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"Aster, please don't make me do this!" Tasmyn cried, pleading with her best friend. They were outside Music Room 4, where the Host Club was. "You know how I despise them!"

"I'm so sorry, Tasmyn! I really am!" Aster told her, she clearly didn't want to go. "I don't want to go either!" She added, looking at the doors. She looked at Tasmyn "...Screw it." She mumbled and grabbed her best friends hand and quickly ran from the room, in hopes that this time she wouldn't get caught.

Tasmyn immediately brightened and ran alongside Aster, smiling now. Just as they were almost out of the school, they slowed down and started walking. "I think... we're safe." Tasmyn huffed, and then smiled at Aster. "I'd love to see their faces when you don't show up!" she laughed.

Aster smiled. "Yeah, same," She replied, giggling. "I really don't like it in there. Ugh, flirting with girls like I have too...is just wrong." She told her as she walked with her. "How they find me attractive is strange." She looked around. "So where should we go?" She asked a large grin on her face, but wasn't the visible because of her hair.

"I know! Ewwww," Tasmyn shuddered. "And the guys giving their so called affection to every girl is just... gross. I would probably end up punching one of them if they tried it on me... ummm, I don't know." Tasmyn laughed. "We could go to my house... if you don't mind getting your spine broke by my mom." They both laughed.

Aster giggled more. "Well, out of all of them, the only one I don't mind is Mori. He doesn't really flirt with any of the girls," She said a small blush creeping its way to her cheeks "And it's better than getting taken to the host club and having to flirt with the same sex." Aster replied "And it's not as bad as my house." She added.

"Awww, is that a blush I see?" Tasmyn teased.

"No, I'm not blushing!" She told Tasmyn in denial, as she looked away.

The pink haired girl laughed. "Hey, I don't blame you, even though I don't like any of them, I have to admit, he's pretty hot." She smiled as the blush on Aster's face deepened.

"St-stop teasing me!" Aster told her aware that her cheeks were getting redder and warmer.

Tasmyn just laughed. "But that's what I live for!" Just then a shadow fell across the two of them. Tasmyn turned around and her mouth clapmed shut instantly. She just stared at the boy in front of them. "Well... this is awkward."

Aster blinked. "...Ye-yeah" she replied. She then grabbed her friend's hand, and ran very quickly. "Remind me to kill you later." She said, trying to get away from the tall black head boy.

"Will do. If we get away from Mori that is, cause if I have to go into that dreaded room, I will die, and you won't need to kill me." Tasmyn replied.

Aster ran quickly, and then tripped over nothing, falling flat on her face.

Tasmyn stopped, and just stared at her friend. "You are such a klutz, Aster." Mori caught them, and before Tasmyn realized what was going on, he had picked Aster up and put her over his shoulder. "What the...? MORI! PUT HER DOWN!" She purposefully left off the suffix, because she really didn't respect him, or any of the Host Club for that matter. Mori just stared at her for a second, then turned around and started back toward the school.

"Oi! Put me down! I do not want to go to the freaking Host Club!" Aster said, hitting his back with her fists. "So let me go!" She did have a blush on her face though.

Tasmyn smirked a little, but didn't say anything. "Aster, just give it up. You're not gonna get let go. And even though I HATE IT, I'll go with you and suffer through the stupid Host Club, but if anyone bothers me, they're gonna get hurt."

Aster pouted "God, how did I get into this mess?" She asked herself in a mumble, letting Mori carry her.

"I don't know, how did you get into this crap?" Tasmyn asked her.

"I was forced..." She mumbled, but as soon as Mori let her go she was gonna make a run for it. Aster smiled and then gave her best friend a look that said. 'running for it once I'm put down.' "It's a stupid club."

Tasmyn smiled a devious smile and nodded. "I heard that!" She laughed, she sounded ridiculous when she tried to sound gangster.

Aster started to laugh. "...Mori. Put me down, it's uncomfortable being like this."

Mori didn't say anything, but he stopped, causing Tasmyn to run into him. He put Aster down, and turned around. "Don't run." he told her. Tasmyn's eyes widened at his voice. This was the first time she had heard him talk. Aster blinked lightly, it was her first time hearing him talk as well. She blushed lightly at his voice though.

Tasmyn shook her hair a little to hide her face, she couldn't help but smile at Aster's blush. It was clear she really liked him. "Well... are we just gonna stand here?" She asked, not really addressing either of them.

Aster nodded lightly, doing her best to hide her blush. For some reason she didn't, more like couldn't, run.

"Yes, we're gonna stand here, or yes, we're gonna go inside to our doom?" Tasmyn joked, half serious, half playing.

"...try and run for it?" She suggested softly to Tasmyn, in a whisper only loud enough for the two to hear.

The taller girl's shorter friend considered it for a second, and then thought better of it. "He'd just catch us again, why waste our energy?"

Aster nodded lightly and sighed "Well, time for our doom." She laughed lightly and sighed more, walking in

Tasmyn sighed too, and braced herself as the doors to the Music Room were opened. They heard a chorus of voices saying "Welcome!" and Tasmyn had to resist the urge to run the opposite direction.

Aster also had to resist that urge. "Why did I get forced into this?" She mumbled.

"That's what I ask myself every day I have to come here with you," Tasmyn mumbled back. "and then I remember, because I'm too nice a friend and won't leave you to suffer by yourself... why do I have to be so nice?" she laughed, signaling the end of her little rant. She cringed as she saw all the boys, minus Mori, in front of them.

Aster sweat dropped the outfits they were wearing. "If you think I'm wearing something like that...then you can just forget it" She said

Tasmyn pretended to gag and throw up, causing Aster to laugh a little. Which made Tasmyn laugh too, and soon they were both giggling hysterically. Aster tried to stop laughing, but failed, ignoring the creepy/weird looks from the Host Club. Both of the girls sighed at the same time, and then turned to face the boys, and just stared at them with blank stares.

"Weird," the red headed twins said after a minute and walked away, back to their 'customers'.

Aster smiled at her best friend. She didn't care about the blank stares, until several girls went to her and started to drag her away Tasmyn sighed and followed slowly, and perched herself on the arm on the couch Aster was sitting on. She just looked around at everyone, disgusted at how the girls hung on the boy's every word. She shook her head as she saw Tamaki... well, being Tamaki. What a stupid idiot. She thought.

Aster did what she had to do, hinting to Tasmyn, that she didn't want to be here and wished she could just get out. Tasmyn looked at her, her face clearly showing that she didn't want to be there either. Just then two arms were perched on her shoulders and two red heads came into her peripheral view.

"Wanna come with us?" one of them asked deviously.

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