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P.S. this is OC, because Voldemort (in this story) was defeated between the 6th and 7th year of Harry's time at Hogwarts.

WARNINGS: m/m slash, possible f/f slash, Voy, Toys, graphic situations, and language.

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It was the final year at Hogwarts for our favorite group of students, save for Ginny. At the beginning of the year, a truce was made between all of the houses, because after Voldemort was vanquished, there was no reason for any rivalry between the students.

Inner house unity had sprung up, causing many relationships to grow, the most surprising of them being Ron Weasley and Pansy Parkinson, who were now an item. In fact, the only people who had not moved on from the wartime mentality were Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. They were civil, but just barely, and this was on the insisting of their friends, who were all a close-knit group since the hooking up of Ron and Pansy.

The best thing that had happened because of this unity was the parties that began to ensue between the houses. Ginny, Pansy, Hermione, Susan, and Luna had all gotten together at the beginning of the year and had organized a plan.

This plan was to have a party every month, and have the location rotate between the four houses. The parties were always supplied with adequate drink and dancing, so naturally these became the most looked forward to event of the month.

"Harry, mate, come on! We're going to be late for the party!" Ron exclaimed from the doorway of the dormitory. "I know you're gay and all, but that doesn't mean you can take as long as Malfoy to get your hair ready!"

"Coming, Ron!" Harry said from the mirror. Sighing, he decided that his hair was the best it was going to look, and made his way to the stairs. Ron was tapping his foot impatiently. "And I do NOT take as long as Malfoy."

"Whatever, mate." Ron said, laughing. Ron knew that in fact, Draco and Harry took the same amount of time on their hair, but this was only because of what he had heard from Pansy. Harry and Draco were a lot more alike than they realized.

Harry and Ron made their way to the Ravenclaw dormitories, located in a tower on the opposite side of the castle. This was the first party to happen in Ravenclaw, and Harry wasn't looking forward to it. The Ravenclaws were the study students, and Harry doubted that much would be happening tonight. One of the rules of the party was that the host house led the traditional game of wizard's truth or dare, and that meant that they cast the original rules. The best games were played in the Slytherin dormitories, because in Slytherin truth or dare there were no rules. Harry liked no rules.

They had reached the portrait, which was a raven holding a scroll.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" It asked in a squawky voice.

"No idea." Harry said, puzzled.

"Correct! You may enter." The portrait swung open.

"What kind of password is that?" Ron mumbled.

"I heard that!" The raven screeched. Ron grimaced and hurried into the Ravenclaw common room, done in the predictable blue and black hues. The makeshift bar was to the left, and all of the furniture had been magically reduced and placed in the corner, leaving the huge, cavernous room bare for the DJ center, dance floor, and the open area left for the game. Harry smirked. Hopefully this game would be productive.

"Harry!" Hermione called from the bar, fire whiskey in hand. "Come on over!" Harry trudged over to the bar, noticing that Ron had already ditched him and was bust slow dancing with Pansy on the floor. Harry ordered a fire whiskey from the Ravenclaw sixth year. Taking a sip, he surveyed the room.

"You think this is going to be a good party? I see that most everyone's here already."

"Yeah," Hermione said, scanning the room, "I'm hoping that the Ravenclaws are naughtier than they look, though, because otherwise the game isn't going to be any fun."

Harry smirked at her comment. Much to everyone's surprise, the Gryffindor book worm was quite the party animal, and was one of the most avid participants in the game. At the last bash, held in the Slytherin common room, she had done a strip tease/lap dance combo for Terry Boot, who had been thrilled beyond belief.

The party commenced, and everyone drank, danced, and snogged.

After an hour an a half or so of this, the Ravenclaw spokesperson, Terry Boot, called some of the seventh years over for the game.

