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A QUICK RECAP: Rose gave Edward a tour of the Hive while Bella was having tests done on her. Bella and Edward got into a fight about her "responsibilities" in the Hive. He requested his own quarters and then decided to leave the Hive altogether. When Bella found out, she went to him and told him not to go. They made up and when they woke the next morning, Rose announced that Charlie was making Edward a raider.

Chapter 8:

"Get out!" I shouted at Rose.

"What?" she gaped.

"I said . . . get the fuck out."

She scoffed and looked at Bella who was pacing across the room. "What are you going to do?"

I wrapped the sheet around my waist and stood up, reaching for a pair of cargo pants and slipping them on before dropping the sheet. Yanking a clean shirt out of my bag, I grabbed Bella by the arm to make her stop.

I startled for a second when I felt an electric shock emanating from my extremely agitated doll, but I didn't stop. I draped the shirt over her head, covering her. She swam in the fabric, and it made her look even younger, but her face told an entirely different story. She was a pissed off woman.

Rose cleared her throat. "Bella?"

"He can't get away with this," she said in a low voice.

Rose laughed humorlessly. "You've got to be kidding me, right? He's been fucking with you and your lovers for years and you've never done shit. He knows you too well. Deal with it, Bella. There's no point."

I turned abruptly, charging for Rose. "What part of get the fuck out don't you understand?" I wouldn't have touched her. I just wanted her out. It didn't matter. Before I could get within reaching distance, I was knocked flat on my ass.

"Brother, I like you, but if you touch my woman, I will rip your still beating heart from your body," Emmett said dangerously.

I shook my head, trying to figure out where the fuck he'd come from. Holding my hands up, I apologized.

"Sorry, man, but she's out of line."

"She's also right." He offered me a hand up. I wasn't gonna mess with him, I took it and got back up on my feet. "I brought some clothes," he said, nodding towards a bag he'd obviously dropped in the process of laying me out. "We'll be outside." He took Rose by the hand. She smirked at me as she left. Bitch.

Bella began digging in the bag, pulling out clothes before stripping my shirt from her body and handing it to me. I put it on and watched her dress in a pair of tight black shorts and a green tank top, followed by her leather boots. Grabbing a smaller bag, she brought out a mirror and a pencil, lining her eyes. Gone was my fresh-faced lover, only to be replaced by the painted doll who had drawn me in.

"Stop it," she growled.

"Stop what?" I chuckled, knowing exactly what she was talking about. She wasn't in the mood to play though. She was still worked up – and not in a good way.

I sighed deeply and followed her out. Once we made it to the main floor. Emmett and I walked beside her while Rose guarded her from the front. We didn't really need the escort. People were curious, but didn't approach us.

Reaching Charlie's quarters, Rose opened the door, allowing Bella in before turning to me. "You'll thank me later," she whispered.

"Thank you for what?" I spit.

"Now she'll at least put up a fight."

I didn't get a chance to respond.

"Well looky what we have here. Isabella," Charlie greeted. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"Don't!" she snapped. "You know exactly why I'm here."

"Do I?"

Alice stood to the left of Charlie, semi-automatic in hand; expressionless. She made eye contact with me for a split second before I shifted my gaze to her belly, wondering if she would continue to act as Charlie's guard if and when her pregnancy began to show. She shifted uncomfortably, catching her boss's attention. He glanced up at her, squinting. She swallowed and the mask returned. He continued staring at her for a minute, but she didn't falter again.

"You can't do this!" Bella yelled, drawing his attention back to us.

Charlie narrowed his eyes, bringing his eyebrows close together.

"Why are you so upset? You've never cared before."

"He's mine. You promised me," she bit out.

"I did no such thing," he sneered.

"I'm not done with him. You can't have him."

I could feel my anger growing as they argued as if I weren't in the room. Most of the time it was beneficial for me to fade into the background – to go unnoticed. This was not one of those times.

