Returning the Favor

Chapter 1: Instinct

Tsuna took a deep breath and smiled. To day was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and there wasn't a single Mafia related person around. Lambo and Ipin where with Fuuta and Bianchi at the zoo, Reborn was away on business as well as Varia, and his "family" was enjoying their weekend on their own. Now back from the future, Tsuna just wanted to relax and try to live a normal life. He decided to go see a movie and see if there was an interesting new video game at the mall.

Stopping at an intersection, he waited for the light to turn green. Then from the corner of his eye he saw someone he recognized. It was Kyoko.

'Kyoko-chan' he thought blushing. Maybe he could ask her is she'd like to go to the movies with him. They could go on a real date. Tsuna felt nervous but he mustered all he courage. Suddenly he heard a car coming loudly down the street. Kyoko seeing she could cross, began to walk to the other side. The oncoming car was not stopping or even slowing down.

"Kyoko-chan abunai!" shouted Tsuna running at her at break neck speed. Kyoko turned her head to Tsuna before looking at the car. Too scared to move she shut her eyes. Tsuna, with everything he had ran at Kyoko, his arms wrapping around her. Then all went black.


"Tsu-kun!" came a muffled call. Tsuna groaned.



Tsuna, sure he was not hearing things in his head slowly opened his eyes. He saw his mother and Kyoko leaning over him.

"Kyoko-chan...ka-san" he said weakly, not sure what was going on.

"Tsu-kun!" shouted his mother wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the cheek.

"Itai! Itatatatatai!" Tsuna shouted in pain. His mother pulled back and gasped apologetically.

"Gomen Tsu-kun! I'm just so glad your alright" she said with a smile, tears running down her cheeks.

"What happened?" he asked. He then remembered.

"Kyoko-chan!" he shouted sitting up but felt extreme pain and fell back down. His mother and Kyoko were at his side.

"Daijoubu?" they asked in unison. Tsuna grunted but was alright.

"Kyoko-chan, are you ok?" he asked.

"Of course I'm fine!" she shouted, tears pouring, "It's you that's not ok. You got hurt because of me! I wasn't paying attention and then you pushed me out of the way and got hit instead." Tsuna was taken aback by how worried she was about him. He then noticed he was in bandages from head to toe. Both his legs were in castes as well as his left arm which was in a sling. But he still smiled in relief.

"Yokatta" he said smiling. He then felt something on his right hand. He turned his head to see Kyoko was squeezing it. He blushed and hoped that she wouldn't let go. But for those who knew Tsuna, he had the worst luck in the world for at that moment, the doors of his recovery room burst open.






In the blink of an eye Tsuna was surround be his entire family and friends.

"Gomennasai! Gomennasai! Gomennasai! Gomennasai! Gomennasai! Gomennasai! Gomennasai!" shouted Gokudera repeatedly kneeling before Tsuna smacking his head on the floor as he bowed between words. "There's no way I'm worthy of being your right hand man if I can't even protect from something so trivial! Juudaime!"

"Sawada! Don't do on us! We need you for the boxing team! Get better and heal, TO THE EXTREME!" shouted Ryohei.

"Tsuna-san! Haru was so scared! Don't do anything so dangerous again! How can I be your wife if you die before we get married?" cried Haru.

"I got there as soon as possible Tsuna. My medical team did everything they could but it's going to take months for you to heal. Gomen" said Dino sadly, hating to see his little brother in such bad shape. The rest of the family gave their apologies and best wishes, not knowing what else they could do.

"Gokudera-kun, One-san, Haru, Dino-san, mina its alright" Tsuna said trying to calm everyone down. "If its anyone's fault its mine. I left my X-gloves and Hyper mode pills at home."

"Your right. That was a stupid thing to do Baka-Tsuna" said Reborn jumping on the bed and kicking Tsuna in the head.

"Itai! Just because I admitted it was my mistake doesn't mean you can hit me Reborn! I'm still hurt" shouted Tsuna.

"If you irritate a wound your body will understand the pain and heal faster" said Reborn with a smile.

"Like anyone's going to believe that!" shouted Tsuna quite irritated himself.

