Me: Alright This Is My First Fan-Fic, So It Might Not Be That Good...Sry

Ikuto: Might Not Be THAT Bad...I Mean Still It Might Be Bad But Not THAT Bad

Amu: I Agree With Ikuto

Ikuto: So Your Coming On To Me?


Me: Ummmm...Ikuto The Dis-Claimer Please?

Ikuto: Alright 'Tsukiyomi Jas' Does Not Own The All Mighty Shugo Chara Or Any Of Its Characters, Cause If He Did Tadagay Would Have To Watch Me And Amu Making Out *smirk*

Amu: PERV!

Me: Well Lets Just Start The Fan-Fic!

It was a peaceful day as Amu was coming home from school, but then out of nowhere Ikuto jumped out infront of her.

"How's My Little Strawberry Doing Today?" he said with a smirk. "None Of Your Bussiness" she said.

"I Think It Is Some Of My Bussiness" he replied. (im gonna stop with the He Said She Said thing cuz i think you know whos sayin wut)

"Well If You MUST Know I Was Doing Fine Until YOU Came Along" with amu saying that it made ikuto get an idea.

*Ikutos Thoughts: hmm ill just act sad and maybe ill get a reward* "Amu...that was very hurtful to my feelings" *uses chibi eyes*

"Wow I Didnt Know You Had Feelings...But Your Just SO CUTE WITH THOSE EYES" *Ikutos Thoughts: Works Every Time*

'1 Hour Later' "Oh Ikuto I Love When You Kiss Me" amu said enjoying Ikuto's kisses. "TSUKIYOMI IKUTO!" a familiar voice said...IT WAS TADASE!

"RELEASE HER" Tadase was yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Yo Kiddy King, If You Dont Mind Im In The Middle Of Something Important" Ikuto said then continued kissing Amu.

"Then Im Going To Have To Battle You For Her!" tadase then transformed with kiseki to become 'Platinum Royal!'

"Alright Then, Amu You Stay Here And Pick The Winner" then Ikuto transformed with Yoru to become 'Black Lynx!'

"Alright Kiddy King Lets Do This" "HOLY CROWN!" Ikuto dodges and slashes tadase's cane thingy or wand whatever.

"SILVER SLASH" (i dont really know Black Lynx's moves so im makin em up) AND BOOM TADASE FALLS TO THE GROUND THEN UN-CHARA CHANGES! "The Winner Is IKUTO!" said Amu...

Me: Alright Thats Chapter One Sorry Its EXTREMELY Short But After All It Was My First Fan-Fic

Ikuto: I Think It Was Pretty Sweet Considering I WON!

Amu: Rate And Review! 3 More Reviews And A New Chapter Will Be OUT!

Me: I Have Some Writers Block So I Could Use Some Advice And Such Plz

All: See You Next Time People!