Chapter 5: End of Plankton's Reign

It seemed like it was going to be the end for Mr. Krabs. As his customers were cornered in being afraid of Plankton's new psycho powers, Mr. Krabs had no other choice but to show Plankton where the secret formula really was…at his house.

"Listen up Krabs, I have beaten you, hand over the formula or else!" ordered Plankton.

"But it isn't with me, it's at my house" replied Mr. Krabs.

"Really, I guess I was all wrong on where the formula could be" said Plankton, "take me there or you'll meet your doom."

"Okay, okay" sighed Mr Krabs as he got up and left with Plankton.

"Mr. Krabs, don't!" cried Spongebob which Sandy then pulled him away.

"Don't you see, this is our chance to go after him by developing a plan that'll get rid of that varmint for good" said Sandy.

"As much as I hate to agree, but I agree with you on this one" said Squilliam.

"Well how the heck are we going to do that, the tank is totally trashed" added Squidward.

"I know, we can shoot Plankton up to the surface, then he'll be a problem to us no more" replied Spongebob.

"That's just crazy enough to work, you guys go to Mr. Krabs' place and provide a distraction, I'll build the cannon out of the parts from my destroyed tank" continued Sandy.

"Can do" said Spongebob.

Yet as the four were heading to Mr. Krabs' place, poor Mr. Krabs who was surrendering to Plankton was still quite afraid of what might happen to him next.

"Look Plankton, I don't like this one bit to what you're doing" said Mr. Krabs as he was heading to a special safe that was under the floor of his house.

"Just go and get that secret Krabby Patty formula for me already" sighed Plankton.

But as Mr. Krabs was trying to get out the special safe that was hidden under the floor of his house, outside, Spongebob was making obnoxious noises announcing that he along with Patrick, Squidward and Squilliam were there waiting for him.

"What the heck who could be making those horrible noises?" cried Plankton.

"Why don't you try and find out, while I try to remember my locker combination" said Mr. Krabs as he was trying to bid some time in pretending that he didn't know the combination to his special safe.

As Plankton headed outside, he could see Spongebob making some obnoxious noises along with Patrick doing the same. Only Squidward and Squilliam weren't making the noises.

"And I wonder why you are not as successful as I am" said Squilliam, "when you spend the rest of your days with these two."

"Hey, what the heck is going on out here, can't you see that I'm in the middle of my victory?" cried Plankton.

"Oh, but we're trying to cheer you on since you have your new powers" said Spongebob.

"Yeah, and we don't want to get beaten up again" added Patrick.

"Well now, it seems my plan is falling altogether as I have foreseen it" replied Plankton to which he then turned to Squidward and Squilliam, "why are you two not cheering for me?"

"Er, we are" replied Squidward.

"Yeah, in our minds" added Squilliam.

"Fine, if this was some sort of a diversion to distract me, you failed at it poorly" said Plankton as he was about to head back in, Sandy immediately leaped right in front of him ready to fight him.

"Haven't I finished you off before?" asked Plankton.

"Not in this fashion you haven't" said Sandy as she then kicked Plankton right in the air.

Plankton immediately used his psycho powers and levitated himself in the air.

"You think this will be an easy fight for you?" laughed Plankton, "Then bring it on!"

Plankton raced toward Sandy and despite his small figure in size, with his psycho powers, he could give Sandy several good punches. And even throwing her right toward Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Squilliam whom all fell to the ground.

"This was your plan all along?" laughed Plankton as he walked toward them as he landed on the ground.

"No, this is!" said Sandy as she grabbed Plankton.

But Plankton obviously used his psycho powers yet again to instead turn the tables on Sandy. He lifted her up in the air, and threw her in some garbage. She immediately got up and charged toward Plankton. She wanted him to get closer to the cannon that she had just constructed. As the two continued to fight, Plankton didn't realize he was falling for Sandy's plan all along. Plankton was getting a bit tired of the fighting in spite of his powers.

"I don't understand, why won't you surrender?" cried Plankton as he was obviously getting tired of fighting Sandy.

"Why don't you take a vacation then?" asked Sandy as she grabbed Plankton and then stuffed him in a cannon that she constructed, "Time to fire away!"

As the shot rang off, poor Plankton screamed for his life. His computer wife Karen noticed him flying off to the surface.

"I knew he shouldn't have messed with that strange rock, I wonder if the former owners will catch up to him" sighed Karen.

Plankton soon indeed reached the surface, and to the entrance of the former Shadaloo base. Major Guile was waiting as members of the military were combing the base for the rock that M. Bison got his powers.

"Hey, what's this?" asked one of the soldiers as he noticed Plankton.

"It seems this creature has the same energy readings that M. Bison has" replied Guile, "I think we should take this creature for future studies on Bison's possible weakness."

"Good idea" said the soldier.

"No, no, no, wait, stop this isn't fair!" cried Plankton as he was being taken away for military testing.

But back in Bikini Bottom, everything was being repaired for the damages which Plankton had caused.