Holy shiz it's been a LONG, LONG time. Finally I've gotten off my ass to work on this. :P Also, if you want to imagine what Austria would sound like during sex... listen to the Finder Series' Drama CD. The uke is the seiyuu (Akira Sasanuma) for Austria, wahaha!

Also, there should totally be a list of music to write by. Writing this with Mahler's 7th Symphony, 4th movement was helpful, haha. Got me in the ~mood~.

With a quick, panicked swerve away from Gilbert, Roderich shuddered visibly, his long, white button-up shirt barely grazing across his naked bottom in a manner that made him seem a bit helpless. Gilbert stood there, wearing a small, satisfied smile he usually reserved for winnings on the battlefield, arms crossed, a hand disposing the crumpled map onto the floor.

"I believe I specifically told you to stay there," Roderich said after a long, awkward silence and a mustering of courage.

"Hmmph! No you didn't," Gilbert said abruptly. "You just apologized for 'being a rude host', and now you won't even show your face to me. So what's the matter, hm?" With every soft push on the dark red carpet Roderich felt growing closer to him, he grew redder and redder as the realization that Gilbert had this planned all along hit him like an oncoming car.

Just as Roderich opened his mouth to protest, Gilbert wrapped his strong arms around his waist, his face nuzzled against Roderich's neck. "Since you really don't want me to look at you, I'm sure you don't mind surprises," he said in mock bitterness. He reached under Roderich's shirt, warm hands stroking his smooth chest, teasing at his nipples playfully when Roderich made a loud gasp.

"I k-knew something was strange," Roderich attempted to say with venom, but came out as a hot, bothered sigh. "Take your hands, off me this instant." A soft pant as Gilbert ground his hardening erection on his bare ass.

"Then push me away," he challenged. In a swift maneuver he positioned Roderich toward the bed and dragged him across the regal, white sheets. "I can't wait to stain these with your come," Gilbert muttered into Roderich's ear from behind, kissing and leaving light pink marks along his ear. As muddled as Roderich's mind and libido-overtaken judgment was, he clenched his fists in some sort of shame-a man of power, of class, succumbing to this incredibly sexy, take-charge, skillful man-err, bastard-, manipulated by Gilbert's sultry whisperings, sifting under his light, firm touches here and there. "So stop pretending-"

Roderich cried out with a sharp Ah! as Gilbert guided a lubricated finger into him slowly, so hazed that he did not realize that Gilbert had taken the lubricant out in the first place. "Don't tighten," Gilbert ordered, inserting a second finger, stretching slightly to make Roderich moan with a gratifying blend of pleasure and pain, prodding assertively. Shortly he pulled out, and Roderich embarrassingly caught himself sighing in disappointment. It was not for long, though, as the head of Gilbert's cock tapped and rubbed along the edge of Roderich's entrance, emitting a gasp of surprise from the blushing man. Soon it stretched Roderich, more than Roderich had ever felt with Gilbert's fingers, greased and making wet sounds.

"A-ah! Ohh, mmm..."

"Goddammit, ease up! You're so damn tight I can hardly move," Gilbert breathed tersely, his voice the only thing Roderich could discern other than Gilbert's thick cock making way into him. Loosening at last, Gilbert pushed himself further into Roderich, a deep groan in unison from the two men. He pulled back and pushed in again until a steady momentum seemed to be established, Gilbert, his hands on Roderich's firm ass, controlling the pace, and Roderich, whose face was buried in the soft white linen he bunched around, clutching them.

"G-Gilbert," Roderich panted beneath him, his voice a bit smothered from the various cloths muffling his mouth. "I want to see your face," he said quietly.

"What's that?" Gilbert teased, relentlessly pushing in.

"May I please," Roderich tried to articulate, each syllable paused by "mm", "see your face."

"It's about time," Gilbert answered, pulling out slowly, nudging the other man on the shoulder. Roderich rolled over his sheets, surprised to see Gilbert with a few specks of sweat, his face also florid from pleasure, that usually confident, sleazy smirk replaced by a husky, low gaze.

As Gilbert leaned down to enter once more, Roderich wrapped his arms around his partner's neck, failing to suppress an unexpected cry when Gilbert thrust in with more vigor than before. "More," Roderich breathed, and gripped Gilbert's back tighter as he felt his thick, warm cock sink deeper within him, gradually filling him, satiating him. He knew he could refrain from doing so, but he tightened around his cock, and instead of the complaint he thought he would receive, Gilbert exhaled a breathless, throaty moan.

Pulling back gently, the sounds of faint breaths music to Roderich's ears, Gilbert plunged in again, receiving another gasp from his lover beneath him. "More," Roderich reminded again, more urgently. He embraced Gilbert tighter, bringing Gilbert closer to him so that they met chest to chest, and smothered his white-haired rival lovingly with slow, sloppy, opened-mouth kisses as wet sounds increasingly more slick and lewd where he and Gilbert were conjoined. Thirsting for more friction, Roderich rocked his hips against the rhythm of Gilbert's, the sliding, slick noises so obscene that even Gilbert felt compelled to kiss back with equal fire and passion.

Suddenly Roderich gasped loudly in Gilbert's mouth, clenching so deliciously around his cock, swearing a few words in harsh German. "What was that," Gilbert asked heatedly.

"Again," Roderich urged, reduced to few-worded sentences. "Harder, deeper!" Gilbert thrust in as much as he could sink into, rubbing up against the hilt with the wet head of his cock assertively, Roderich cursing and crying out, "There!"

Without hesitation or unneeded words, he pulled back and rammed forcefully in again, sure to aim for that spot that made Roderich tighten around him and beg for his fucking. "Mehr, mehr, liebehaber," Roderich gasped, his German barely comprehensible beyond a fragmentation of quick syllables. Gilbert complied wordlessly, their two bodies grinding seamlessly.

"I'm close," Gilbert breathed. "If you want me to-"

"N-no," Roderich interrupted between pauses, "come in me."

With a guttural moan, Gilbert grew stiff, filling Roderich's hole with his hot semen and riding it out, deeply satisfied when he pulled out and a white string of come followed. Roderich, crying out passionately, came onto the sheets as well, and basked in the afterglow as Gilbert collapsed on top of him, their heat emanating together in peace.

"You... idiot," Roderich panted, trying to maintain a shred of dignity. He expected a punch in the face but was nipped in the ear.

"Says the one who wanted me to come inside," Gilbert chuckled. "Man, you don't know how good that feels."

"... mention this to no one," Roderich said.

"Don't worry about that," Gilbert reassured.

"'Sup, West," Gilbert called from his sofa when Ludwig swung open the door and entered the room, hanging his jacket onto the coat rack.

"You didn't cause any trouble, did you?" He immediately interrogated. "Hope that book entertained you in some sort of way."

"Yeah, it did," Gilbert answered sarcastically, "'Poisons around the World was the most interesting book ever, West. It was so interesting, I had to call up Roddy to share what I learned."

"Glad to hear it," Ludwig said, ignoring his tone of voice. "Maybe next time when I'm out, you can read Prison Torture in Various Cultures."

Gilbert tilted his head in thought. Hmm...