"We lost two raiders last night!" Charlie growled. "I've got to send a new team." He looked me up and down. "He's fit. He's strong. He knows how to be invisible out there. And when he comes back safe and sound. . . you can celebrate. This is a win-win for all of us now, isn't it?"

"And what if he doesn't come back?"

"Yes. What if?" Charlie laughed. It was loud, echoing off the rock walls that surrounded us. Then he stopped abruptly. "You're being stupid. I'm sorry if your new toy is the best equipped for the task, but that's the way it is. He needs a job. We need new raiders. It's done. The next crew leaves in two days."

I'd just opened my mouth to tell Charlie to fuck off, when suddenly I felt an uneasy tension roll over me. Alice's expression suddenly changed – she looked worried.

I glanced over at Bella. She was locked in an intense gaze with her father. Whatever she was doing was directed right at him.

"Enough, Isabella," Charlie warned, glaring at her. "You know better than that." The blond guard on his right lifted her weapon.

I put my hand on her waist, feeling her flinch. She looked at me and then back at Charlie. I'd broken whatever it was she was doing, but Charlie was clearly still feeling the effects. He was shaking. I wasn't the only one to notice it either. Alice's eyes were trained on his hands, which were gripping the arms of his chairs.

"This isn't over," Bella said, her voice eerily calm. "You think you can play games with me?"

"He'll be fine," Charlie's voice was tight. "I'm done with you. Go."

A smile appeared on Bella's face. She walked slowly over to her father, bending down to kiss his cheek. "Whatever you say. . . Daddy," she spoke before standing back up. Charlie swallowed and wet his lips.

"Let's go, bro," Emmett said, startling me from the interaction. I turned back to look at him and noticed Rose was leaving out the door we'd come in.

"She's not coming?" I asked, nodding towards where she'd disappeared.

"Nah. She's got shit to do. Go get your girl before she brings this place down." I nodded. As calm as my doll was on the surface, her eyes were on fire.

"Come on, baby," I said, wrapping my hand around her arm. "Let's get the fuck outta here."

Once out of Charlie's quarters, into the stairwell, I felt Bella sag a little. I indicated to Emmett that he could leave.

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I'll take her."

"Den?" I nodded. "Kay, man. I'll be back." I watched him take the stairs two at a time and then turned.

"What the fuck just happened?"

Bella laughed, but there wasn't any humor behind it. "Nothing. Father-daughter spat," she growled.

She took off down the steps, leaving me to follow – which, of course, I did. The second we hit the den, she was in my arms, her lips against mine.

"I don't want you to go," she whispered, gripping the front of my shirt desperately.

"Doll, I'll be fine." I smoothed my hand over the back of her head and down her neck. "What's the big deal?"

"Do you know how often we lose raiders?"

"You're not going to lose me," I assured.

"They'll sacrifice you before any others if they have to. That's why he's sending you. He knows you're different. He knows the longer you stay, the more loyalty they'll show you. Right now, they're jealous. He just put a huge target on your back."

"Jealous of what?"

"This," she said, touching her hand to the skin beneath my shirt – the hum of electricity vibrating between us. I couldn't even describe the feeling if I tried.

"Fuck that feels good," I moaned.

"I know," she said softly. "This is what they don't get. I can make them feel good, but not like this."

"What is it?" I asked, letting the hum flood through me.

"I don't know," she answered, shaking her head. "It's never been quite like this." Taking a deep breath she stepped back. "I just know I'm not ready to let you go."

"You won't have to. I've lived out there my whole life, baby," I assured. "I'm not afraid. There's nothing out there I can't handle. Give me a little credit."

She nodded sadly.

"Are you okay?"


"Are you sure?"

Her eyes flickered up to me. "Yes. Why?"

"Just making sure, baby." I picked her up and moved towards the sofa we'd defiled the last time we were down there. Tossing her down, I covered her.

"Next time, let me fight my own fucking battles," I said, my voice coming out gruffer than expected.

"That wasn't entirely about you," she protested.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean . . ." she said, flicking her metal with a sexy little smirk. "It's time I started showing my father that I'm not his little puppet anymore."


