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Summary: In the world of secret agents. There are spies, ninjas and assassins. When five assassins who are able to kill without emotions get new targets they are shocked when they find themselves attracted to them and not able to kill them. But do their targets feel the same?

They were cold killers. The best and most attractive of the best. All the major assassins were called into a room. They all sat down and the leader or head agent came out. "Hello, the reason I have called you in here today is because five of you will be some lucky bastards. There are five new assassins in the spy world that belong to a competing organization." Everyone started speaking about this new information.

"I will hire five of you to take care of them. But before I do let me show you and tell you a few things about your targets. The first is a girl by the name of Tenten." He showed a picture of a girl with two buns on her head practicing karate. "She is a major in karate and tae-kwon-do. She has a bit of a temper but is very charming when she wants to be. The second is a girl by the name of Yamanaka Ino." "He showed a pic of a girl with long blonde hair with a side bang covering one of her eyes shopping and holding ten bags in her arms. "She's a major shopaholic and appears to be boy crazy. Next is Hyuuga Hinata." Then a picture of a girl with mid-length blue-black hair who looked pretty shy reading. "She may look shy but don't let that fool you. She is a master when it comes to illusions. Next is a girl by the name of Haruno Sakura." A girl with mid-length pink hair sleeping under a tree. "She maybe second prettiest of the group, but she is still able to kill." "Wait second prettiest then who's the first?" asked a ninja. "The first is Onagi Yayuki." He was about to show a picture of the girl when he realized it was gone. "Alright which one of you took her picture?" just then he realized the picture was in his pocket. "Oh never mind. Anyway here's her picture." A picture of a girl with long black hair that reached the floor with highlights in them showed up on the screen. She was facing the other way but you could see her face and part of her upper body. She also had a wolf pup on her head and was surrounded by white cherry blossoms.

"I know what all of you are thinking. Who is the lucky bastard who will get her as their target? Well I haven't decided so I put this as a race. The first group who finds all five of them will get them as their targets. I want all assasins to pack up and meet me at the front gate in groups of five." Immediately all of the assasins except the guys went to pack up. They took their sweet time getting to their rooms.

"Man can you believe the targets? They're all hot especially the last one. I mean a girl with hair that long has to be hiding a big ass. Am I right?" "Dobe. You're as perverted as always. While they are pretty we have to kill them if we get the assignment." "What do you mean if? Of course we'll get it." "Maybe but still don't get too over confident."

X 20 minutes later X

All assassins were packed up and getting in their group's car. "Alright remember they are all located in Konohagakure and are always together. They're 18 years old and the first group who finds them has to take a picture of them and send it to me along with the group's name." They all drove off.

The guys were at the gates of Konoha when the first thing they thought was to check into a hotel. They parked in front of a hotel called Seductress. They all walked into the hotel and walked up to the girl at the counter. She looked up from the computer and blushed. "H-how may I help you?" she asked. "We want five rooms all on the top floor." Said Naruto giving her a dazzling smile. She blushed deeper. "You're in luck we have 5 extra rooms left. The total comes out to $1,500." Sasuke gave her the money and started heading towards the elevator. She gave the keys to Naruto and when her hand made contact with his, her eyes grew wide and she fainted. Naruto just shrugged and picked up the money and left.

Once they were at the top floor they all went to their rooms. After they were all unpacked they all headed towards Hitomi's room. "So should we start looking for them or what?" asked Naruto. "We should relax for an extra hour, then we start looking for our targets." Said Shikamaru. Then there was a knock on the door. "Maid service!" yelled a girl. Shikamaru opened the door and saw a blonde girl with long hair and one side bang covering her left eye walk in with a yellow French maid outfit. "HI I'm Ino. I was told to clean up here." She walked in and all the boys were shocked to have already found one of the targets. "You work here?" asked Shikamaru. "Yeah along with my friends. They were told to clean up the other rooms." "How old are you?" "I'm 18 what about you and your friends?" "Same." "Cool. Hey since you guys are teens do you mind if I take a break on the couch? My feet are killing me I am not used to working so hard." They nodded and she crashed on the couch. There was a pounding on the door. "Yo, Ino-pig you in there?" "Yeah come on we g2g." "Ino get your blonde ass out here!" "Ino-chan come out we have to leave." "What's that?" asked Neji. "That's my friends telling me to hurry up." "Why?" "Cause they know that after five minutes of working I tend to crash out on some couch." "What are their jobs?" "They're maids like me." "That's it pig we're coming in." "Oh yeah how?" "Yayu-chan's got a master key!" "How the hell did she get that?" "The manager gave it to me. He thought I would someday sneak into his office. That ass actually thinks I like him. I mean he's like 80 years old." "Yayuki the manager's only 30." "Really? Damn must've been a rough 30 years."

