AN: Sorry this chapter is late, but it's the last one and I wanted to get it just right. There should be a sequel, which will probably be posted in January after finals and winter break. See you then! :)

Chapter 24: Time and Place

Tony woke up, at first startled that he wasn't alone-Tim's arms were wrapped around him. But as soon as he recognized where he was, he let himself relax back into his partner's arms, falling back asleep...

But just as he was falling asleep, Tim's alarm clock went off. The younger man reacted faster than Tony would have expected, slamming the snooze button to silence the alarm almost before it started.

He wasn't quite fast enough though, because Tony started to move, rolling out of bed onto his feet and trying to blearily find his way around the room.

"Tony, what are you doing?" Tim grumbled, sitting up and flicking on a light.

Tony was so distracted he barely blinked when the light came on. "Looking for my clothes. I have to change before work."

Tim stood up and walked over towards Tony. "After the way you were feeling last night? You're really just going to go to work?"

Tony glanced up, meeting the full force of Tim's stubborn gaze. "I feel fine now. I'll eat breakfast, grab some coffee, and I'll be fine. A little tired, but that's nothing unusual. I'm fine, Tim."

Tim looked skeptical, but chose not to comment. Instead, he disappeared into the bathroom while Tony pulled on his clothes and began searching for his shoes.

"Tim, where're my shoes?" Tony groaned, glancing at the clock, willing time to go slower, even though it was still before he would have gotten up on his own.

"By the door with your wallet and keys. Your phone's by the bed." Tony heard the shower start as soon as Tim was finished speaking.

"Uh, bye then," Tony muttered sheepishly, mostly to himself.

Tim's head appeared at the door to the bedroom. "Bye, Tony. Love you."

Tony turned and smiled at Tim, forcing down the internal conflict at those words. "Love you, too." And somehow, he really meant it for the first time. He grabbed his phone and left the room, shoving on his shoes and collecting his wallet and keys on the way out the door.

During the drive home, Tony started to realize how hungry he was, and decided to get ready fast so he could pick something up on his way to work. This made the drive seem longer, but actually go faster, as Tony was not-strictly speaking-obeying traffic laws.

Tony ran up the steps to his flat, unlocking the door and then locking it behind him. He went back to his room, through his clothes in a hamper of dirty laundry and then started the water for his shower. He didn't wait for the water to warm up before jumping in. He was out of the shower in three minutes, and barely paused to dry off before heading towards his closet for clothes.

Once dressed, Tony grabbed his backpack and keys before heading out to his car. He stopped by a Starbucks on his way in, getting coffee for the team and vanilla scones. He also stopped at Einstein's, getting a backers dozen of bagels, which he stowed in his trunk after removing two of them and some cream cheese, which he stuffed haphazardly into the front pocket of his backpack.

He arrived, as usual, about five minutes late. He placed a mug on each of his co-workers desks-none of them were anywhere to be seen, though there stuff was still there so he knew they weren't out on a case. Then he placed a bagel with cream cheese on a napkin in front of Tim's computer, careful not to get any cream cheese anywhere, and smothered his own bagel in cream cheese. He propped his feet up on his desk, holding a bagel in one hand and his coffee in the other.

Tim entered the squad room a few moments later, having gone to see Abby. Seeing the bagel on his desk, he turned to Tony with a raised eyebrow. Tony shrugged nonchalantly before taking another bite out of his own bagel.

"When did you get to be so generous?" Tim asked, picking up the bagel and taking a bite out of it.

Through a mouthful of food, Tony said, "Not generous. I owe you."

Tim wasn't convinced, knowing Tony was trying to be nice, but would never admit it. "Thanks."

Tony shrugged again, taking another huge bite out of his bagel.

Ziva arrived-neither of the agents had any idea as to where she had been-as Tony took a huge bite of his bagel. "Tony, you are going to choke to death on that thing."

Through his mouthful of food, Tony attempted to say something, but it came out too muffled to be understood.

Ziva winced. "That is disgusting." She turned back to her computer, deciding to ignore Tony, who was making faces at her.

He was stopped by a sudden slap to the back of the head. "DiNozzo, what are you doing?"

"Just, eating breakfast, boss." Tony said after swallowing.

"Well put that on hold. We have a dead marine at Quantico." Gibbs was already grabbing his stuff as he spoke.

There was a sudden burst of movement as the team all went for their gear, sigs, and badges as fast as they could to keep up with Gibbs. They all made it to the elevator at about the same time, joining Gibbs and riding down the elevator together. Gibbs and Ziva took the car while Tony and Tim took the truck. Tony drove. Tony flashed Tim a signature grin as the other two pulled out before leaning over and giving the younger agent a quick kiss.

"We're not doing anything at work, Tony. I hope you realize that."

Tony grinned at Tim. "Of course not. Gibbs would know. That would just be bad timing."

Tim scoffed and rolled his eyes, but smiled all the same as they drove towards Quantico.