Oceanic Flight 815 - Lost Buffy Style

I have recently been hooked on the television series LOST and have been trying to find crossovers with BtVS and LOST and realized that not many people have written any and thought 'Hell since no one is writing any, why not make one u myself' and here I am written my first ever BtVS and Lost crossover.

In this story Buffy is older, she is 32 (but looks to be in her early 20's), 12 years after the destruction of Sunnnydale and has grown taller, so she's not 5'2-3, she's about 5'8. This is completely AU but is following the script of Lost, mostly, but is manly AU. Oh, and no offense to anyone, but I hate Kate and Shannon, not sure why thou, but I just do.

I do not own BtVS or Lost, they belong to their rightful owners and I am only using them for the enjoyment of others and also to help me get better at writing stories. So enjoy!

Pilot - Part 1

"The hell" Buffy muttered, as she slowly opened her eyes to see that she was lying facedown in sand and slowly turned her head to see totally chaos going on around her. Wreckage from the plane were everywhere, people screaming in pain, agony and distress. Buffy slowly got up from the ground saw that she was covered in cuts and bruises and had a terrible pain coming from her head. She put her hand on her head and quickly pulled it away when she felt it was wet and saw blood. She realized that she had a cut on her temple and it was dripping blood down on the left side of her face.

"Shit," Buffy groaned as the cut throbbed in pain, and grabbed her head, but shook it off realizing that the people around her needed help. Just as Buffy was going over to help, a man walked in front of the planes engine and was sucked in causing an explosion that took Buffy and other people off their feet and into the ground, and people were soon running away in fright.

As Buffy got to her feet, she heard the sound of coming groaning and looked up to see that the wing of the plane was staring to wobble and saw two people sitting directly underneath it.

"Hey! Hey!" she screamed as she ran to the two, "Get up! Get up right now!"

The two people, looked startled and stared at her, and looked up at the wing noticing that it was moving. The large man leapt up and tried to get the pregnant blonde up from the ground. Running up to them quickly thanks to her Slayer speed, she helped her to her feet and very quickly tried to get them far away from the wing and as they cleared the area quickly the wing crashed down causing a huge explosion which knocked the three of them clear off their feet and into the sand.

That huge explosion caused more smaller ones around the wreckage causing many of the survivors to scream and panic even more than before.

Buffy groaned as sand got into her head wound, but ignored the throbbing wound to turn to the two next to her. "Are you two ok?" she asked, and when both of them nodded, she turned to the large man, "Listen, stay with her, okay?"

"Dude, I'm not going anywhere" the man replied obviously shocked at what just happened. Buffy left them alone going over to see if anyone else needed help, when she noticed a man that was sitting next to the plane, with his shirt all bloodied up, staggered into the bushed looking slightly disorientated and took off after him.

As she took off after the man, she finally found him next to a tree with both his jacket and shirt off, noticing the bloody gash on his back. As to not to startle the injured man, she softly spoke out, "Hey are you alright?" She winced when the man whipped his head around to look at her, "That looks pretty bad" Buffy said and the man turned his whole body towards her.

"Did you ever use a needle" he said to use gesturing with his hand like a needle and thread, Buffy nodded her head, "Yeah, I've sewn before" she replied to the man. "That's fantastic. Listen, do you have a second. I could use a little help here," he trailed off, almost waiting for her to reply.

"Oh, right" Buffy exclaimed, realizing why he asked for her help and moved to help him. "Look, I'd do it myself, I'm a doctor, but I just can't reach it" he said to her showing her the gash that was still dripping with blood.

"Yes, sure I can help" she said gently helping him sit down and kneeled down next to him, "Thank you" he said reaching down to the ground and handed her a small body of liquor of some sort and a small sewing kit. She quickly took out a needle and rinsed it with the liquor. The man looked surprised that she knew how to sterilized a needle, "A friend of mine was a doctor and taught me a few things" she lied, knowing that what she said was only half the truth, about how she learned how to sew up people thanks to Giles.

Buffy went to work quickly patching up the mans side with the needle and thread, "oh, I'm Buffy, by the way," she said with a smile as cut off the remaining thread with the small scissors that were in the sewing kit. "Jack" he said offering his hand to her, Buffy smiled with she place her hand in his. "Well, Jack, I'm all finished" Buffy said to Jack. However before Buffy could stand up, Jack grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. "Hey" she said surprised that he would suddenly grab her, and was about to say something else, when he put a hand on her left temple where her cut was.

"That's not good" Jack said while moving a piece of her hair away from her face to look at the cut, "We need to clean it before it get infected" he said to her while grabbing the bottle of liquor she used just moment ago, and grabbing his torn shirt and ripped it to shreds. He grabbed a piece and soaked it in the liquor and looked at her straight in the eyes, "This is going to hurt just a bit, alright" and put the liquor covered piece to her cut. Buffy hissed and squeezed her eyes tightly at the burning sensation that the liquor caused to her already pounding head.

"Sorry" Jack said and he removed the shirt to look at the cut again, "you feeling alright?" Buffy groaned softly "Yeah, just a throbbing headache."

"Well that can be fixed, when we get to the beach" he said as he grabbed a piece of the shirt to wrap around her head to stop the bleeding, "Sorry, this is the best I can do, until I can find some bandages. So keep this on, until then, alright." Buffy nodded as Jack finished tying the piece of cloth around her head, and offered her his hand to pull her up from the ground. The two stood up and after Jack put on one of his shirts and they headed back towards the beach, not knowing what was to come later on that night.