Then the door was opened and in stepped 4 girls. Each of them wearing a different color maid outfit with the same design as Ino. "Ino-pig come on we got work to do." Said Sakura. "But I wanna stay here and chat with the new guys. They're 18 like us." "In our always so bc on us at the worst time." "Bc?" asked Neji. "That's Yayuki talk for boy crazy." "Aa." "Oh where are our manners?" said Ino. "I forgot to introduce you to them girls. Even though I don't know their names myself." "So you're telling me that you've been in here with a group of boys that you don't even know, half dressed and on the couch? That's so desperate Ino." Said Yayuki. "I am not desperate Yayuki I can get any guy I want to." Please Yuksi has more boyfriends than you pig." "Uh sorry for interrupting but who's Yuksi?" asked Naruto. "Yuksi's my pet wolf. She can talk because I did a permanent jutsu on her allowing her to that can never be broken." Replied Yayuki. She whistled. "Yuksi sweetie come here please." Then a silver grey wolf pup came in wearing a mini version of the made outfit with different colors as the girls. "Cool. Hey Hitomi has a wolf pup. His name is Hoto?" "Really can I see him?" "Sure why not." Said Hitomi. Then a black wolf pup came in. "Omfg he's soo freaking cute." Said Yayuki. Then she got on her knees, picked up Hoto and hugged him to her chest. Hoto was at first embarrassed but grew to love it when she started to stroke his fur. And he saw how soft and big her breasts were that they felt like pillows. He closed his eyes and then re-opened them when she put him down.

She kept stroking his fur while Hoto leaned into her touch. "You must be great with animals because he usually doesn't really let anyone near him let alone touch him." Said Hitomi. "Yeah well I should be I mean sometimes I work in the hotel's pet day care center." They smirked at her and saw that she was the cutest of the five. "She stopped stroking him. "Why'd you stop?" asked Hoto. "Ehhh? Kawaii! He can talk too." She started to hug him again. "He's like a stuffed animal. I love it!" "Alright Yayu-chan you should put him down." Said Hinata. "Oh. You're right Hina-chan." She put Hoto down. "Um can one of you guys help me up?" asked Yayuki. "Sure," said Hitomi, "It's the least I can do since Hoto seems to actually like you." When he pushed her up she was squeezed against his chest. He smirked at her and she only blushed. "Gomen I guess I'm just too light weight for my own good." She said while blushing she let go of his hand and backed up to her friends. Ino snickered giving her a sly look which caused the dark haired beauty to smack her upside her head. "Itaii what the hell was that for?" "You know why pig."

"So can you girls show us around we don't really know this place." Said Naruto. "I don't see why not how about it girls?" said Hinata. "Sure we can take them to all our favorite shopping places." Said Ino. "Pig they want us to show them around not make their arms fall off from all your purchases." "Oh shut it Yayuki. You're as much of a shopaholic as I am." "Yeah but I can control myself unlike you." "Not when there's a sale at Victoria Secret." "Ino you know that's not fair. I mean no girl can control themselves when there's a sale at Victoria Secret." "Soo true."

"So is that a yes?" asked Sasuke. "Yeah. It's a yes we'll come pick you guys up tomorrow around 9." "Why tomorrow?" asked Shikamaru. "Because we have a day off tomorrow." Said Tenten. They were about to leave when Neji stopped them. "Wait can we take a picture of you girls first. We're kinda bad with faces." Said Neji. "Um. Okay. Sure fire away." Said Ino. The guys took a picture of the girl they want to have as their target. "Thanks see you tomorrow." Said Sasuke. "Bye." Said Sakura. And they left the room.

"Alright we got the pics. Now to send them to the director and lock this mission as ours." Said Naruto. They sent the pics along with their names and sent them to the director. Then they headed to their rooms for some sleep because tomorrow they would get to know their targets.

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