We spent the rest of the day on our own. Everyone who would have normally bothered us left us alone as long as they could, but eventually the reality that I was leaving hit us both. I was called to prepare for the crew's departure. To distract herself, Bella spent some time with Carlisle, helping out in the hospital wing.

The following day was more of the same. I was impressed by how intelligent and efficient the raiders were. They – we – had been given lists of what each division of the Hive needed. Clothing, fabrics, medical supplies, school supplies, books and, of course, weapons if we could find them. They laid out maps and had routes planned out. I mostly watched. They didn't want my opinion anyway. I could feel the distrust and animosity towards me. I was known as 'the new toy.' It pissed me off, but I let it go. They were the guys I was going to have to rely on to show me the ropes. The last thing I needed to do was give them an actual reason to target me even more.

When we were done, it was time relax and let loose.

"That's fucking right. Don't fuck with me motherfucker or I'll fuck you up. That's what I told him."


"Nah, man. That shit isn't right."




We all laughed. Emmett was trashed and in the process of fighting with a pillow. Rose was obviously irritated, but since she was drunk too, couldn't help from giggling. Sitting in the den with them along with Jasper, Bella and I were the most relaxed we'd been since my arrival at the Hive. The weed we were smoking wasn't hurting that either.

"Jay! You sure your woman ain't gonna be pissed?"

Jasper shook his head and took a hit of the blunt I passed him.

"What's she doing, anyway?" I asked. He shrugged.

"Working late. Charlie's got some bug up his ass about someone threatening him. He's taking extra precautions."

"Who?" Bella asked leaning forward to take the weed.

"Don't know. You know how paranoid he gets."

"You ever worry she'll get in the line of fire?" I asked, still curious about how her pregnancy was gonna affect her job, but unwilling to ask.

"Yeah, but she can take care of herself better than most. Probably better than me."

"Nah. I doubt it. I've seen your ninja moves."

Jasper laughed, taking a swig of whatever the shit was we were drinking. "She's much better than me."

Bella lifted the blunt and inhaled. She glanced over at Rose, who smirked and crawled over on her hands and knees.

"Shit, I love it when they do this," Emmett cheered, following.

I looked over at Bella. As hot as you might think it would have been to see them get it on, I wasn't feeling it. I didn't want anyone else touching her. She knew that. I watched as Rose got real close and tilted her head. Emmett and Jasper both tilted their heads and I quickly realized I was doing it, too. Without touching, Bella opened her mouth blowing the smoke directly into Rose's. As Rose inhaled, her eyes rolled back, her chest heaved, and her tongue came out to wet her lips.

It was definitely fucking hot.

"Dude," Emmett groaned, adjusting himself. Rose drew back and blew the smoke out above her head, before leaning into Emmett's arms. Bella curled into me, her head in my lap.

"Too much. I think this is my cue to leave," Jasper laughed lightly. I hadn't even realized that Bella was emanating her energy, but sure enough, there it was.

I'd grown used to the initial feeling – when she first got turned on. I couldn't always tell when it was happening. Especially if it was coming out of left field when we were in a public place. But the minute I began touching her, she lit up like a Roman candle and it was undeniable.

I watched as Rose led Emmett further back into a more secluded part of the den. I thanked God for that. I'd already seen enough of them to last a lifetime and I sure as hell didn't want them watching what I was gonna do to my doll.

It was our last night together. I was leaving with the raider crew the next evening just after dark.

Bella sighed deeply and rolled over so her face was right over my crotch.

"Want something?" I asked, chuckling.

"No," she answered, much to my dismay. She grinned and used her hand to unbutton the top of my pants. "I need something."

"I'm sure you do."

"Are you getting tired of me yet?"

I shook my head. "Never."

Hearing the sounds of Rose and Emmett on the other side of the room, I rolled my eyes.

"Can we . . ."

"Yes," Bella agreed, getting up. She led me to the far corner of the bedded area. The thick curtains drowned out any and all outside sound. We could have just gone to her quarters, but the air was thick with smoke and incense. It was warm and I felt good where we were.

