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Frozen Heart, Frozen Nightmares

Chapter One: Freezing the Heart

It was finally done.

And by him, no-less…

Everything was still for a moment. Hitsugaya was tense, in case Aizen had another trick up his sleeve. He breathed slowly, almost stopping and skipping breaths. He waited…for the last breath.

Aizen weakly make an attempt to pull himself off the sword. Hitsugaya's gaze intensified. Before he knew it he pushed the sword slowly deeper into the enemy's chest, burning with pure hatred to the very soul. Aizen's hand fell away and he cursed quietly "…Damn…it…!" Small drops off blood fell from his mouth.

He had a strange feeling course through him. Victory? Pride? Joy? Loss? Relief? A combination of all these things. His thoughts began to speed around in his head. He didn't know what to think. His only thought that made sense to him was...

…that he has killed Aizen…

A former captain.

A traitor.

A man with many masks.

A man of many lies.

Aizen was all these things, and yet they had now ended right here, with Hyōrinmaru stabbed through his chest at the core source of his survival. The heart. But then again, whoever said Aizen had a heart in the first place? From below Hitsugaya heard the cheers and cries of victory. He couldn't help but feel a bit more pride make its way into his system. His thoughts began to slow until they landed on a burning question. No, not a question, person.


How was he going to tell her this? How was she going to cope? Would she… ever forgive him? No, he couldn't focus on this now; not till later, when everything else has been sorted. He knew that it would take a great amount of effort to get her to forgive him; maybe even to the point of nearly getting himself killed. Even if it came to that he was willing. He'd be willing to do anything to make her forgive him and to cope…with this lose. Hitsugaya would find a way for her to cope. A safe, harmless way to cope. This he knew, and this was what he was determined to do…

Some panicked cries came from down below. They sounded like they were coming from Izuru and Tetsuzaemon. Before he could look down he heard another voice from a distance. This voice sounded confused and almost disturbed. It was yelling at him. This voice that was yelling at him…he knew something was wrong.


"…Guys! What the hell are you doing?"

He blinked.

A quick, innocent movement of his eyelid that…made his whole world suddenly come crashing down.

His eyes widened in absolute horror.

He stopped breathing.

He heard the shocked cries and apologizes of Hyōrinmaru in the back of his head.

And for the first time in his life, he felt…cold.

Pierced on the blade he held in his hands was…

"Hi…Hinamori…?" He could barely get her name past his lips. He felt as though he was being suffocated, the pain made its way to his face. He refused to believe what he was seeing, yet she wouldn't disappear from his sight no matter how many times he blinked.

Everything around him vanished. He became deaf to every sound around him. Everything was so cold, but the blood was freezing. The blood that dripped off Hyōrinmaru. The blood that was on his cheek. With that thought he choked. This blood, her blood… Her blood was on his hands.

He closed his eyes tightly. This isn't real, this isn't real, this isn't real…This can't be REAL! He opened them again only to see her still there.

The sword still in her, Hitsugaya pulled her to him and cradled her to his chest. Ice smashed around him, shards falling and shattering as the fell to the city below. So many emotions ran through him, but he was too shocked to recognize them.

She looked so lifeless. Her skin was so pale, and it kept getting paler. A small stream of blood flowed from her mouth. Her hair was a mess and damp with sweat. She struggled to breathe. Her eyes found his but they were not the eyes he was use to. There was no honey in the chocolate brown. There was no shine. There was no Momo in them. They were flat, pained, dead eyes. They questioned him and accused him. Hinamori slowly rested her head on him her eyes unmoving. She looked at him in such pain.

He felt light headed then, but yet there was a massive weight in his chest and in his limbs. He felt his stomach was in his throat, he couldn't talk or make a sound. He just looked at her in shock.

The girl opened her mouth to speak, but more blood splattered out and she coughed violently. Hitsugaya watched in horror as she kept trying to speak. Then, once the coughs died down, in a quiet, hoarse, weak whisper her voice emerged. "…Shiro…chan…"

His eyes widened in fear. Her voice was so weak, scarcely a whisper. He found his lungs stopped working. The last word she whispered made his blood frozen under his skin. "…why?"

She started to slip off Hyōrinmaru. More blood came as she fell off the captain's sword and plunged through the sky.

Hitsugaya shook.

His whole body shook.

His chest was in agonizing pain.

He felt the shock subside and all the emotion take over him.

The pain and anguish overwhelmed him.

He couldn't take it anymore!

He let out an agonized cry of raw emotions. The emotions of loss, pain, disbelief, rage, sadness and horror coursed through him causing his face to display his absolute despair and terror. His sanity was shredding to pieces every second. He felt his lungs were on the brink of exploding. Every bone in his body felt like it was going to break, and every muscle clenched painfully. His mind went blank.

But the worst pain was in his chest. His throbbing heart. It was ripping and imploding with pain. The slow, unbearable pain felt like it lasted for an eternity until only a fraction of his sanity was left remaining.

The dark clouds of pain cleared.

His enraged thoughts caused him to look in the direction of the man who had caused all of this.

He clenched his teeth tightly together.

He had so many ideas on how he was going to kill this man.

So many painful, torturous ideas…

"AIZEN!" his raged voice yelled through his teeth.

His rage and insanity took over; blinding him and making him lunge towards the enemy. He felt his reitsu wildly burst out of him. His rage deafened him to call of his name, or to the others around him. He didn't see the smirk on Aizen's lips or when he flash stepped towards him.

He came to a sudden, forceful stop.

Blood filled his vision.

He was falling.

It took a long moment before he realised what had happened or the pain in his left side. His eyes widened. He quickly glanced around to see that his fellow comrades had also been slashed by Aizen.

"I will not kill you." He heard Aizen say.