"Well I suppose there's nothing more we can do here" said Reborn placing his hands in his pockets. "I think it's best we leave him be and let him rest."

"Juudaime!" shouted Gokudera, "Tomorrow I'll come back bright and early to watch over you."

"But Gokudera, it's Monday tomorrow, we have school" said Yamamoto.

Gokudera flinched realizing his mistake. His eyes darkened, "I knew that Yakyuubaka."

"I'll bring you some of my old man's sushi from our shop" said Yamamoto with his trademark smile.

"I'll bring something for you too" said Bianchi but Tsuna quickly said it was unnecessary.

With that they began to leave, saying their goodbyes.

"Get well soon Boss" said Chrome.

"Don't worry he will" said Fuuta with a smile "Dino's medics are ranked 12th over 347 in 'Best Mafia Doctors'. Get better Tsuna-nii."

"Ahaihaihaihai!" laughed Lambo, "Tsuna got big booboos. Mama, can I have Tsuna room while he's here?" Suddenly a hand came down on Lambo's head lifting him in the air.

"How dare you day that Ahoushi!" shouted Gokudera pulling on the little hitman's body.

"Actually Tsuna can come home. We'll release him at the end of the day" said Dino.

"Now I can look after you like a wife should Tsuna-san" said Haru happily. Tsuna on the other hand shivered.

"Let's go everyone" said Reborn and with that the room was empty safe Tsuna and his mother.

"My my Tsu-kun" said his mother raising a hand to her cheek. "It must feel great to have so many friends looking after you."

"Ya" he said, still wondering how she could be oblivious that both her son and husband were involved in the mafia. But if there was one thing he was happy about Reborn showing up telling him he was the next in line to be the Leader of Vongola was that he had so many friends. Before he was a complete loner but now, he had true friends; true nakama. He couldn't admit this to Reborn for the Arcobaleno would take it as an acceptance of being the 10th Generation Boss of Vongola. At least now he had some peace and quite from it all. And he only needed to brake nearly every bone in his body to do it.


Tsuna yawned and opened his eyes to his own room. He turned his head and looked at his clock. It was 4:30 pm. He had slept for over 24 hours. He stared at the ceiling of his room, remembering what had happened. Then the door opened.

"Ah Tsu-kun you're awake" said his mother happily, "I was just going to check on you before going shopping. Do you need anything?"

"No I'm ok ka-san" he said with a smile, "Just tired."

"Alright I see you in a bit" she said closing the door. Tsuna closed his eyes, listening to his mother's foot steps and the front door opening. He then heard his mother speaking to someone but he couldn't make out who. He then heard foot steps on the stairs and the door of his room opened. There in the doorway was Kyoko.

"K-Kyoko-chan!" said Tsuna in surprise.

"Konichiwa Tsuna-kun" she said.

"K-Konichiwa" he replied not wanting to sound rude, "Ano Kyoko-chan, what are you doing here?"

The orange-haired girl took a deep breath, "Tsuna-kun, you've always protected me. At the zoo, around Namimori and in the future, and I've never truly thanked you. So, I'm going to look after you until you get better."

Tsuna lay their shocked. Kyoko, the girl he had had a crush on for years wanted to take care of him.

"Kyoko-chan" he said smiling, "Arigatou." Kyoko smiled back glad he was grateful for her help. Suddenly a low growl sound from Tsuna's gut. He blushed realizing just how hungry he was.

Kyoko let out a small giggle, "Are you hungry Tsuna-kun?" she asked.

"Hai" he said bashfully. Kyoko just smiled.

"Your mother told me she made something for you in the kitchen. I'll bring it up for you" she said hurrying down stairs.

Tsuna felt like he was on top of the world. It was going to be just him and Kyoko. She was going to visit him every day to look after him. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine this. He then heard Kyoko's foot steps and turned to see her enter with a tray in her hands.

On the tray was a bowl of miso soup, a plate with chikuwa, dengaku, and a cup of tea.

"I brought some sushi if you'd like" she said, "Yamamoto was going to bring them himself but I told him I was coming to your house so he gave them to me."

"Suge Kyoko-chan. I can't believe you did all this for me."

