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"What? Why?" Mollie barely got the words out as she held onto him tightly.

"They can't medically clear me anymore because of my neck." he explained with a sigh.

"When did that happen? Are they sure it's not temporary?" Ajay questioned.

He shook his head as the tears started back, "I've been losing feeling in my arms prior to tonight. They did an MRI and said that if I continued wrestling I risk being paralyzed from the neck down or I could die from it."

The entire room gasped.

"All I could think about was not being there for the twins. Not being their father isn't an option for me so the decision was kind of easy." he said.

His family surrounded him and gave him the outpouring of love he needed.

Everyone except Aiden.

She sat in the furthest corner away from them watching the remainder of the show. She looked so melancholy staring blankly down at the ring. He wasn't sure how to approach her. He also didn't want to upset Mollie in the process either. Everything seemed to be going so smoothly up until then.

"Hey kid." He greeted softly after garnering up enough courage, "You okay?"

She didn't turn to him. He wasn't entirely sure she even heard him.

Mollie came over and interjected, "Aiden, if it's okay with you, we'll keep the twins so you and Adam can talk. I know you have a lot to sort out, especially now."

Adam was stunned into silence. He had never heard them act civilly towards one another.

Aiden finally turned then, "We do have a lot to discuss. Are you sure you don't mind watching them?"

"Not at all. We'll go to Chris and Ajay's suite at the hotel." she informed, giving Adam a quick kiss, "See you later. Love you."

"Love you too." he stammered, still shocked at the two of them.

When did they start playing nice?

Aiden checked on the babies belongings and kissed them both. Adam followed her into the hall to the elevator. He really had no idea what to expect with her. She seemed mad and eager at the same time. Why was she so completely confusing to him? He thought he would have figured her out by now, at least some of her anyways. She never ceased to confound him though.

As the elevators closed she took his hand. His breath hitched in an automated response any time he had contact with her. Hand holding was innocent and juvenile, the reaction he felt was electric and anything but.

She still had said nothing, and he wasn't sure whether that was a good or a bad sign. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed the back of it.

He caught a ghost of a smirk play across her face, "Don't be so charming."

He fought a smile, "Why not?"

"Because being charming gets you into trouble." she stated matter of factly, stepping off of the elevator.

They walked to his car and drove to the hotel she was staying at.

"How do you always get nicer rooms than me?" he asked looking around the spacious presidential suite.

"Because I know all the right people. Wine?" she asked, going into the kitchenette.

"Beer, if you have it." he replied going to the couch and taking a seat.

He leaned back to peek into the bedroom down the hall, "So where's Alex at?"

She handed him his beer and sat next to him, "He's still in Japan avoiding you and Mollie."

Adam nodded taking a long drink. Her close proximity was making him nervous for some reason.

"And Lexie?" he continued trying to get a hold of himself.

"She's with my parents." she took a sip of her dark wine, "They actually bought the pay-per-view to watch. I think my brothers talked them into it."

"That was nice of them. I can't believe you actually knew that this was a pay-per-view event." he teased.

"Whatever. I think they're coming around finally." she laughed.

They fell into a heavy silence.

Finally he spoke, "You didn't really react to me having to retire. Are you okay with that?"

Her eyes grew dark immediately, "I have a very good poker face, but really Adam I was terrified."

She looked away from him when the tears began to fall. He was surprised. He had no idea she still cared for him that much, especially after everything they had gone through.

"Hey, don't cry." he frowned pulling her to his chest.

He felt her tiny fist curl into his shirt; he felt her hiccup with sobs.

"Shhh Aiden. It's okay. This is the whole reason I'm retiring. I don't want anybody to worry. I'm going to be okay honey." he quieted her.

She pulled away from him turning in the opposite direction.

"Aiden don't shut me out. We've always been able to talk to each other." he begged, "Tell me what's wrong."

"I don't want to make this about me." she sobbed into her hands.

"What do you mean? I just want you to talk to me. I don't care who or what it's about, okay?" he reassured, his hand going to her shoulder to gently turn her.

"I never realized…I could never understand how everyone felt after almost losing me. I hated and resented how they treated me after that." she cried, "And now you…when you said you could be paralyzed or…or die…it was like everything just stopped. I had been so mad at you and for what? For what? It doesn't even matter now. It was stupid. I was so stupid and selfish."

"Aiden, baby…" he pulled her to his chest again his lips kissing her head through her fragrant hair, "You're not stupid. You were mad at me for a very good reason actually. You don't have to feel bad for it. And nothing is going to happen to me, at least not in the ring. Tonight was my last match; I swear to you on our kids, I'll never wrestle again."