Some of them preferred to dance, or left in couples, but most of them stayed. In the end the participants were Ron, Pansy, Draco, Blaise, Goyle, Jared (transfer student in Slytherin), Harry, Hermione, Parvati, Lavender, Terry, Ginny (she was invited because of her ties to the Golden Trio), Dean, Seamus, Susan, and a Hufflepuff boy named Jeremy.

They all sat in a circle in the corner by the blazing fireplace. All of them had either a bottle of fire whiskey, or a bottle of wizard vodka in hand.

"So Terry, what are the rules?" Drawled Draco, sprawled out on the floor. He had unbuttoned his green dress shirt, leaving his chest bare in the firelight. From across the circle, Harry unconsciously licked his lips, a tid-bit that both Pansy and Hermione noticed.

"No rules." He said.

The circle stared at him in shock. No rules? The Ravenclaw house, known for their prudes, had declared NO RULES?

Harry smirked.

From across the circle, Draco's eyes centered on Harry's smirk, his silver eyes dilating. This time, Pansy, Hermione and Ginny noticed.

"Well Terry, where's the bottle?" Dean slurred next to him.

"Right here," Seamus said, downing the rest of his fire whiskey bottle and placing it in the center of the circle.

Terry spun the bottle, the opening resting on Lavender. Terry's smile widened.

"Truth or Dare, Lav?" Everyone in the circle knew that Lavender always picked truth, and they were beginning to get really good at picking secrets.

"Dare." She said. Terry's eyebrows shot into his hair. Lavender looked suggestively at him, daring him to say a good one.

"I dare you to give Seamus a lap-dance." All the guys in the circle whistled, and Lavender glanced at Seamus, who was leering at her suggestively.

She smirked, her eyes dilating as she crawled over to Seamus, sticking her skirt-clad arse in the air. Seamus licked his lips and sat cross-legged, with his hands behind him. Lavender sat straddling him. She opened up her blouse, showing Seamus, along with Dean and Ron, her red lace bra. She began to grind into his hips, all the while shoving her boobs in his face and moaning softly. Seamus's eyes rolled to the back of his head, and he groaned. Lavender smiled and continued to undulate her hips, her suggestive gasps causing all the males in the room to stare open mouthed, their glazed eyes fixed on the moaning girl. The girls watched too, picking up tips. Lavender was a really good lap-dancer.

After five or so minutes, Terry broke it up.

"Alright you guys, break it up. It's Lav's turn to spin the bottle." Lavender got up from Seamus's lap, removing his possessive hands from her waist.

Lavender spun the bottle, watching with delight as it came to rest on Ginny. Ginny's face blanched. The last time this had happened, Lavender had dared Ginny to go down on Seamus. While Seamus wasn't that bad-looking, Ginny was in a relationship with dean, who was looking at her pointedly.

"Truth." She sighed. Dares were more fun, but not if they led to the breaking up of your boyfriend.

"What pair of people sitting here do you think would have the hottest sex?" Lavender said sneakily. Because of a charm placed on the party, whenever someone agreed to truth, it had the same effect as Veritaserum. Ginny looked around the circle thoughtfully.

"Honestly? Harry and Draco." Draco looked pensively at Harry, while Harry glared at Ginny.

"That's twisted." He muttered. Yeah, both he and Draco liked guys, but to imagine them having sex? No way. He looked across the circle at Draco, unconsciously checking him out. Yeah, Draco's sexy, he admitted. But he was still Malfoy. Draco appeared to be having the same debate in his head.

All the people in the room, except for Dean, who was smashed, noticed that both the boys in question had dilated eyes. Hermione and Ginny made eye contact and smirked.

"My turn." Ginny said triumphantly. She spun the bottle, noticing Hermione's lips moving discreetly. As she had predicted, the bottle landed on Harry. Harry blanched at the wicked gleam in Ginny's eyes. Hermione, too, was smirking.

"Truth or Dare, Harry?"


"Harry," Ginny began, "I want you to strip from the waist up and snog Draco." Awed silence filled the room as Harry stared blankly at Ginny as the statement sank in.

