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Summary: The Fa Family has a history of men going into the army. Ping is Mulan's older brother that went to the training camp. Mulan is a ribbon dancer and the most beautiful women in the village. After the Hun War is won and over, who will Ping bring to the Fa home? Will Mulan catch Li Shang attention?


It feels just like yesterday that I was leaving home, to go to the training camp. It has been a few months now. All of the men were celebrating the defeat of the Huns, and our soon return back home. I have made four close friends at this camp, Yao, Ling, Chien-Po and lastly Captain Li Shang.

I was sitting at the lake, wondering how Mulan would react when I got home. Mulan, my crazy little sister, was always getting into trouble one way or another. When I left, Mulan had a appointment with the Matchmaker. Would Mulan be married when I got back home? Would she be pregnant? These thoughts invaded my head. I groaned and laid down onto the ground.

"So, what is wrong, Ping?" I was startled by the voice behind me. I jumped up, and seen that it was Shang. I exhaled loudly in relief. Shang was chuckling at me. "So?"

"So, what Cap?"

"So, what are you thinking about that is making you sigh?"

"Oh, I am thinking about home also my crazy little sister Mulan. When I left home to come here, Mulan was going to the Matchmaker. So I am wondering if she is married and has kids." He nodded.

"Yeah, I would be like that too if I had a little sister. So, you looking forward to going home soldier?" I nodded.

"Yeah. Now with these new skills that I learned, Mulan won't be able to pick on me."

"Pick on you?" I nodded.

"Mulan is a ribbon dancer and is a expert too. When she is dancing she basically can pick a sword with a ribbon and sword fight you (She can do the same stunt like Zhang Ziyi in the House of Flying Daggers when she pulls that guys sword out when she was dancing and fights him.)." Shang eyebrows lifted in surprise.


"Really." He snickered at me.

"I'll love to see that." I punched his shoulder.

"So, where are you going, Shang?"

"Hm. I don't really know. My father died. My mother died also. I have no other relatives. So I don't know what I am going to do." Shang sat there just staring at the lake.

"How about you come travel with me to meet my folks?"

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