When he came across the surveillance footage of Arthur, his body moving jerkily under his bedclothes, Merlin went from annoyed (Arthur was the reason he even had surveillance duty) to confused to embarrassed to turned on in quick succession. Once he realized what Arthur was doing and really, how could he not have instantly known?, Merlin immediately moved to tap the "Next" button on the holo-pad; it wasn't right for him to intrude like this, even if Arthur didn't know he could see.

And then the coverlet fell to the ground and Arthur's naked body swam into view, blue-tinted on the holo-screen but not one microbit less gorgeous. And Merlin's hand hesitated because this was Arthur, the star cadet on the fleet who tortured Merlin relentlessly every time he saw him in the mess hall and who was also the most stunning creature that Merlin had ever laid eyes on. Arthur was the main focus of every one of Merlin's wet dreams and waking fantasies since Merlin had joined the crew of Tintagel 7 three weeks before.

And he was touching himself, right there on the holo-screen, in perfect real-time and Merlin could see him.

He was writhing in his bunk, practically right there in front of Merlin's eyes, and fuck these security cameras for not picking up sound as well. Merlin wanted to hear him, needed to hear the beautiful noises that Arthur was making because Merlin had no doubt that they would be the most fucking gorgeous noises that he had ever heard. Did he grunt the same way he did when he trained with the rest of the cadets? Or maybe he groaned like he did when he stepped under the hot showers in the washroom after a long day?

After a while, Merlin found that he didn't even care how Arthur sounded anymore because Arthur was licking two of his fingers and fuck, Merlin had to press the heel of his hand against his crotch to keep himself from coming at just the sight of it. The touch of his hand was everything except helpful at curtailing his arousal and Merlin groaned as tendrils of pleasure raced through his veins. He'd been hard since he first realized that Arthur was stroking himself and he held no illusions that he'd last any longer than he usually did when he was having a wank in his bunk and thinking of Arthur, or stroking himself in the shower, hard and just this side of painful, or having it off with Edwin in the training room supply closet, Arthur's eyes flashing behind his eyelids. He was going to cum soon, probably right there in his regulation blue cadet slacks, but he'd be damned if he was going to miss even a microsecond of this.

Arthur had pulled one of his thighs back against his chest and was working the two spit-slicked fingers into his hole, his head thrown back as he let out a silent cry, his strong neck exposed in all its glory but Merlin couldn't even spare a glance. His eyes were glued to the place where Arthur was rapidly pounding himself with his fingers and Merlin hit the "Zoom" button on the holo-pad without even thinking, zooming in just enough to see closer without losing sight of Arthur's face, screwed up in concentration.

Fuck me. I can't take much more of this. Merlin barely finished the thought before Arthur's body was shuddering out its release, the hand on Arthur's cock never stopping its movement as cum landed in blue-tinted stripes all over Arthur's chest. Arthur was coming right there on the screen in front of him and Merlin was sure he'd never be able to look the other cadet in the eyes ever again without remembering the way he looked as he came. Not that it mattered much at the moment because Arthur was dragging his fingers through the mess on his chest and moving them towards his lips and there, right fucking there, Merlin was coming, his eyes shut tight, one hand gripping the edge of the console in front of his and the other pressing down hard against his groin as his cock jerked and he came right in his fucking pants.

When Merlin opened his eyes, Arthur's face was so close to the camera lens that Merlin could see the sweat-slick hair stuck to his forehead. And then Arthur winked.