Plus, walking to her quarters would take at least twenty minutes and that was just too long. I wanted to be inside of her immediately.

She stretched out on her back, reaching her hands above her head lazily.

"Are you going to come closer?"


She bent her knees and spread them, making room for me.

Alrighty, then.

Kneeling down, I didn't waste any time removing her clothes. Piece by piece, I exposed more and more flesh until she was completely naked. I'd seen plenty of naked girls in my lifetime, but they all looked the same to me. They all had the same parts. Bella was different. Every time I saw her, I saw something different. The freckle under her lower left rib; the faint scar just above her belly button.

I positioned myself between her thighs, lifting her legs over my shoulders and cradling her hips in my hands. We made eye contact as my tongue darted out to lick her. I loved it when she watched me. Swirling my tongue in random patterns around her pussy, I relished the fact that I had to tighten my grip on her so she couldn't wiggle.

"You're playing with fire," she scolded, moaning loudly as I sucked on her clit.

I stopped abruptly and pulled away when I felt her 'enhancing'.

"Don't do that," I ordered. "I don't want it."

"Edward." She looked at me apologetically, but I wasn't taking no for an answer. If this was the last time I ever had her – fucked her – made love to her – I was gonna make it count.

"Just don't."

She nodded reluctantly. Satisfied, I bent my head, kissing her.

We tried to take it slowly. I figured if I had any chance of keeping her energy at bay, I couldn't let the animalistic lust that I felt for her take over. After discarding my clothes, I slid into her, feeling her take me in inch by inch.

At first, there was a sense of relief that washed over me, but then came an overwhelming urge to consume. It was like being a starving man, the first taste is soooo satisfying, but then you eat more and more and you can't get enough because you don't know when the next time you'll get your next bite will be. Bella met me thrust for thrust, her body moulding to mine in every way possible.

"God," I grunted into her neck. "Every fucking time." I could feel her shaking. "Hold onto it, baby," I pleaded. "It's so good."

"I'm trying," she whimpered, her breath hitching and her mouth dropping as I changed the angle I was taking her from. "Edward!"

Her eyes glazed over. She was there and she couldn't stop it from hitting full force.

The moment she came, the room exploded. It wasn't just me, although I throbbed painfully as I emptied myself – but the whole fucking room pulsed with a violent wave of . . . whatever. Sexual energy I guess. Whatever it was, it held me in place – unable to move or speak or practically breathe. It didn't end for what felt like forever, and when it finally started to relent, my whole body shook.

"I'm sorry," Bella gasped as I clamped my teeth together. It's not that it didn't feel good. Physically, it did, but at the same time, it was so intense I felt all my emotions at once. My eyes started watering. "Are you okay?"

Bella reached up and wiped my cheek, which was wet from my eyes leaking.

"See," she sighed. "That's why I don't do it. It hurts."

"It's fine," I grunted, regaining my senses. "Fucking intense, but fine."

"No, it's not. I'm not doing it again."

I pulled out of her shook my head.

"Why the fuck do you do that?" I asked, not intending to be harsh, but certainly feeling agitated. Before she could answer, I continued. "When I tell you I'm fine, I mean I'm fine. I'm better than fine. I'm still fucking hard for you," I growled, nodding down at my dick. "I could go again and again and again. And it has nothing to do with your energy or whatever the hell it is. I'm hard for you when you're not even in the fucking room. Stop telling me that I'm going to get sick of you or that you're going to wear me out. Jesus, doll. Just shut-up and let me lo. . ."

Shit. I'm not going there. I just fucking met the girl. I can't.

I tried to get up, but her hand shot up and grabbed my wrist – a strength I never would have expected from her holding onto me.

"Stay," she whispered. "I want you to stay with me."

I briefly considered leaving still, but the way she was looking at me. . . I couldn't. I gave in and laid back down next to her.

"You're a real pain in my ass, you know that?"

