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Chapter 1: The Mysterious Girl

It was a bright and beautiful sunny morning at the Li residence, with no clouds in the skies. General Li Shang had stepped outside of his home in his every day general uniform for another day of work and observed the clear blue skies. He shut his eyes and breathed in the fresh air as he held his helmet.
"Going to town, General?" said a soft voice behind him.
Shang opened his eyes and turned around as he saw Mulan standing behind him with a basket on her arm.
"Yes, Mulan." he replied to his wife as he put his helmet on. "Going to the market?"
Mulan nodded her head. "I want to pick up some fresh ginger and noodles. Xieng is going to help cook tonight." she said as she walked by him. Shang raised his eyebrow as he watched his wife walk pass him.
"My sister is going to help you?" he questioned with curiosity.
"Well duh! Who is going to help me?" she answered as she tied the basket to the saddles of Khan. Shang chuckled as he walked to the stables.
"I find it odd that my bitter sister wants to help you out of all people." he said as he strapped on the saddles of his white horse. Mulan shook her head and smiled.
"Just because she and I had some differences, doesn't mean we're going to hate each other forever? After that pregnancy incident, we've gotten closer, believe it or not." Mulan said. She mounted Khan and he walked out of the stabled. Shang did the same with his horse and looked at Mulan.
"Race you to town?" He asked with a grin on his face.
"Uh huh. You're going down General." Mulan said as she smiled.
"What makes you think that, soldier?" he asked sarcastically.
Mulan grinned from ear to ear.
"This will." she said as she took off with Khan. Shang's jaw dropped as he saw his wife cheat her way off, and took off with his horse.

The town was busy with people passing through the crowds. Soon, the two horses came galloping in the town. Mulan pulled Khan's reign to stop him from galloping and Shang did the same, behind her. She dismounted and threw her arms up in the air.
"I win!" she said proudly. Shang rolled his eyes and smirked as he dismounted his horse.
"Because you cheated." he replied. Mulan laughed as she grabbed her basket.
"Are you going to stand there and whine or come help me pick out some stuff in the market?" she asked as she placed her hands on her hips.
"I suppose I have some time, so I'll come along for a bit" he said as he walked in front of Mulan.
"And I wasn't whining." he corrected Mulan as he turned around looked at her. Mulan rolled her eyes and kept walking.
As the young went throughout the busy market in town, they each both carefully picked out different spices, noodles, and vegetables to tonight's dinner. After a while, Shang noticed that he had to go, before he was late to meet with the other generals.
"Mulan, I really have to go." Shang said as he picked out the last batches of fresh vegetables.
"Do you really? Can't you stay any longer?" Mulan pleaded as she began to pull Shang closer to her. Shang smiled and kissed her.
"I wish I could, but if I'm late, I'll hear it to the end of time. "He said as he let Mulan let go of him. "I promise I'll come home early" he continued as he began to walk backwards.
Suddenly, without even knowing, Shang crashed with a young girl who was walking behind him with a handful of groceries. She dropped all of her groceries and fell to the floor. Shang turned around and quickly helped the girl gather all of her things.
"I'm really sorry ma'am." he said as he was helping her. The young girl mumbled something nervously as she quickly started putting her things back in her baskets.
"its fine, its fine" she said as she gathered her stuff as well.
They both reached in for the apple and looked at each other. Shang looked up and flashed his charming smile to the girl and she blushed as she smiled.
The young girl was about his sister's age, small, and frail. She had a pretty face with long silky black hair, and beautiful hazel eyes.
She paused and stared at him for awhile. She studied his handsome features and couldn't take her eyes of him.
"Have I seen you from somewhere?" she questioned him as she got up.
Shang got up as well and brushed off his uniform.
"Well I don't mean to brag" Shang said as he chuckled "But I'm one of the generals of the Imperial Army."
The young girl frowned and stared at him.
"General?" she said astonished.
Shang nodded.
"Yes, General Li." he added "General Li Shang to be exact."
The girl eyes' widen and her jaw dropped.
"General Li?" she said surprised "You mean, your father was -"
"My father was indeed a general; commander in chief general. Sadly, he lost his life in battle." Shang said sadly.
The girl turned pale white and stammered. She couldn't find the right words to respond to Shang.
"Miss, are you alright?" he asked with concern.
"I really should get going, General Li" she said nervously. "Thank you for helping me."
The young girl took off in great speed and was lost in sight in the crowd.
Shang had noticed that the girl had left behind her fan. He picked it up and began to visually search for her.
"You forgot this!" he cried out. But no luck, the girl was long gone. He sighed and turned around finding Mulan with her arms crossed and tapping her foot.
"What?" he questioned his wife innocently.
Mulan raised her eyebrow and glared at him.
"I saw that." she said annoyed.
"Saw what?" he asked confused.
"Don't act like you don't know. I saw you flirting with her." she said with a serious tone of voice.
"Flirting? But I didn't even-" he began
"Don't even try to get yourself out of this one Li Shang. We'll talk when we get home." Mulan said as she walked away.
Shang watched his wife walk away upset and knew he was in trouble once he got home; after all, she had pulled out his whole name. He sighed and looked at the fan that the girl had left t behind.
"Who was she?" he questioned himself.
"Why did she get so nervous?"
Clearly there were no answers to his questions, but he knew he had to leave soon before he was late for his meeting.

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