Against All Odds


Love; such a simple word, yet has turned into a delicate situation, with a heart breaking result either way I turn. Nothing can ever be easy, a simple answer to every question. It's never like that when it comes to my life; never normal. But when have I ever been normal? Who am I trying to kid, right? So I guess being different from everyone else is what has brought me to this point in my life in the first place. This life changing decision, with a realization that's been staring me in the face for years. I've suffered for far too long to let stubbornness over power my better judgments this time. No longer will I let the most important thing to me slip through my fragile fingers again, because the struggle was worth the satisfaction, and the nightmares are forever behind me now.

Chapter 1:

"Will you turn that down?" Bella complained as she reached for the volume to the radio. Kristen rolled her eyes ignoring her awkward sister and swatted her hand away to turn the volume back up.

"I'll just tune it out like I always tune you out then," Bella grumbled as she pulled her book over her face to hide her expression.

It was a breezy day with the sun shining through patches of Clouds as sister's Kristen and Bella Swan drove on their way to a much needed relaxing summer on the coast of California. Kristen was always the bubbly bright girl who stole the show and the attention of others while Bella hid in the background much too content with her wide array of novels to keep her safe from socially awkward conversations. They both resembled each other quite a bit for being born two years apart, as if destined to be twin sisters from the start.

They drove down a one way road leading to the small neighborhood of beach houses lining the ocean. Bella pried her eyes away from her book to take in the beautiful scenery that spread out before them. The sun poked through a cloud shining down on Bella's face making her freckles stand out.

"Here we are!" Kristen shrieked as she pulled into a half-moon shaped drive way set before a two story beach house that was landscaped with palm trees and vibrant tropical flowers.

"Of course we're fashionably late once again," Kristen smirked as she looked around at the other cars parked as well in the drive way. Kristen put the car in park as the engine died down, jumping out of the car and running toward the front door. Bella hopped out of the car as well leaning against the side of the car to take it all in. Breathing in the salt water from the ocean, a smile spread wide across her pale complexion as she listened to the waves crashing against the shore and the seagulls squawking overhead. Kristen came bursting back out the front door interrupting Bella's moment of solitude. Strolling out behind her was a tall boy with short cropped black hair, a smile spread wide over his pearly white teeth that stuck out against his russet colored skin. He was wearing khaki cargo shorts that were frayed around the edges as he jumped from the top step to the drive way beaming with excitement.

"Bells!" he cried as he reached Bella grabbing her up into a tight bear hug. Bella struggled under his grip to gain back her breath.

"Jacob! Remember I'm not one of the guys, you're going to break me in half," Bella joked as Jacob set her safely back to the ground. Jacob walked around the car to help the girls with their luggage, grabbing it all up before they could even help. Kristen and Jacob headed into the house talking excitedly about the upcoming summer vacation. Bella strolled in slowly still amazed by her surroundings. Inside was an elegant foyer with a spiraling staircase that flanked the wall curving up into a balcony to the second floor. Light shimmered through the front windows making the house look almost magical. Past the foyer lay the kitchen where the rest of the group waited for Bella and Kristen's arrival.

"Finally!" shrieked Alice Cullen, a petite pixie haired girl who danced across the kitchen snatching up Kristen and Bella into a hug.

"It's been ages; I've missed you both so much." Bella weaseled her way out of the hug to look around at the rest of the group. Sitting on the sofa in the living room off the kitchen was Jasper who was leaning against the back of the sofa, and Edward Cullen, who was standing against the wall covered in windows from floor to ceiling. The sun shined through the class lighting up his bronze tousled hair. He smiled cheerfully at the new comers looking away from Bella at once. Edward and Bella always had a rough patch, never really attempting to make conversation let alone a friendship.

"We need to celebrate tonight, bon-fire out on the beach. Got to start this summer off right," Jacob beamed as he jumped over the sofa reaching over to punch Edward in the arm. That afternoon everyone spent time getting settled in and preparing for the bon-fire that evening. Bella finished first and headed out on the patio overlooking the view and taking it all in once again. The patio was fully equipped with an in ground pool with beach chairs lining each side, on the lower part of the patio set a brick cased fire pit with benches surrounding it overlooking the ocean. Bella spotted Edward relaxing on the beach with his feet settled in the sand just enough for the waves to rush up over his ankles. Bella took in a deep breath forcing her feet forward towards the ocean. Edward heard her footsteps from behind and turned around to greet her with a smile spread across his face

"Hello again" he greeted as she stood beside him. Bella grimaced as she looked up at him with a disapproving expression.

"What!" Edward cried trying to look innocent. Bella snatched the cigarette out of Edward's hands and flicked it out into the ocean.

"If you love your life, you'll stop that nasty habit, it makes you gross" Bella growled looking away from him out towards the horizon.

"That's okay, there's more where that came from." Edward laughed. Bella rolled her eyes, and planted herself down onto the sand, Edward followed her. They sat silently, comfortably next to each other enjoying the sun as it began to set on the horizon.