Postprandial: (adj.) Happening or done after a meal.

Auggie sank down into the sofa and then tilted his head toward his wife, a lazy grin on his face. "Have I ever mentioned before how much I love the after lunch nap?" he asked idly.

"A time or two," Annie responded and he could hear her smile. He stretched out across the couch and Annie settled herself in next to him, nuzzling her face into his chest. "It is nice to have a little time during the day to unwind."

"Yeah," Auggie said. He muffled a yawn with his shoulder and then continued, "It'll be a real shame when Lex is too old for midday naps anymore. We might actually have to stay awake all day long for a change."

Annie dragged the throw blanket down off the back of the couch and spread it over the top of them before curling back into his side. "Well that won't be for a few years now, she's barely two," she pointed out. "And by then we'll have more kids so we'll always have someone around here napping."

"We will?" Auggie asked in surprise, arching an eyebrow at her even though her head was tucked under his chin so she wouldn't see it. "You think?" They had only just started talking about having another kid, and considering how many months it had taken for Lexi to come along, he figured they still had a while.

"I, uh, I don't think," Annie said and at this she lifted her head so he could feel her gaze on the side of his face. "I know."

"You know?" Auggie paused, and then what she was saying sank in and his eyebrows shot upward in shock. "Are you-?"

"Yeah," Annie said. "I mean, I'm not completely positive yet, I still need to go to the doctor and have it confirmed, but yeah, I'm pretty sure."

Auggie's face split with an enthusiastic grin and he drew her into a tight hug, pressing kisses against the crown of her head. "We're having another baby," he declared excitedly. "This is fantastic. A baby." He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her soundly, unable to keep the smile off his face.

"So you're happy then?" Annie asked sarcastically when they finally broke apart.

"I'm ecstatic," Auggie corrected. "We're having a baby!"

"You do realise this means we'll never get another moment of rest again, with two kids in the house," Annie said. "Lexi is already enough of a handful, but with another little one..."

Auggie shrugged unconcernedly and drew her in tighter to his chest. "We can handle it," he said simply. "I hope this one's a boy."

"I hope so too," Annie said. "If we have another little girl, my poor husband won't have any spine left. You do tend to turn into jelly around little girls."

"Har har," Auggie said dryly. Not that he could deny it, because he knew it was true. He wasn't particularly good at telling Lexi no, and she had had him wrapped around her little finger since the day she was born. "I just think it'll be fun to listen to you trying to corral a true little Anderson boy. It'll make that thing in Portugal seem like a breeze."

Annie snorted. "I can put up with you, I can handle anything," she answered. He felt her smirking as she nestled her face into the curve of his neck. Auggie let his cheek rest against the top of her head, feeling the long morning of playing tag in the yard catching up with him.

His hand slid to Annie's waist and he splayed his fingers over her stomach. He couldn't tell much of a difference yet, it was still too soon for that, but they had a little baby in there somewhere. In a couple of months he'd be able to feel it kicking, and hear its heartbeat. And then they would have another baby in the house. It would be an adventure, another mission as trying as the ones he'd faced in the field but ten times as rewarding. He couldn't wait.

But for now, it was time for a good after lunch nap.