went over the waterway.

It was a nice evening, cool after the heat of the day. Many couples strolled some distance from his location, enjoying the ambience of the area. It was his favorite place when he was troubled, stressed, or needing to do business that couldn't be conducted in his office.

Tonight was such a time. He glanced at his watch and noted it was nearing eight. He looked around the area with sharp, intelligent eyes, insuring no one was nearby to see him. He wasn't in the open but near one of the huge metal dragons that decorated the bridge, a bit of whimsey by the artist that designed it. It effectively hid him from view.

From across the park, a tall, lean figure strolled casually along. He didn't seem to be any hurry as he meandered over the lawns heading for the bridge and the watchful figure. He climbed the wooden arch finally and came to stand beside the waiting tom, blending into the shadows so he too wouldn't be seen by those passing near.

The stranger was a non-descript tom of indeterminate age with sandy brown hair and dirt brown colored, short, fur. His eyes were also a simple brown color. To further enhance his rather plain appearance, he wore a dark tweed sweater over black slacks and brown shoes. This person could easily be overlooked in a crowd if he so desired and none would remember meeting him even after being introduced. It was an excellent cover for the type of work he did.

"Good evening, sir," the stranger murmured softly. "I have good news for you."

"I could use some about now."

"The last player has been sighted over Sandeval Bay. She is expected to head for this city around dawn, day after tomorrow."

"Excellent, that is good news. What about the other players?"

"Dr. Viper has been located ... sorry it took so long by the way... he's hidden himself very well in that swamp. The watchers say he looks to be making a move soon...within days most likely. It's been confirmed Dark Kat is indeed in his mountain hideaway, still licking his wounds from the last go around with the city's forces. Hard Drive has been moved as per your instructions and his coat destroyed. DK shouldn't be able to find him this time around," the brown tom reported briskly, voice low.

The powerful Kat nodded in satisfaction. "Good! They are where we need them to be. Status on our fighting abilities?"

"As of this morning, there are 10,000 Behemoth Tanks, 2,000 Specialized, high tech choppers, and a 1,000 Blue Manx jets ready for delivery to the enforcers."


"There are over 10,000 of each type to outfit Feral's entire force."

"Feral still in the dark?"

"Yes sir, as near as we can tell. Though he's become a bit more canny and observant over the past three years or so."

"No doubt. I'm certain its because he's finally learned to unbend and use what's at paw rather than stick to laws and rules that don't fit the problems we have."

"I'm sure you're right, sir. Also, I suspect the SWAT Kats had a big part in making him much more flexible or it was possibly the addition of his niece to the force."

"Anything is possible, but I don't' care really why he's finally come around, only that he has and will now be an asset rather than a detriment when the plan is executed. What about the SWAT Kats?"

"The years have seasoned them well. Razor has invented even more of his unique toys than the ones we've 'lifted' from him. They are as prepared as they can be at this point both mentally and physically."

"Did you take care of those final details I gave you?"

"Yes sir. Mad Kat's box is resting at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean, the scorpions have been eliminated and the toxic lake cleaned up, Dr. Greenbox has been installed in one of our labs to redevelop his inventions but under careful monitoring this time, the weapons scrambler and vertigo cannon have been incorporated as part of the new weapons packet for each enforcer, and Professor Hackle's giant robot, Cybertron 2 is fully operational and waiting for our hidden agent to activate it."

"What about those final two problems...solved yet?"

"Yes sir, one last week and the other just two days ago. The Pastmaster will never be able to breech our time period again and the Metallikats have been deactivated permanently. Their disks were destroyed and there were no copies found."

"So, we're ready for the last push at last. Good, very good! Casualties?"

For the first time since the briefing began, the dark tom was grim. "Ten technicians, four scientists, two magic users, four soldiers, and sixteen special forces units.

The powerful tom grunted but otherwise showed no other sign of emotion. "Have you been able to replace the units?"

"Only half, sir!"

The powerful tom glanced at him sharply but only said, "Fine, we'll have to make due then and hope it's enough," he said, flatly.

"Yes sir."

"Then, I think that completes the list of preparations. Calico Briggs is ready to take her place even if she doesn't think so and with this last player arriving, we're set to take back the city and bring it permanent peace," he muttered more to himself than his companion. He directed his attention back to the dark tom.

"Alert all sections to initiate DEFCON 3 immediately."

The dark tom nodded his head, "yes sir," turned and walked back down the bridge, disappearing through the park once more.

The powerful Kat waited a little longer before leaving. It was getting cooler now, time to go home. His mind went back to all the hard work he'd put into this plan to save the city. When it launched, many of the major players on the side for good were going to be extremely angry with him but he didn't care.

He'd been aware of this danger at the beginning of his second tenure and watched as the city became a battle ground for the forces of evil. It pissed him off enough to force him to take rather drastic and ruthless measures to win the city back from the evil that threatened to engulf it. The defenders had managed to hold it at bay for years but now it was time to put an end to it completely. This time they would win completely and utterly...he would make sure of it.