She giggled, pressing her lips against my shoulder. "Yes," she answered. "I do."


"Come with me. I want to show you something," Bella said late the next morning.


"My favorite place. You'll see."

I didn't like not knowing. I felt like since the day I'd arrived, I'd been in one unknown situation after another. That's how people got themselves killed and yet, I kept letting it happen. All for this woman I'd just met, but who was already coursing through my veins like a drug.

"I don't know how to describe it," she said, reading my discomfort. "It's a cavern deep within the mountain. Will you trust me?"

"Do I have a choice?"


I hummed. I didn't have a choice.

I followed her in silence, occasionally stopping to kiss the shit out of her in a dark corner. After what felt like a fucking eternity, we came out into a wide, massive cavern.

The sun peered through giant cracks in the rocks overhead. Vines and moss hung from the ceiling of the cavern and water poured from a rocky cliff into a turquoise lagoon. It was seriously like being in another world. That shit didn't exist. . . not anymore anyway.

"Where are we?"

"Deep. No one's allowed here."

"Why not?"

"They say it's not safe – not protected. I come here to think."

"Think about what?" I asked, playing with the hem of her shirt.

"Nothing." She shrugs. "Everything. It's the only place I know I won't be disturbed. Not even Emmett will come down here. Jasper came once. He's not afraid of anything. But he knows what this place means to me. He leaves me be."

"What about Charlie."

"He's not afraid. He'd just get lost," she snickered.

She was quiet for a minute – breathing in and out heavily – staring at the roof of the cave.

"What are you thinking about right now?" I asked.

She sat up. "I'm thinking. . . I want to swim."




She nodded, smiling playfully.


She stripped off her clothes easily. I watched her enter the water, pale skin almost glowing. She was perfection. Diving head first into the water, she disappeared beneath the surface. When she popped back up, she grinned.

"Are you coming in?"

"I don't know, doll," I said, bending down and splashing the water with my hand. "It's kinda cold. You know what that sort of cold does to a man, don't you?"

She stood up, the water at her breasts. Every few seconds I'd get a glimpse of her nipples as the tiny little waves created by the waterfall subsided.

"You have nothing to worry about. I'll keep you warm," she purred, flicking at her viper bites.

I chuckled, standing up to strip down. Once naked, I shivered unexpectedly. "You sure there aren't any voyeurs around here?" I asked, looking around.

"Yes, I'm sure. I'd feel them." She stepped forward, her breasts appearing once again above the surface.

"I'm waiting, Edward."

How Bella was managing in the freezing water was beyond me. She had no extra fat on that tiny body to insulate her. I had to take a few extra breaths just to keep myself from backing out.

"Fuck," I hissed as the cold water hit my balls, causing them to retract. Another step forward and I was covered to the hips, but I had to close my eyes. A second later, I felt her hand on my chest, the other one gripping my hand and leading me further in.

Her energy surrounded me. She was right, my body began to heat up. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins. I opened my eyes to see her smiling at me.

"See, it's not so bad."

Her hand slipped down below the water, sliding over my dick.

"And it hasn't seemed to have affected you here either," she teased.

"You affect me there."

She stroked me for a few more minutes before I stopped her.

"Why do they say it's not safe?"

"There are creatures in the water that eat flesh," she stated.

"What?" I practically screamed. I didn't give a shit that I sounded like a little girl. If there were things in the water that were gonna eat my pecker, I was getting the fuck out.

She giggled loudly. "I'm kidding, Edward. The caves and the water are perfectly safe. It's Charlie's way of controlling the people. Fear. It's how he keeps his power."

"But he's afraid of you?"

"What makes you think that?"

"I saw what you did to him. What would have happened if you hadn't stopped?"

"If you hadn't distracted me?" I nodded with a snort. "I would have been killed," she said simply.

"I doubt that."

"Don't doubt anything in this place, Edward," she said in warning.

"Charlie needs you. And I know for a fact Emmett and Alice wouldn't have let him hurt you. They've told me as much."

"There are other ways to kill someone than simply ending their life," she said quietly.

