First Bones fanfic. I haven't written anything on fanfiction since my early teen years. This is mainly about Booth and Bones realizing after the break from each other at the end of season 5 how much they belong together. This is not based on season 6 speculations. I wrote it while I was waiting for the new season to start. Hope you enjoy! Its going to be a short one, about ten chapters total. It takes place over just a few nights, unless I decide to extend it later.

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She waited by the coffee cart. She waited all morning. She knew it was illogical. After all, she hadn't talked to him in weeks, and didn't even know when he'd be home. In his last email she received a few weeks ago he had said his flight had been booked for this morning. She had been home three days already, and found herself missing her friends more than ever, but especially Booth.

She had taken an extra long time getting ready that morning, trying to style her now quite long hair. She put on a breezy summer dress, something cheerful and slightly tighter on her frame.

She sat on the bench, reading over a newspaper she had bought from a vender. She could hardly concentrate on the words as she kept looking up, wanting to catch the first glance of him walking toward her.

Nearly four hours later, she was getting hungry, but worse than the hunger was her thought of feeling so ridiculous at having waited for him. Why would he want to see her as soon as he arrived? She'd be lucky if he wanted to see her at all, after she broke his heart and ran away from him. No, it was her own fault. She had pushed him away and she knew a man could only take so much. She stood up and smoothed the front of her dress. With a sigh, she turned to leave.

Just then, her phone rang. She didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway.

The voice on the other end said, "Bones? You there, Bones?"

It took her just a second to recognize the voice she hadn't heard in over twelve months. "Booth? Is that you?" Noticing the large amount of noise in the background, she asked, "Where are you, the airport?"

"Yes. My layover flight was delayed. They're putting me on a commercial flight out of Germany. I'm boarding in just a few minutes." He asked, with a hint of sadness in his voice, "You didn't wait at the coffee cart for me, did you?"

Brennan hesitated, suddenly embarrassed. "Um, yes, I stopped by."

"Oh, I'm sorry Bones! I guess I really hadn't expected you to remember."

"Of course I remembered, Booth. Didn't you?"

Booth laughed, of course he remembered. He'd only thought about their meeting after the past year every single day. The fact that she was there now waiting for him both delighted him and saddened him that he wasn't there to see her. It occurred to him he was about out of time and needed to board. "Hey, listen, do you think you could pick me up from the airport? Rebecca was going to this morning, but now its going to be pretty late with the layover I have, and she's got to have Parker in bed."

"Booth, of course. What time will you be getting in?" Brennan said, excited to be seeing him soon.

"Not sure. But late. I'll call you when I get in. It will be after midnight there, more than likely. Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all. I'm still not adjusted to the time difference and haven't been able to sleep at a normal hour."

"Ok. Great. Well, not great that you can't sleep. Just great that you can pick me up. Alright Bones, gotta go."

"Alright. See you relatively soon then."

The line went silent. "Bones?" Booth whispered.


"It's nice to hear your voice."

She couldn't help the smile that crept to her lips. "I find it quite pleasing to hear your voice as well."

"I'm really hanging up now, Bones. See you soon,"

Booth hung up, and smiling, Brennan put her phone back in her purse.

Brennan had some time to kill. She had contemplated visiting the lab, but Angela and Hodgins wouldn't be back until next week, and Cam had warned her not to step foot at work until she had a week off to adjust back to US time and pace. Instead, she decided to go home and rest awhile.

On the flight back, Booth fell into a deep sleep. He dreamed he was chasing someone, up and down stairways, though a tunnel, but he could never catch the culprit. Then he was falling, tumbling down and down. Echos of gunshots were in the background, and then he heard her voice. Crystal clear despite the echoing shots in the background. "I find it quite pleasing…."

His dreamself asked, "What? Bones, what's going on?"

"I find it quite pleasing…"

Suddenly, her crystal blue eyes came into view as her crystal voice repeated, "I find it quite pleasing…"

He was still falling, deeper and deeper. Her eyes were hovering above him as he fell. Suddenly, she came completely into view. In his dream, she was wearing a sheer nightgown, the various points of her body evident through the fabric. He reached to her, and as he did, he felt himself sucked into a swirling whirlwind, her eyes blazing around him as he fell and twirled in circles. When he got close to hitting the bottom, he heard her say, "I find it quite pleasing… to be with you."

He jerked awake with a gasp. The older gentleman sitting next to him smiled sympathetically, having once been a veteran himself, and thinking Booth was having a nightmare of the war.

"It gets easier," the gentleman said.

"What? Oh, I'm sorry, just had a bad dream."

"I know," the old man answered. "I still have some on occasion. You know what helps me? Thinking of my wife." He brought out his wallet, showing a picture of a pretty older woman in front of an old log cabin. "She's the reason I could live after the war."

Booth took a look at the picture and smiled. "Sometimes it's the lady you're in war with though, right?"

The old man chuckled. "Oh, yes. But the battle is worth it."

Booth smiled at the old man, and the two conversed for the rest of the flight.

More to come soon!