"I said I would take care of you didn't I?" Kyoko said with a smile. Tsuna couldn't help smiling back. Kyoko put the tray down on the chabudai, and helped him into a sitting position. She placed the tray on Tsuna's lap and opened the box of sushi Yamamoto and his father prepared.

"Ano Tsuna-kun, who are all those men dressed in black suits?" asked Kyoko. Not understanding what she was taking about, Tsuna looked out the window.

"Nani!" he shouted for there was in fact at least two dozen men standing guard around his house. Unfortunately he recognized some of them.

"Tsuna!" came a shout. Tsuna and Kyoko turned around to see Dino walking into the bedroom. "How are you? Are you feeling better?"

"Dino-san!" said Tsuna in surprise, "Why do you have my house surrounded?"

The young mafia boss rubbed the back of his head, "Well I thought the least I could do was give you some extra protecting. I know Gokudera is going to get mad at me and I know your guardians are more than capable of protecting you, but you guys are still kids and you're still going to school." No matter how much stronger Tsuna became, Dino felt like he should act like a big brother and protect Tsuna. Though Tsuna really liked having Dino as a brother, he was worried his men would scare the neighbors.

"Arigatou Dino-san but I don't need that many" said Tsuna.

"Haha maybe I over did it. I guess I can just leave the ones on the roof and take the rest with me. Four snipers should be enough."

Tsuna's jaw dropped, "You put snipers on my roof?"

"Well of course" Dino said as if it was a no-brainer question.

"No! No mafia and no snipers!" said Tsuna "It's alright I don't need this much protection."

Dino laughed knowing this was part of Tsuna still beginning against succeeding the Kyuudaime. "Alright alright we'll go. Take care of him will you Sasagawa-san." Dino walked out of the room and closed the door. However when he reached the stairs...

"Ahh!" he shouted tumbling down.

"Dino-san!" shouted Tsuna remembering the young boss of the Cavellone Family had very bad motor skills without his underlings. Tsuna leaned as far as he could to the window. "Romario!"

One of Dino's men turned around and looked up at the window. He had short black hair with a short black beard with rectangular glasses. "Ah Buon pomerriggio Juudaime. How are you feeling?" he said with a smile.

"Dino-san fell down the stairs!" he said. Romario's smile tuned into a "not again" smirk and rushed to his boss' aid. Tsuna turned back to Kyoko and gave her an apologetic smile. But Kyoko shook her head and smiled brightly showing it didn't bother her in the slightest. This actually made Tsuna fall deeper in love with her.

"I envy you Tsuna-kun" she said.

The young Vongola boss looked at her surprised, "Why?"

She smiled, "This mafia thing. It's so amazing. There's always something crazy happening and you always look like your having fun. I've never seen you so happy." Those words dung in deep. She had noticed. She had noticed that Tsuna was extremely grateful for his new friends and even more so, that if it wasn't for this mafia thing, he would have never gotten closer to Kyoko. She would have remained as the unreachable star. Though he still found it hectic and that the life of a mobster was not for him.

"Your the one I envy Kyoko-chan" Tsuna said. It was Kyoko's turn to be surprised. "When I finally told you the truth, you took it so well. When I was told by Reborn, I didn't believe it at first. Sometimes I still don't want to believe it."

Kyoko slid her hand into his making him blink in surprise. "Then let's get through it together ne?" she said with a smile. That smile was just so contaigous to Tsuna and he couldn't help smiling back. Maybe together he could get through it better.

"Kyoko would be a good candidit for the wife of a mafia boss" Reborn had said over a year ago. What actualy scared Tsuna was that he was right! Would he and Kyoko get married if he accepted the position as Vongola Decimo? The mental image of him and Kyoko standing at the altar made him blush. Kyoko thinking he was getting a fever placed her hand on his forehead which shook him back from his fantasy.

"Your food's going to get cold Tsuna-kun" she said taking out the sushi. Tsuna nodded said Itadakimas before he began eating his mother's cooking, which he missed terribly after being away from home for so long. He was distracted from his meal when he saw Kyoko laying out Yamamoto's sushi. There was amadai sushi, chidai sushi, aji sushi, anakyuu, salmon, ankou, tachiuo, ara, shrimp, ayu and many others. But the one he wanted most was his favorite, the fatty tsuna belly, toro. He eyed it hungrily as there was only five of them. He ate his meal as if it was his last which Kyoko couldn't help giggling at. Then something hit Tsuna.