I studied her, trying to figure out what she meant. Her eyes lowered. I could feel the chill of the water again and shivered.

"Let's get out of here before my balls freeze and fall off."

"No, we wouldn't want that now, would we?" she laughed softly.

Once back on the shore, Bella laid on the ground, her naked body looking long and lean. I positioned myself on my side next to her, tracing the droplets of water as they slid from her skin.

"Who are you, Edward?" she asked, tilting her head in curiosity.

"I'm nobody," I answered.

"You know all about me. I want to know more. Where did you grow up?"

"On a farm. In Iowa."

"Iowa," she repeated. "I think I know where that is. Did you like it?"

I shrugged and then laughed. "Yeah. I guess in the beginning. We didn't live in the city, and we lived mostly off the land anyway, so we didn't feel the effects of the failing economy right away. My parents were really good at keeping all that from us."


"My sister and brother."

"Older or younger?"

"My sister was two years older, my brother eighteen months younger."

"Your parents didn't have fertility issues?"

I frowned. "No, I. . . I don't think so. I don't know."

"Tell me what you did on your farm in Iowa, Edward. Did you have animals?"


"What kind?" she asked, grinning.

I chuckled. "All sorts. A dog. A couple of cats. Chickens, pigs, cows, and some horses."


"Yeah. My day always started by collecting the eggs. I'd go to school, come home, do homework, help my dad do whatever he was doing on any given day, eat dinner and go to bed. In the summer we spent a lot of time swimming and collecting bugs. Sleeping in the barn loft."

"I like that," she sighed. "Sounds perfect."

"I guess it was. . . for a while."

"What happened?"

"When things started to really get bad, people started getting desperate. We couldn't protect ourselves like we needed to. People were desperate. One night, we got raided."

I could remember the night like it was yesterday. I was twelve.

"What did they do?"

"They shot my dad; tied me and my little brother up, assaulted my mother, and took my sister with them after they'd taken everything else of value and set fire to what was left."

"Oh, God," Bella cried softly. "I'm so sorry."

"My dad survived. But. . . we had to leave. Even if it hadn't been burnt up, it wasn't safe there anymore. And it didn't feel the same. Sofia's family got raided, too. Her brother and father were killed. She and her mother escaped to our farm and we took them with us."

"Where did you go?"

"There were camps set up all over the place. Some of them temporary, some permanent. We made our way through them until we found a place we could settle down again."

"And you were safe?"

I shrugged. "As safe as we could be at the time. When I was sixteen, a group of mercenaries came through. They were looking for young men and women to fight for their cause. To destroy the government who'd betrayed them."

"And you joined?"

"Yep. They. . . didn't give me much of a choice. It was the only way to protect my family."

"Did you ever find your sister?"

"Yeah." I didn't elaborate. I didn't need to. Bella knew it couldn't have been good – and it wasn't. "That's it. The rest is kind of a blur. I was trained to fight, to shoot, and to kill. I did what I was told."

"So you joined them to protect your family and ended up losing them because you did."

"I guess. Yeah." I took a deep breath. "It doesn't matter anymore."

Bella lifted her head to kiss me. "I'm sorry you lost your family, Edward. But I'm happy you found me."


Hours later, we stood in the entryway of the Hive where I'd first been scrutinized and approved to enter.

The other raiders were laughing and talking. Those who had partners were saying goodbye. I watched as one of the female raiders, Zara, held her toddler in her arms. He had no idea what his mother was about to face.

Bella was at my side. I looked down at her. Even when I was engaged to marry Sofia, I'd never worried about myself or her. If I didn't come back, I didn't come back. Such is life and death in this world. But now. . . now I worried. I wanted to come back. I wanted to see my doll again – touch her. . . love her.

The heavy iron doors opened, letting fresh night air in. The crew began to file out.

I wasn't going to say goodbye, though. Neither was she. We stared at each other. I studied her face, hoping that I had ingrained every single detail into my memory.

And then I turned, and walked out the door.