She looked up at him still crying, "I'm sorry for being mad. I'm sorry for keeping them from you Adam. I won't do it again."

"Okay, okay, you need to calm down because you're scaring me now." he said, his brow furrowing in concern.

He cradled her face with his free hand, "I'm fine. Stop crying. I hate to see you cry."

His thumb brushed away her tears gently.

Shit…he was getting lost in her eyes.

They looked like someone had set the sky on fire and were pulling him in like they always did.

"Did you want another beer?" she hiccupped pulling away quickly and going to the kitchen again.

"Sure." he answered running his palms up and down his thighs.

She had felt it too.

He took a deep breath and reminded himself that they were no longer together like that. They were co-parents and were involved in other relationships with other people.

He looked down at his member who was completely betraying him, "Stop it."

"Stop what?" Aiden asked coming back to the couch.

"N-nothing. Just talking to myself." he mumbled, downing half his beer quickly.

They sat in awkward silence for several moments. He even went back to the kitchen for another refill and to bring her wine bottle in the room for her.

"In all seriousness Ai, I'll be fine. Worst case scenario I'll have to have another surgery to fix whatever is wrong with my arms but that should be it." he told her, "If anything else comes up, you'll be the first to know."

She nodded and he could see the tears well up again.

"The…the surgery…it won't be bad right?" she whispered as tears fell down her cheeks again.

"It shouldn't be. I've had a lot worse kid, trust me." he laughed trying to alleviate the tension.

He watched her fret as if he hadn't said anything at all to reassure her. He knew a lot of it was that she was comparing their similar situations.

"If anything happened to you…" she trailed off, her lip trembling in fear.

Before he even knew what he was doing he tipped her chin up and closed his mouth over hers. He swallowed her startled whimper and slanted his head to gain further access. He didn't dare allow his tongue to venture against hers because he knew there would be no coming back from that.

"I'm sorry Aiden…shit…I'm really sorry." he grated out sliding as far away from her as he could.

"Don't' stop…" she barely whispered.

She was surprised she had even said it. He didn't give them time to think or debate the ramifications of what they were doing, he pounced on her, trapping her beneath him. He spread her legs wide with his body. His mouth was everywhere on her igniting her skin with every press of his lips, with every scrape of his teeth, every lick of his tongue.

She busied herself with the task of undressing them. She yanked his shirt over his head, tousling his already wild hair. He sat up to undo his belt as she unzipped the side zipper of her dress.

"Take off your panties." he growled, feeing himself from the confines of his jeans.

He saw her hesitate so he reached under the hem of her dress and snapped the band of her underwear. He threw them to the floor, pushing her dress up to ready himself.

"Adam…" she squealed in panic.

"What?" he gasped staring down at her.

"I…..this is…" she was embarrassed, "Just take it easy on me. This is the first time since I had the twins."

He was dumbfounded, "You and Alex haven't…?"

She shook her head and quickly turned scarlet. He stood up and dropped his jeans on the floor and sat back down in the middle of the couch.

"Take that off and come here." He commanded, stroking himself as he watched her.

She straddled him, sitting back on his knees to avoid any penetration.

"You take the lead baby. That way I won't hurt you." he murmured.

She kissed him gently, a silent thank you for understanding. She rose onto her knees, looking fearfully down between them. She had been talking herself out of this moment for months.

She felt him at her center and flinched.

"Go slow honey. Take your time." he instructed, his hands going to her hips to guide her.

The descent onto him was maddening. It was intense pleasure and pain for them both until she was finally seated all the way onto his lap.

He was panting. Sweat had beaded up on his forehead from his efforts to remain still.

She was empowered. She was finally in touch with her sexuality again for the first time since giving birth.

She lifted up and came back down on him, clenching his thighs between hers. He let out a loud groan, letting her know exactly how much he was enjoying her being in control. She moved again, this time rocking her hips in a satisfying swaying motion pushing him ever deeper into her.

"Whoa, hold on for a second." he gasped, "Fuck! How do you keep getting better Ai?"

She laughed, dropping her head to rest on his shoulder. His breathing became staggered when he felt her walls tighten around him. She was flexing her muscles around him on purpose, teasing him further.

He bit her ear lobe, "You are back on birth control, right?"

She bit his neck hard enough to elicit a hiss from him, "Unless you switched my pills again, yes, I am."

He bit her lip and thrust into her, "Just making sure."

She restarted her pace; completely reveling in the sensations he was creating for her.

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, his whole body slick with sweat, "You gotta hurry baby…shit, I can't…."

She impaled herself on him ignoring her aching thighs. All she wanted to feel was their release, preferably simultaneously.

"Aiden…Aiden…come on." Adam yelled, his whole body shaking.