His eyes went to his left trying to see Aizen. He briefly glanced at his left and was shocked to see that his left limbs had been completely sliced off. He thought, due to his rage, that it was only a cut, but now that he saw with clear eyes it shocked him.

His mouth tried to word a threatening sentence but the words didn't come forth.

"For beings of your strength," he heard him continue "I would imagine it's a difficult task to lose one's consciousness even with wounds such as those. So therefore...You are to watch this battle unfold, and it's outcome."

Hitsugaya plunged to the ground with the others. Small drops of blood spilled from his wounds. It took him only moments to collide with the ground. Debris flew up as his back crashed into the rubble of a building. His bankai shattered into thousands of ice shards. He was completely numb to the pain. He didn't notice what was happening around him. He didn't notice the pillar of fire as Yamamoto emerged to challenge Aizen, or the battle between them, or when he was defeated.

The battle between Ichigo and Gin.

When Isshin came on to the scene.

When Urahara made his entrance.

Aizen's transformation.

When Aizen left with Gin after cutting down Yoruichi and Urahara.

When Ichigo and his father pursued after him.

He didn't notice any of it. He lay there, arms outstretched, eyes on the sky. His mind was completely blank; everything had disappeared from existence. Hyōrinmaru desperately called to him but he ignored him. He was so very numb. He couldn't get the image out of his head. The image of...

...Hinamori looking at him, questioning him, and then falling away, but still reached for him as she fell...

He barely sensed her reiatsu. He knew what this meant. With a new determination coursing through him, and despite the pain, he began to crawl. He followed her fading spiritual pressure. His mind became drenched in so many frightful thoughts. 'Hinamori...why did this happen?'

He bit his lip as he started to feel tears sting his eyes. 'No, not now!' Yet his thoughts continued. 'Hinamori... I'm no better than him. He stabbed you in the heart, betrayed you and cut you open. Isn't that what I just did? I'm a murderer; I'm no different from him! I couldn't protect you. I...I killed you...'

His eyes found her.

'Aren't I supposed to be some kind of child prodigy?'

He crawled towards her limp, broken body.

'I can so just about anything, but I can't protect you? If I can't do that, I. Am. NOTHING!'

He stopped.

' Why?'

He clenched his fist.


He felt the confusion and heartbreak crease his distraught face.


The tears fell and sobs wrecked throughout his body. "I couldn't do it! I couldn't protect you!Despite my efforts I couldn't protect you in the end...I failed. I failed to protect you...and so...I can never forgive myself. You'll never forgive me. Please, please, please forgive me!"

She was fading faster. His eyes widened. "I'll do anything to keep you alive!" he cried, his voice raspy "You have to believe me, please! You want to take my life, take it all! Take as much as you want! Just please...please live!"

He fell on his back, tears falling, body numb. He turned his head towards her, his hand reached out desperately to her. No! He couldn't now...He had to get to her before it was too late. If he could transfer some of his spiritual power and to her and perform some kind of kido spell she might have a chance.

Suddenly black covered his vision. Footsteps surrounded him. He panicked "What? What's going on?"

"Quickly, he might not last much longer!" For a brief second he became disorientated. His eyes quickly caught glimpse at one of the faces he knew. 'Fourth squad...Fourth squad? Good, they can -!'

"Five of you remain here with me, the rest of you attend to Soifon and the other captains, help out Isane!" the leader ordered. They followed his orders quickly running from Hitsugaya's view. 'Thank god...wait!'

"No wait, stop! Help her first, help her first!" he cried desperately, realising that he hadn't mentioned Hinamori. They seemed to ignore him and continued to use their kidō on him. He began to feel faint his eyes wishing to close. No, I can't...Not now!...I...have to-

"...Hitsugaya-tachio is far too important to the Soul Society, it is essential that we save him. If only we had more squad members down here we could cover more area..." he heard the leader whisper to another comrade. Hitsugaya got the impression that they thought he couldn't hear them. But he did hear them, every word...

"What about the girl?" he whispered back.

"Judging from her spiritual pressure...sadly, she probably won't make it. That cut in her chest looks-"

"Then let me heal her-"

"No! We can't afford to lose Hitsugaya-taicho! If we-"

'No, no, no, no ,no NO!' "MOMO!"

His eyes snapped open.

He flung forward.

Connections, wires and tubes flew around him.

His eyes were blurry. He gasped for air frantically.

Something was stuck around his nose and mouth.

Sweat dripped down his face and formed on his hands.

His skin felt cold. His vision cleared...and around him he saw his surroundings.A room of the fourth division barracks. Small, white streams of light leaked into the room through the curtain-drawn windows. He looked down at himself seeing the many thin tubes attached to his body. He reached up to take away what was around in mouth and nose. Both hands came up. He was shocked when he was his left hand. He looked along his left side seeing it completely intact, as if he'd never lost his limbs. He saw the scar that ran down his side where the robe exposed his skin.

He began to think that the events of before were a dream, but reality quickly put him back in his place.


He looked to the doorway in surprise. Unohana stood there looking relieved. She smiled as she walked up to his bed side. "I'm glad to see you have awakened. You're recovery was quicker than I had expected, however I suggest that you get more rest..."

When he tried to talk his voice was muffled.

Unohana reached forward. "I'll only take the mask off for a few seconds, alright?" She gently removed the mask from his face. He tried to keep his emotions hidden but they betrayed him. He looked at her with almost pleading eyes, wanting to know only one thing. In his weak voice he asked "Hinamori...Is she...okay?"

Unohana looked away. She carefully put the mask back on again but remained where she was. Her eyes slowly looked back to him, sorrow evident in her kind eyes.

"I'm sorry, Hitsugaya-taicho..."

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