"Ano Kyoko-chan, are you hungry?" he asked her. Kyoko blinked.

"I am actually" she said. Tsuna immidiatly offered some of his food which Kyoko thanked him for offering and helped herself to the sushi. They ate in silence enjoying the food. After finished his soup, he ate his chikuwa with some bread and dig into his dengaku with his chopsticks, washing it all down with his tea. He picked up a piece of toro and popped it in his mouth, loving the taste.

"Sugoi!" said Tsuna happily, "Have some Toro Kyoko-chan."

She smiled, "Arigatou Tsuna-kun" she said and ate a piece, also showing her enjoyment of the food. Little by little the food was devoured with the exception of one last piece of sushi; toro. Tsuna obviuosly made a move for it but his hand touched Kyoko's causing them to look up each other.

"Take it Kyoko-chan."

"No you take it Tsuna-kun."

"No it's ok."

"But your injured."

Knowing this just going to go back and forth, Tsuna got an idea. "How about we split it?" The orange-haired teen smiled and broke the piece of sushi in two and handed the other half to Tsuna. As they finished the food, they began to talk. For two hours they talked about they favorite songs, bands, movies, clothes, and other things they had never talked about before. Things seemed to feel different between them, as if there was a barrier that they han't noticed until now. Maybe it was just because it was just them alone. It felt the same when Tsuna had told Kyoko the truth back when they were 10 years in the future, sitting on the hill near the canal. It felt good.

Their tender moment was cut short when the door of Tsuna's room opened up. "Yare yare, looks like you two have been busy" said Tsuna's mother. She turned to Kyoko, "It's getting late Kyoko, are you staying for dinner?" Kyoko looked surprised and checked her watch. It was 6:30.

"Oh no I'm late" she said. She stood and bowed to the woman "Arigatou but I promised my parents I'd be home to help them out. We have guests tonight." She hurried to the door but stopped and turned around. "Goodbye Tsuna-kun! I'll come back tommorow."

"Aa, arigatou Kyoko-chan. I really owe you" said Tsuna smiling though a little sad she was leaving so soon.

She shook her head, "Iie Tsuna-kun. I'm just returning the favor." And with that she left. When they heard the door close, Tsuna mom spoke up.

"She very cute Tsuna. When did you and Kyoko become a couple?" Tsuna blushed like mad.

"W-W-We're not a couple ka-san!" he blurted out, "We're just good friends." His mother on the other hand began to hum gently as she gathered up his tray and the box of sushi and left her embaressed son to himself. When the door closed Tsuna fell back down on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

"What a day" he said to himself. For those two hours he was alone with the girl he loved. Those were the two happiest hours of his life. Even better was that Kyoko was coming back tommorrow. Just thinking about it made him smile. He was going to have Sasagawa Kyoko, the star of Hinamori High for company for the next few months. And he only had to break nearly every bone in his body to do it.

Well thats it gents the first chapter of my first Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfic. I hope you enjoyed it and will keep enjoying it. Since I have an issue of writing a lot of japanese words and terms into my fics, I have decided to stop being lazy and start writing what those words mean (besides the obvious ones)

Buon Pomerriggio: Good Afternoon (in Italian)

Chikuwa: sausage-shaped minced meat.

Dengaku: dishes with grilled fish, vegetables and tofu, topped with miso sauce.

Chabudai: the type of table Tsuna has in his room.

Amadai: White fish aka Tilefish, Blanquillo and Guji.

Chidai: Blood Tailfish.

Aji: Horse Mackerel.

Anakyuu: nori (seaweed) rolled sushi with conger eel and cucumber.

Ankou: Monkfish aka Angler and Goose-fish.

Tachiuo: Cutlass-fish aka Hair-tail fish.

Ara: Sea Bass

Akatai: Red Snapper.

Ayu: Sweet-fish aka Smelt.

a/n: I'm not fully sure if you would use some of the fish I listed for sushi, for sushi. I mentioned them because I liked how these fish tasted when I bought them.