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You Got Schooled: Chapter 1, Good Morning

-Gorman-Melrose-Roth Residence, 5am

Raven opens her eyes and she knows it's five am. She doesn't need to glance at the clock on the floor beside her to check. She never has to. She slowly sits up, rubbing a hand over her eyes.

She walks down the two flights of stairs into the shared kitchen, and sets a kettle onto the stove to boil. She makes her way back up the stairs, stopping at her foster parents' room to knock several times on their door. "Five o'clock."

She proceeds to the attic, which she shares with her foster sisters, and gathers her clothes. She never changes in the open. She doesn't care how long she's known her sisters, she wouldn't even if they were biological, and she doesn't care whether they're sleeping or in the room or not. She does not like to feel exposed.

Thankfully, they don't bother her for it. She was lucky to be taken in by a good family. And though they've fallen into hard times, having to rent out rooms in the house just to pay the bills, they've never forced her to do anything unwillingly. Within reason. They're still parents, they still have rules, and while some of them may seem a bit extreme (no dating, seven pm curfew), they're a far cry from her past experiences, and she is smart enough to recognize the need for them, especially in the area they live in.

Every day, she tries to remind herself how lucky she is.

Her father would have her enslaved were there not a restraining order against him.

After changing and brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she makes her way back downstairs just as the kettle begins to whistle. She makes herself a cup of herbal tea, goes out onto the back porch, takes a seat on the stairs, and just breathes.

She closes her eyes.

She reminds herself how lucky she is.

And she takes a sip of her tea.

-Grayson Residence, 6am

Alarm's going off. Morning. Already? Dick groans and rolls over and off the couch. He gathers up his homework, once neat, now a crumpled heap.

Great. Now he'll have to cut down his hour run to thirty minutes to not only finish his homework but to rewrite the past five pages. He's really gonna have to take Uncle Bruce up on that offer of a laptop for his birthday.

Dick quickly pads over to his bedroom to turn off his alarm, thankful this morning for being an incredibly light sleeper. For once, it's done him some good. He stretches a bit, then goes to his closet. Where, where, where are my running clothes? He lets out a strangled sound of frustration as he furiously shoves neatly hung clothes aside, knocking a couple off the hangers.

Gotta do the laundry today. What's today? Wednedsday. He finds some semi-clean shorts and pulls them on. I finish school at two today. Football practice starts at four, so I might have enough time in between then to go to the laundromat. He now begins his quest for clean socks. But Gar wanted me to help him out before practice, oops almost forgot. One sock is red and the other green, but if he's gonna look for a match now, he might as well not even run at all. Right. So, football ends at six, and then there's Tae Kwon Do at seven instructing the junior class at eight. Shoes are by the door, so he jogs over in his socks.

He forgets just how slippery the green sock is on tile floors.

He miscalculates the positioning of the kitchen table as he flails outward for something to catch onto.

He tries to shift his weight off his green clad foot and more onto his red clad one while also trying to maneuver it towards the ground.

He's on the floor cradling a twisted ankle.

Maybe that's life's way of telling him that he shouldn't go for a run today.

Naahh. He stretches it out, shakes it off, slips on his shoes, walks out of the apartment, and is at the top of the stairs, when someone shouts, "Heads up!"

Quick intincts might have saved him any other day. But today he wanted to go for a run with a twisted ankle. He turns about, winces at the effect that has on his ankle, and tries to flatten himself against the wall as a bed comes hurling down at him.

The bed rams him on his side and shoves him down the stairs ahead of it.

And now he's one the floor cradling a broken leg.

And the laundry will have to wait.

-Stone Residence, 7am

"Yo, Vic, you got a call!"

Victor grunts.

"Yo VIC!"

"Whaaaat?" he groans into his pillow.

"Your boy Dick's on the phone."

Dick? Why in all that is good on this earth are you waking me up at this hour? Yo, I'ma be madd tight if you don't got a good reason for this, dawg.

He shuffles out of bed, walks into the kitchen, and grabs the phone from his little brother.


"Good morning to you to, Vic."

"Yeah, well, I was sleeping. Who wants to wake up to hear your voice, runt?"

