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Prices of Power

ch II

the unexpected charge

they were alone in small clearing

"What did you get us into this time, Saotome?"

it was then that they noticed that they were about the age of fourteen.

Konatsu blinked and looked at Ranma and Nabiki. "What just happened?" At their blank looks, he added, "This morning I get a scroll telling me that my skills were needed, and to come to this..." his eyes wondered the clearing, "tea house. I thought it was another simple hostess gig..." his soft voice losing its control.

Nabiki pulled the scroll she had gotten that morning from her handbag. Reading it over slowly, she noticed a few items that in her hurry to claim six figures, she had over looked.

Nowhere did it say anything about money on delivery, it did not even say what currency the pay ment was to be in.

Ranma looked about. seeing the confusion on Konatsu's face, the little wrinkle on the bridge of 'her' delicate nose, the glare of anger on Nabiki's face...he started to giggle...then laugh. "No Nabiki, I think you are at fault here. We are the best of the Village hidden in the Ryu, the best in unarmed combat," he thumped his chest, "the best at 'Dealing' " he slapped her butt, " and the best at 'true ninja art.'" he waved at Konatsu.

Looking about, he nods, and seeing that Nabiki is stuck in a loop, he tucks everything in to stuff-space and swings her into his arms, "Come on 'Ko-chan', if we go to the road, we should find the village with no trouble, and get this whole mess cleared up."


Sakura was happy for once. Sasuke was not extra gloomy/pouty today, Naruto was quiet, and the mission was not only done, but a big success. and to put a cherry on top of everything, they were less then an hour from the Main gates. there was an extra skip to her hop as she trailed close to Sasuke.

As they rounded a turn in the road, they came upon a trio of wanderers plodding along towards the gate. Only the short haired female gave any sign of surprise that four ninja were behind them. the long haired female and the male listening with half an ear as she nagged at them from her perch on the males back..

As one the two walking, turned to look over the members of Team 7. "Ah, that is what those things are for." says the male. and he pulls out two headbands, one red with silver, one green with gold. handing the golden one to the female, he draped his over his shoulder.

the walking female looks from the red headband in her hand to the kimono she is wearing, "oh dear, Ranma-sama, this item just does not go with my dress. What am I to do?"

"Do not worry, Konatsu, we just have to find you something that will not clash in the village." Ranma answered. careful to keep himself between the Ninja team and the girl on his back.

Seeing that they are ninja and most likely here for the chunin exams that are to start within the next week, Team leader Junín Kakashi put his book away, and cleared his throat. "I take it you are here for the exams. Why were you not wearing your headbands?

"Just got them, not knowing how to wear them. " Ranma fronted, "Was just handed them, some paperwork, and told that everything would explained at the front gate."

Raising an eyebrow at the different colors of the headbands of the new comers, Kakashi shrugged, "Just keep them displayed, as concealing them could be considered an act of war or espionage." looking over his charges, judging how they were reacting to the newcomers. Naruto was interested in possible new friends, while Sasuke was seeing the new comers as nothing worthy of his notice. 'Pinkie' saw the two females as rivals to 'her' Sasu-kun. "as you can see, most wear them across the brow, but as long as the metal plate is clearly seen, no one really cares how you wear it."

Kakashi shook his head, and like a mother duck, herded the youngsters on to the gate, pulling his little orange book from his vest...


The third hokage sat back and sighed. his eye flickered to the drawer that held his latest copy of his students literary genesis, a small pouch of imported smoking leaf from the Land of the ...

"Yes, the leaf from that region is quite delightful."

Instantly there was a kunai in each fist, as the old man was on the defensive...

"Now, old man, I am here not to kill you, but to warn you that three new players are at the gates to your fair village." a twisted dwarf grinned. "They are not a direct threat, but if you thought young Naruto had power, Ranma can match it, and he knows how to use it. Do not threaten him, or his, unless you are ready to face his wrath. This trio have their strengths, but they have their weaknesses. I advise you deal with the oldest to contract their services." the dwarf laid five scrolls on the desk, "Nabiki is going to be upset when she finds that I have out-stepped her, again. "

then just as suddenly as he arrived, he was gone.

The Hokage summoned an ANBU to meet the new comers at the gate


As the seven travelers approached the gate, they noticed the guards chatting with a 'guy' in a clay hawk mask. As they got to within feet of the gate, 'Hawk' turned to look over the newcomers, "Nabiki-san?"

"You need something?" Nabiki asked from the safety of her seat on Ranma's back.

"The Hokage has asked that you come to his office."

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