Thanks you for all the reviews. Finally had time to upload this so I hope you like. So far, this story is a Bonnie/Damon/Vicki love triangle but I'll change it once I come up with balanced story that you will love. This is a mixture of the TV show and the books, just in case you don't know. But it mostly fits in the TV show.

Normal POV

Tyler flung himself at Damon. They both busted themselves in the glass table. Vicki hissed; not at Damon but at Tyler, who was about to hit Damon when Vicki grabbed Tyler by his collar and threw him to the wall. Damon quickly got up, putting himself in front of Vicki.

"You fucking traitor! I can't believe I was so stupid to fall in love with you! I hate you!" cried Vicki. She had placed her head on Damon's chest, sobbing hard.

"Vicki… you don't mean that, Vicki." Tyler said as she got up.

She raised her head, completely angered. "I saw you! With Lexi! You were kissing that fucking scumbag!"

Tyler's face fell once he knew he was busted. But he kept trying. Yeah, he was cheating on her with Lexi, but Vicki was the most important thing to him. He wasn't going to lose her, especially to Damon.

"Vicki, I can explain. It means nothing, Vicki. Absolutely nothing. I'm sorry, Vicki. Please forgive me."

"Fuck you! I don't wanna hear your shit anymore! You rot in hell with that ugly slut! Just get away from me! Get away from here!" Vicki shrieked. Suddenly, she flew right in front of Tyler, then staring to hit him everywhere.

Damon was right behind her, trying to calm her down. She was going too crazy, and both vampires had to calm her before she did anything stupid. Damon let go of her. He ran to the cabinet and took off a needle with vervain in it. Then ran back to Vicki, who was now biting Tyler all over and injected the needle in her arm.

Vicki fell in Damon's arms, her eyes slowly closing. He picked her up bridal-style and took her to the couch where she rested. Damon turned to look at Tyler in disgust. His bites were already healed.

"You should probably just go. For your own good. And never come back," Damon snarled.

"You can't make me," Tyler hissed.

"For Vicki's good, I'm telling you to go. But I'll make you if I have to." Damon threatened.

Tyler just scoffed and disappeared. Damon sighed, looking back at a sleeping Vicki. He then bent down, ready to bit his wrist when he felt a presence behind him. Instantly, he knew who it was.


Bonnie's POV

After a long talk with Bree, I finally came back to see Damon. What I found wasn't what I expected. Seeing Tyler come out of the house in a rather pissed attitude, I realized it had something to do with Damon and Vicki. When I entered the house, I knew I was right. The broken table, the wall having a hole in it, portraits scattered on the floor and vampire blood told me everything I needed to know.

"Bonnie." Damon whispered. He was kneeled down next to Vicki, who apparently looked like she was running on vervain.

"What happened?" I demanded, but then knew I shouldn't have asked that since I'm a ghost. My invisibility was gone, so he could see me.

"You didn't see?" he asked, turning around.

"No… I'm not always here, Damon."

"Then where do you go?"

"Somewhere. Now what happened?"

Damon sighed, coming to stand right in front of me. "I kissed Vicki. Tyler found us and fought me. Vicki helped me and she was going really crazy so I had to inject her with vervain before she could kill Tyler."

I nodded, then went back to being invisible. My heart ached. Actually, everything ached. I know I told Damon to be with Vicki, but I couldn't deny the big jealousy I had. Maybe I made the wrong decision. And now I can't take it back.

Damon's POV

Bonnie disappeared. I was about to call out her name, but stopped once I knew she was gone. Instead, I walked back to Vicki. I bit into my wrist and placed it on her mouth. Her eyes opened, then began to drink it until I pulled away. She gasped, then sighed and looked at me.

"Are you ok?"

I nodded. "Yeah. You?"

She nodded, then twisted her torso to get up. She looked around, probably for Tyler but I shook my head and she understood.

"I can't believe he did that to me. I should have known. He's just too perfect for me." Vicki said softly. I grabbed her chin with my fingers.

"It's his loss." She smiled at me, then leaned in to kiss me. I didn't back away, knowing it would hurt her. Instead, I just let her lips crush against mines. We kissed for minutes until she pulled away and placed her head on my shoulder. She sighed, her eyes on mines.

"What are we going to do about Bonnie's funeral? It's next week, you know?"

I nodded, but everything seemed wrong. I shouldn't be with Vicki, but with Bonnie. Even if she's dead, I still love her… maybe even Vicki but I'm not about her yet. And to go to Bonnie's funeral the same day as he birthday? I don't think I can do it.

Yes you can.

I internally jumped.


You promised. You said you were going to be with Vicki. Don't break it. Go to my funeral with her. Please.

I hesitated before answering.

For you, I will. I'll always love you, Bonnie Bennett.

As I will always love you, Damon Salvatore.

Then I felt her go.

"Do you want to go?" Vicki asked.

Slowly, I nodded, knowing I had to go. For Bonnie. My beautiful Bonnie.

Just so you know, the story will come to an end. Bonnie will stop being dead and everyone will know she faked her death by the end of this story. Please review!

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