"Shall I name the first fifty people off the top of my head?"

"Whatever. You ain't that cool."

"Tell that to the fifty people that I can name right now. Star Anders, Abigail Barnes, Justine Cash, Pau-"

"The cheerleaders do not count. And neither does the dance team. Or step team."

"Jealoooouus. Anyway, I'm not coming to school today."

"What? How come?"

"Um, well, I broke my leg."

"WHAT? How!"

"It doesn't matter. Point is, it's broken, I'm at the hospital, and I probably am gonna be using crutches for the next month or so."

"Oh maan. Wait, whatchu mean, it don't matter? Tell me it wasn't something stupid."

"It was. I'm not even gonna tell you."

"Oh no, don't give me that. You know I'ma pry that outta you-"

"Oh, nurse is coming, gotta go. Just tell the teachers and tell Gar I'm sorry I can't practice with him, kay? Could you help him out, for me though? Catch ya later."


"Little shrimp."

-Anders Residence, 7:30am

A jingly ringtone wakes Kory "Star" Anders up. Initially the slightest bit irritated, she immediately brightens upon seeing the name of the caller.

"Hello, Richard Grayson, and how are you on this splendid morning?"

She doesn't even have to look outside. If Richard's calling her, the day can't get much better.

"Hey Star. Sorry, you know how we were gonna go to the Tae Kwon Do class I was telling you about?"

"Yes?" She is beginning to get a sinking feeling in her stomach. Her almost-first-date with Richard Grayson was all she had thought about for the past week.

"Well, I promise you that I'll make it up to you, but you see-"

"Oh, please, there is no need to explain. You are a very busy person-"

"Star, that's not it at all-"

"And I understand that you might not want to go to this class of doing Tae Kwon with me-"



"I broke my leg."

There is a pause as she registers this.


"Yeah, so..."

"I'm very sorry about that."

"Haha, it wasn't your fault."

"But that is most unfortunate."

"It really is. I was looking forward to going with you."

"Oh, I meant your leg, but yes, that too."

"Oh...hahaha. Yeah. So, I just wanted to let you know. And I promise you that I will make it up to you."

"That is quite alright. Are you well, though? Are you in pain? Do you need anything? I could bring you some pizza if you want. Or maybe a movie?"

Wow, she's really upset about not going tonight? Does she really care? He can't tell. "Aw, that's really sweet of you. But no, really, you don't have to."

"Please, I insist. It might be difficult to get food, yes? Then I shall bring food to you!"

There is always delivery, but why deny the sweetest girl in the school the chance to see him? "Sure thing, then. Thanks, Star. Just give me a call whenever. I probably won't be doing much today."

"Ok! I shall give you a call after school!"

"Kay, thanks. Bye, Star."

"Goodbye, Richard."

She walks to school with a smile on her face.

-Walker-Logan Residence, 8am

"Garfield, if you don't get your sorry self up this very instant, I am leaving you here and you can walk to school!"

"Huh? What? No, don't!" He bounds up, racing to the bathroom. "No, I'm up! I'm coming!"

"You have fifteen minutes before I'm outta here!"


His shower takes a minute, his hair takes two, his clothes a minute (he honestly did not even look at what he put on), looking in the mirror, two, finding a shirt without holes in it, a minute, ironing it, five, and grabbing breakfast in the form of a cereal bar, five seconds. Plus all the time he spent running to and fro, and his aunt, being a very punctual woman, was walking out the door.

"I'm coming!"

The door slams to emphasize this.

It's ten minutes into the car ride before his aunt speaks to him.

"You didn't brush your teeth, Garfield."


"No. Don't speak. I don't want you to stink up my car." Her smirk lightens the sting of her words, and she rummages in her purse before offering him a piece of mint gum. "Here."

"Thank you."

"I told you not to speak. You may thank me when it is in your mouth and your breath is permeated with minty freshness."

He chews obediently. "Thank you." He makes sure to exhale heavily in her direction.

"I love you, too. Now get out of my car."

He obeys and blows a kiss to her from behind his shoulder as he walks up the yard to Jump City High.

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