This is my first G-Force story. This will be my twelfth story altogether. I hope you like it. I got the bad guy's name from an Xbox 360 game. See if you can guess which one. Hint: Cybran.

Ben walked into the room holding something behind his back.

"Hey guys come here!" He called to the team.

"Do we have a mission Ben?" Darwin asked.

"Well yes but I have something to show you first." Ben replied.

Hurly walked into the room with a piece of pepperoni.

Blaster and Juarez came in next. As usual, Blaster was begging Juarez to tell him who she was interested in. Juarez was good at not giving away her secrets. "You're not getting anything out of me Blaster so you might as well forget it." She said.

Blaster stared at her for a minute and then kept walking. "That's cold." He said.

The team stood in front of Ben. "What do you have for us Ben?" Blaster asked.

Ben grinned and held out his hands. In them sat a white guinea pig with cinnamon colored spots. "I'd like you all to meet Sugar. She's going to be a member of the team." Ben said.

He set her down on the table. She stood up and walked towards the team. "Howdy boys." She said with a thick, Australian accent. She looked at Juarez.

"What's up girl?" She said.

"Hola." Juarez replied, a little unsure of how to treat this new member.

Blaster couldn't take his eyes off of Sugar. "Maybe you should wear a tighter shirt." He said.

Sugar grinned. "I don't wear shirts. And apparently, none of you do either."

Blaster shrugged. "You got me there." He said.

Ben cleared his throat. "Your mission, is to retrieve some data from a man named, William Gauge. We have reason to believe that he is in possession of a nuclear missile that he plans to launch sometime this month. You will be airdropped onto his roof via remote control helicopter.

"You go in, get the abort codes and the time of launch, and get out. Speckles tells me that the file is called, End of the line. You leave tomorrow afternoon. But for now, lets make our new friend welcome."

The team had a party for Sugar, who absolutely loved all the attention she got from Blaster. "So Sugar, you'll have to stay with one of us until we can get you a room of your own." Blaster said.

Sugar smirked and raised an eyebrow. "Are you offering?" She asked.

Blaster grinned. "I just might be." He said. She is so hot! Blaster thought. I wonder if she likes Chinese food? Juarez walked up to Sugar with a serious look on her face.

"Okay, here's how it's gunna go. If you're going to be on the team, you have to do what either I, or Darwin says. Got it?" She said.

Sugar smiled and said. "Relax. I know my place."

Juarez walked away shaking her head. She's almost as bad as Blaster was when he first joined. She thought. Ugh! Another Blaster. We're doomed.

Later, Blaster and Sugar were playing his mini Xbox 360. "BOOM! Headshot!" Sugar shouted.

"You got him on your first shot?" Blaster asked in amazement.

"I always do." They were playing Call of duty world at war. They were taking turns playing the campaign missions to see who was faster.

"Dang." Blaster said.

Sugar laughed and beat the mission. "Your turn." She said.

Juarez was on facebook. She was typing something for mer profile when Darwin walked in. "What do you think about Sugar?" He asked.

"She sure isn't sweet." Juarez said.

Darwin grinned and shut the door. "That's the first time I've heard you make a joke in a long time." He said.

Juarez closed her laptop and faced Darwin. He's fixing to ask again I bet. She thought. "Juarez this is the last time I'm going to ask you, and I am ordering you to answer me this time. Oh shoot! "Who are you interested in?" Darwin asked.

Juarez sighed. "Fine. If you really must know." She stood and looked him in the eye. "You." She said. Then she walked out of the room and closed the door.

Darwin stood there in the middle of the room. "Well Darwin," He said to himself. "Are you happy? You got her to tell you."

Darwin left the room and closed the door. He found Juarez standing outside. "Juarez?" He said walking up to her.

"Do you really like me?" He asked. Juarez looked at him. Her fur was waving in the wind.

"I follow orders Darwin. So you tell me." She said.

Darwin smiled. "Is that a yes?" He asked.

Juarez smiled. "I said you tell me." She said. Darwin laughed quietly and started to move closer to Juarez's lips. Suddenly, Hurly came out.

"Hey Darwin, Juarez. Blasters hooking up the 360s for system link you want to come?" He asked.

Darwin sighed. "Well finish this later." He whispered. "Yeah we're coming Hurly." He said.

"Who's on who's team?" Blaster asked when everyone was ready.

"I'll be with Juarez." Darwin said. "Blaster since you're the best how about you be on your own?"

Blaster nodded. "Alright, and Sugar, you can be with Hurly." He said.

They played until midnight. Then they all went to bed. Sugar slept on Blaster's couch in his room. She was going to as to share the bed but Darwin told her that wouldn't be a good idea.

That was my idea to begin with. She thought. Oh well. Too bad for him then.

Dang you Darwin. She asked for goodness sakes! Blaster thought. Oh well, too bad for her.

Darwin lied awake thinking about Juarez. He couldn't believe she liked him! This was bad in a way because now if she were somehow hurt, it would make it harder for him to take.

He would just have to watch out for her closer now.

The next morning was busy. Everyone was getting their gear packed and Juarez did a few more hours on the G force simulator. Blaster trained on the motorcycle, and Hurly ate. And ate, and ate and ate.

Sugar watched in awe as he devoured his fourth piece of cake. "How the heck does he do that?" She asked Blaster.

"I have no idea, but I'm glad I can't." Blaster replied.

"I hope he doesn't get sick during the mission." Sugar said.

"He never does." Blaster replied.

"It's a gift." Hurly said, licking his fingers.

And that's the first chapter. I hope you liked it. I'm writing this for a friend of mine. She's been waiting for this fic for a while now.