He knew that Frieza wouldn't give them camping equipment, they were Saiyans and Saiyans didn't need camping equipment unlike some weaklings he could name.

It was just that this planet was cold, - hellishly so - and Nappa who had gone with his standard attire rather than the winter gear complete with a nice cozy parka that he could have requisitioned in under two minutes from the supply room was beginning to wish he could show weakness just this once, especially considering the fact that the full moon and the warm fur that came with it was a long way away.

They had decided to stop for the evening and make camp. Unfortunately, they couldn't make a fire with the nearby vegetation and would have to do without both warmth and cooked food.

The low class trash that was the only other confirmed survivor of their race besides himself and Prince Vegeta was on his knees and was fluffing his hair. If that third class garbage thought he would let him curl up with him for warmth because he "looked cute" he had another think coming. Despite the fact that there were no females of their species left, he still didn't swing that way.

The low class bastard Bardock's son Raditz gave him an evil smirk as he finished fluffing up his hair before he leaned forward into an odd position, pulling in his arms and legs until the only thing of him that was visible was that incredible mass of spiky hair. Moments later, the sound of snoring started coming from beneath the immense mound of hair.

"Figures it would be the low class garbage that would come with a built in blanket. Lucky son of a..." Nappa grumbled as he curled up into a ball and tried to get some sleep.