"No bloody way in hell!" He cried, outraged. There was no way he was going to kiss the lips of the one person at Hogwarts that had ridiculed him since day one.

"So does that mean you're going to break the rules of the game, Harry?" Hermione said sweetly, albeit maliciously. Harry shut his mouth, remembering. If someone backed out of a dare, they were forbidden to play the next three games. Harry sighed and began to strip off his black tee-shirt. Draco glanced at him in horror.

"Wait a second here! You can't be serious! Are you mental, woman?" He shouted at Ginny.

"No," Ginny murmured, her eyelids drooping slightly, "I just thought that since I just answered who would have the hottest sex, we'd experiment with the foreplay."

Everyone in the circle snickered. All the girls were fidgeting in their spots, already hot at the very idea of Draco and Harry. Both men were easily the hottest men in Hogwarts. The two of them together would be mind-blowing.

"Do you want to back down, Malfoy?" Harry asked quietly, his shirt off. His tanned skin gleamed in the dim lighting.

Draco's eyes gleamed at the bait. "Of course not, Potter. I never back out of a challenge." And with that, he took of the remains of his dress shirt, leaving his chest bare. Harry's eyes widened, not expecting Draco to actually go through with this.

Harry gulped and slinked over to Draco, pausing in front of him.

"Well, Harry?" Hermione smirked. Harry took a deep breath and began to lean forward. Draco unconsciously leaned forward to meet him, and their lips met hesitantly.

The kiss was awkward at first, both men aware of the audience. But after Draco opened his mouth to take a breath, Harry took advantage of the entrance and dove his tongue in, vying for dominance. Not to be outdone, Draco prodded Harry's tongue with his own.

Neither of them realized that they had risen to their knees and were fighting for control. The entire circle watched in awe. The sight before them was the sexiest make-out session they had ever seen. Even the hetero guys were affected by the display, shifting awkwardly in their now tight trousers.

Harry gained the upper hand while Draco paused for breath, Harry moving to Draco's neck and pushing Draco onto his back on the stone floor. Harry was now on top of Draco, and placing possessive bite marks on his neck. Draco was moaning softly. Both of them seemed to have forgotten their audience, and the identity of their make-out partner.

Draco seemed to have had enough of being the bottom, because he violently flipped Harry over onto his back, placing Harry's hands above his head, causing Harry to moan at the contact. Draco rubbed his leg between Harry's, rubbing the growing bulge. Harry gasped. Draco's free hand began to tweak Harry's right nipple, while his mouth lodged on to Harry's bare collarbone, leaving a purple hickey at the base of his neck.

Harry arched his back, pressing into the body above him, moaning. Draco growled in response and attacked Harry's lips again, their tongue power play visible to everyone. Ginny gasped loudly, breaking to two boys from their trance. Harry opened his eyes to find Draco staring into his in shock.

As if remembering where they were, they jumped apart. Harry scuttled back to his place and hurriedly placed his black shirt over his crotch, his face turning scarlet.

"Well," Ginny said breathlessly. "That was most definitely the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Everyone in the room nodded in agreement. Even the dancers had paused to watch the scene, mouths agape.

Harry looked at the clock, mentally tallying up the minutes.

"You let us go on for ten minutes!" Harry exclaimed. Draco was fingering the mark on his neck. Harry blushed as he realized he was watching the mark turn purple and dark.

Mine, he thought. Wait, he's not yours, he's MALFOY. Harry turned his eyes to the floor.

"I lost track of time. I think it's easy to say everyone present was sufficiently distracted, don't you?"

Harry glared at her evily.

The game had to end early, seeing as after the Harry/Draco act, everyone was too hot and bothered to pay attention to the game. Harry ordered Blaise to do a strip tease on himself, but after that everyone called it quits, leaving two very confused guys to muddle over the night's events.

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