That was all it took. The way his arms tightened around her, the impossible heat and friction between them sent her plunging head first into a screaming orgasm. He came into her just as loudly, bucking his hips into her frantically before finally stilling.

Aftershocks reverberated through her core prolonging her release even after she had stopped moving.

"You okay?" he asked trying to catch his breath.

"I need to shower." she mumbled into his neck.

"I think we both do." he chuckled, gently lifting her off of him.

He carried her into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He stepped into the spacious stall when the water was hot and pulled her to him beneath the spray.

"This is déjà vu." he noticed, "The first time we had sex was in a hotel room and the second time was in the shower."

"I don't know if I can handle a second time yet." she moaned into his chest.

After a long leisurely shower they went to the bedroom and crawled beneath the sheets. She was resting her head on his chest and running her fingers up and down his midsection.

"What are we going to do now that you're retired?" she asked.

He exhaled deeply. He was actually very afraid of how this conversation was going to go. She had already told him she wouldn't keep the kids from him but how could he commit to a weekend? Every other weekend?

"I'm not really sure. I know I'll probably still do appearances, fan events, autograph signings, that sort of thing. I've got some TV offers too, but other than that I'll be home and available for you and for them." he said.

"I would rather they weren't exposed to all of that if you don't mind. I don't like that environment at all." she frowned.

"Okay." he agreed with a sigh, "Aiden, right now, you have all the power. You have to tell me what you want me to do."

She sat up to look at him, her hand going to his face.

"I told you I would make sure you got to see them and that they spent time with you and I meant that." she said softly.

"I know that. Its hard form me to imagine only seeing them one or two days a week and how will we do holidays and all of that. I know we need details and boundaries but I don't have a clue where to begin." he ran on, all of his fears making themselves known.

She kissed him once and looked into his eyes, "Do you think we could handle an every other week approach? I have them for a week and then you have them for your week?"

"You would do that? You would let them stay with me for that long?" he wondered, completely floored.

She nodded hesitantly, "I'm not going to say its going to be easy for me at all, but I know they need you just as much as they need me. Maybe we could have a little midweek lunch visit to kind of ease into it at first?"

"Aiden, we'll do whatever makes you comfortable." he assured her, "What about Mollie? Are you okay with them being around her?"

"Yes." Aiden rolled her eyes with a smile, "And maybe we could do holidays together, you know at least a few of them. If something comes up we can always figure something out and compromise."

He smiled, "I'd like that."

"Well that was simple enough." she laughed laying back down on him.

"I've got something else I've got to talk to you about." he said biting his lip.

She waited, watching him expectantly.

"As much as I enjoyed everything that happened earlier…we can't let that happen again. Even this, laying here with you now, it's wrong. Mollie and Alex would kill us if they ever found out." he groaned.

"I know. I completely agree with you. I love Alex and I know you love Mollie; it was just something about tonight. Everything just got so mixed up." she admitted.

"This can't happen again. We can't get caught up in each other anymore. We've got to leave this alone and it has to stay in the past from now on." he said growing serious.

Aiden narrowed her eyes at him, "I agree, but it feels like there's something you aren't telling me."

He leaned over and reached into his jacket pocket.

He sat a velvet box on his chest solemnly, "I bought this while you were gone and I want you to be the first to know."

"A ring huh?" she asked hovering between hurt and amused.

"Yeah." he confirmed.

The fucking thing felt like a hot ember on him.

"It's not the one you bought me is it?' she raised an eyebrow.

He wet his lips with a smirk, "I sold yours to get this one actually. I'm not that big of an asshole."

"I just didn't want to make all of these plans with you knowing that she was going to kill you, that's all." she smiled, reaching for the box.

Adam held his breath as she opened it revealing the stunning, elegantly simply, emerald cut diamond. Even in the dim light it sparkled and shown.

"It's bigger than mine was." she noticed.

"Yeah." he hesitated, "I thought it would make her like it more."

"I think she'll love it." she finally spoke, closing the box again.

He kissed her cheek and put the box on the nightstand, "Are you sure you're okay with this? If you're not, you have to tell me Aiden. We have to be honest with each other from now or none of this will work."

"I think you'll be perfect together."

Adam felt his stomach drop when she looked in his eyes.

"What is it?" he asked, reading her expression.

"Can I have you for the rest of the night?" she all but pleaded, "She can have you for forever in the morning."

Adam debated with himself for several moments before moving over her. She arched into him as he filled her to the brink again. Her nails dug into his back as his mouth hovered over hers.

"When we leave here it will be like this never happened." he said earnestly.

She nodded and closed her mouth on his at the same time.

They would deal with their future in the morning. For now it was just the two of them losing themselves in one another.

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