Sorry about the long wait. Here's chapter four!

"Alright team, we go in, stop Gauge, and get out." Darwin said. Gauges home was just a few blocks away from the chopper. Suddenly, there was an explosion in Gauge's yard and what looked like a smaller version of a missile propelled itself into the early morning sky.

"Oh no." Blaster said. He stood for a moment then looked at Darwin. "Did Ben ever make those jetpacks he promised us?" He asked.

"Yeah, here." Darwin said, opening a container on the floor of the mini helicopter. He handed Blaster a pack that he slid onto the black guinea pig's shoulders. Blaster looked sadly at the team. He grabbed Sugar and kisses her before jumping out of the chopper.

Darwin pushed a button on his headset. "Blaster what are you doing?" He could see Blaster's jetpack launch him into the air until he grabbed onto the missile.

"Stop Gauge. I'll stop the missile." Blaster said. He painfully dragged himself up the missile body until he came to a panel built into the side. He reached for his welding torch and flicked it on.

"Juarez?" Blaster said into his headset. He heard a click and then…

"Yes Blaster I'm here." Blaster sighed in relief. The panel came off to reveal two wires, one red, one blue.

"Do I cut the red one or the blue one?" He asked. Juarez thought carefully for a few minutes. "Juarez?"

"Cut the red one." Juarez said.

There was a long pause until Blaster said, "Goodbye Juarez." and cut the blue wire.

William Gauge watched as his weapon exploded in the sky. He swore under his breath and turned to face Crystal, who was watching in horror when the missile blew up.

He sighed and turned back to the window. Then he heard a click. He grabbed his gun and spun around, his gun aiming at Crystal, who was pointing hers at Gauge. She was holding a badge up in front of her.

"Put it down Gauge." She ordered.

Gauge grinned. "Crystal, we both know you won't shoot me." He said.

"I told Blaster how to destroy the missile. I told him about the wires, how the red one just arms the second warhead." Crystal said, sweat already dripping from her forehead. Gauge saw a tear fall from her eye.

He grinned and raised his gun. "I've known about you for months Crystal. Did you really think keeping that badge was a good idea?"

Suddenly, there was an explosion from the hall. Gauge turned away and that was when she did it. Crystal closed her eyes and fired. The single bullet at one thousand feet per second across the room, embedding itself into the back of Gauges head.

The man was dead before his body could process what happened. He fell to the floor, but when he hit, his gun went off. Darwin ran into the room and slid to a stop in front of the body. Juarez jumped at Crystal and pinned her to the floor. Crystal rolled her eyes. "I'm on your side. Let me up." Sugar and Hurly were next to enter the room.

Sugar was holding a down to size rifle that was made especially for her. Her finger was twitching and lightly tapping the trigger. Her whole body was shaking with rage. She looked at Crystal and raised the gun. "No!" Juarez said. She had let Crystal back up.

Crystal flashed the badge at Sugar and looked back out the window. There was a speck of orange light heading towards the window. It was Blasters jet pack.

"Hurly get down!" Darwin shouted and dove at the fat, tan guinea pig. The jet pack hit right where he had been standing and exploded. The burning fragments shooting around the room.

When the missile had gone off, it was in the upper atmosphere, but the explosion was so large you couldn't tell. Blaster had used the jet pack to escape the blast, pulling ten G forces in the process. He pulled on the cord and his chute opened.

At his speed however, the sudden decrease in speed broke both of his legs and almost his back. The missile had been armed by Crystal so it only had the power of a car bomb. Blaster looked down just in time to see his destroyed jet pack crash through the window. There was an explosion and a giant fireball burst from the now open window.

"No!" Blaster yelled as loud as he possibly could. He steered the chute towards the window and drifted inside. "Darwin! Where are you?" He shouted over the roar of the flames. Then he saw movement out of the corner of his eye.

"Blaster?" Darwin dragged himself out from under a chair.

Blaster looked up at Darwin and almost passed out. Darwin's legs had been blown off by the blast. Blood was dripping from his mouth and one of his arms was blown in half. "Oh no."

Blaster crawled over to him and pulled him into the hall so he could breathe better. Darwin coughed and pointed towards the office door. "Get… them out… now!" He said, his voice was scratchy and Blaster knew he wasn't going to make it.

"I'm coming back for you." He said. Darwin shook his head.

"No… you're not." Blaster sniffed and dragged his broken body back into the office.

Juarez was pulling Sugar out from under some wood that had fallen onto her. "Blaster!" Sugar screamed and somehow got herself out from under the wood.

She ran to Blaster and kissed him. "I guess you missed me." Blaster said.

Sugar slapped him. "Don't you ever blow up anything unless I say you can!" She said.

Hurly came out from under the desk and picked Blaster up. "Come on!" He yelled and grabbed Sugar by the hand.

Juarez followed them and picked Darwin up. The team ran up the stairs and onto the room. They loaded up into the helicopter and Sugar made herself the pilot.

Juarez set Darwin down and lifted his head. "Darwin no!" She said through her tears.

Darwin grabbed her hand and smiled. "It's like… Gauge said. 'It's the end of the line.'" And that was it. Darwin died in Juarez's arms.

The grey guinea pig sobbed over Darwin's body. Hurly stared sadly at Juarez as did Blaster.

The helicopter landed in the lab and Ben stood waiting for them. "Well hoe did it- Darwin!" He said.

Juarez shook her head as she carried the body into her room and closed the door. Blaster dragged himself into his room and Sugar followed. Hurly went to his and Ben stood in the middle of the room, staring at the wall.

It was over. Gauge was dead, the missile threat terminated, there was nothing else.

Blaster, Sugar and Hurly could all hear Juarez crying in her room. They found it hard to believe that he was actually dead. They wished they could just go to sleep, and when they woke up, Darwin would be standing there. But no. He was dead. As for William Gauge, it was truly, the end of the line.

This was my first fic with an actual sad ending. Slow Death was sort of a sad story but not exactly. Sugar was created by warrior crazy, her personality, looks, and overall appearance was all her idea. I take no credit for Sugar. Crystal was my idea though. I hope you liked it.