Epilogue: New Adventures

Aragorn sat leaning against the white tree that lay in the court yard of Minis Tirith, his eyes shut as he thought. Many things had changed over the years and he barely had times like these to rest. He wasn't complaining though, being King of Gondor was never going to be a walk in the park but that didn't mean it was any less stressful. Harry, his husband, helped him a lot though, along with his children. If he didn't have them he didn't know how he would have survived the responsibility. If he had never met Harry, he may never have accepted his role as King in the first place! At times he missed the old adventures he'd had as a Ranger.

He was brought from his thoughts at the sound of two war cries and opened his grey eyes to see his twin son and daughter running toward him, wide grins on their faces. He stood and quickly scooped them up in his arms happily. He looked over to where they had come from to see his husband holding their three year old son, round stomach protruding from his tunic. At his sides were their eldest son, Lith, and his wife along with their eldest daughter, Lily. He smiled and began walking over to his family, he may miss his old adventures as a Ranger, but here there were plenty of new adventures just waiting around the corner.