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Warning: yeah more or less in the later chapters there will be a major fuck-fest

Shibuya Yuuri, the 27th Maoh, had decided to return to Shin Makoku after spending a month back home with his family. He enjoyed the many things that made his family special to him: his mom's curry, fighting with Shori, listening to his dad about how he loved his children. Although Yuuri knew the more time he spent on Earth, the more time would pass in Shin Makoku. The Great Sage and Maoh stood before the freshly drawn bath getting ready to make their journey.

"Yuu-chan come back soon okay! We'll have curry for supper!" said Yuuri's mother Miko.

"Yeah, we will Mom." replied Yuuri.

"Call me Mama, Yu-chan." retorted Miko.

As Yuuri awkwardly waved goodbye to his family Murata and himself jumped into the tub of water which sent them to Shin Makoku. After traveling through the water portal, the two friends transported into different locations.

Murata looked around him and noticed he was in the (sanctuary's) fountain. He also noticed that he was without his friend. "Well it looks like we went to different destinations. Eh Shibuya."

The black headed Maoh looked around in the place he was and noticed it looked very familiar. There was steam floating about his now damp head, it seemed he was in some kind of bathhouse. He didn't necessarily mind though he just settled himself into the warm water.

"Yuuri. It is you! Yuuri!" exclaimed someone from behind him. The Maoh was under the impression that he was alone in this extravagant place. He turned around to be bombarded with a hug. "Yuuri, you wimp! You should have come sooner!" The still somewhat unknown person released the hug on Yuur to come into full view. Yuuri saw a familiar boy who had become a very close friend and his fiancé. Wolfram was in tears of joy to see his beloved.

"Wolfram! Hey, how are you? I missed you." said Yuuri, as he pulled the blonde boy into another hug while placing the boy on his lap. He heard the boy in his lap still sobbing slightly. "Hey, what's wrong Wolfram?"

"I'm just glad your back. Wimp" then after he said that, Wolfram noticed he was becoming erect and quickly blushed.

"Don't call me-"Yuuri quickly was silenced when he realized something was poking his stomach, and when it touched him, Yuuri realized he was in nothing but his skimpy underwear and Wolfram was completely naked. Realizing what was touching his stomach, he too was becoming erect. Yuuri's was slightly touching Wolfram's bottom. Both boys quickly removed themselves from the provocative position they were in.

"Welcome back Yuuri." Wolfram said to Yuuri with his heavily blushing cheeks.

"Yeah, thanks Wolfram." Yuuri replied to the boy with an equally matching blush on his face. The two really enjoyed their moment they just had, but neither was comfortable with pursuing anything further, for now.