Without The Blue Time

Jonathan's POV

I stand at the top of the building, looking down on the small city like town of Bixby that rises from the black topped streets and cement sidewalks and parking lots filled to the brim with endless cars, lines and lines and rows and rows of endless cars.

It's never ending now. I reflect and I guess everything's never ending. Life. Cycles. Dreams. Noise. Time.

The streets sweep from the edges of Bixby to the center, like a giant spider in the crowded petals of a blooming blossom. The cars are ants crawling all over it in the middle of the day. When the sun is out, they're sparkling dewdrops seeping down the long extremities.

A long night is ahead. I don't want to see another night. Another night that I grow older as Jessica stays young forever. It's eternal, just as everything else is. She will never get older. She will never struggle to find something in the midst of a crowd. She will never be able to be with me for the rest of my life because as my life goes on, hers is just reaching another hour of another moment of a different day for me that is the same day for her as the day before and the day before.

These endless days without her at my side are boiling in my blood, making me want to cry out and scream in my frustration. Because I can't be with her again. We can't walk under the sunlight so I can see it wash her skin; only under blue moonlight can we see each other. For her, it's an hour. For me, a sign of another day's passing.

Maybe we found the Fountain of Youth; the source of eternal life. But even then, I couldn't be with her forever like I want. I would be with her for our secret hour of the day, no more no less.

One hour with Jessica. Every day. For the rest of my life. I couldn't do that. I couldn't live my life without her every moment. I loved her too much for that.

So I stared down at the stretching streets with the cool blacktopped roads and the cars zipping along in their lives full of meaning.

I took a step off the building without the blue time to catch me.

A/N: just a short little angsty one-shot. Srry it's not totally impressive. Please review.