Author's Note: I really hope this one was better than my previous fanfic. Aye, English isn't my mother tounge so... erm... pls be gentle with me, er, I mean, my fic.

I remember the smell of the last meal mum made, the lights of my last birthday's candles soon was swallowed by the wind, and the last thing that still remained in my mind before I forever kissed goodnight to this cruel world… was my brothers.

My young, little, and so innocent brothers.

Goodnight, my dear brothers… Michael, Jeffrey…

MAY 23 11:50 PM

I can see those eyes looking at me. Those blood red eyes. And then they raise their arms and begin to move toward me. My heartbeats get louder and louder, and soon it looks like it's the only sound that can be heard in this darkness. My knees get weaker.

Run, you idiot!

I yell myself, but my body does not respond, it just stands there and waiting to be swallowed by… whatever that "thing" is.

I'm scare.

Bravery means nothing now, for even my own body that I can't control? They come closer and closer to me, and I just stand there like a real idiot.

Face it, chicken!

But then… they stop. And they turn away, a sign of relief escapes from my dry lips. Suddenly my heart skips a beat when I realize what their new "targets" are.

I see them!

A young boy with curly brown hair and a pair of shining green eyes, who is running toward a teenager, who possesses a long blond hair and icy blue eyes. The young boy is showing something to the older one, his face's full of proud.

They are my brothers!

_ No!

My eyes open widely, the scene in front of my eyes help me return to the reality. Colt's guitar is still hanging on the wall, beside our action movies and favorite rock bands' posters, and the familiar smell of Tum Tum's candies soon reach my nose, still I don't know where he hides them.

_ Rocky?

My brothers sit up from their beds, looking at me with their curious eyes. They are still here. Safe and sound. For Gods that I shall thank. This's nothing but a dream.

_ A nightmare again? This was the fourth time already.

Colt gets out of his bed and approaches mine.

_ I'm fine, Colt. Yeah… just a bad dream.

_ Man, your forehead is so hot! Are you sure you're ok?

Colt says as he touches my forehead, I gently lift his hand away.

_ I'm fine, really. Look, it's just a nightmare. No harm done, 'k?

I lie down and cover myself with a blanket. I hear Tum Tum says something, but I can't make it out. Colt is still sitting on my bed, I know he's worry, they're all worry about me. I have been having these nightmares for four days, every time I closed my eyes and trying to find a good sleep, those red eyes again found their way to my mind, haunting me, always the same dream, over and over again. And I always found myself waking up in the middle of the night, with dry lips and sweat covered my body.

Go to bed already.

I mumble and pray that Colt will stand up and return to his bed, and Tum Tum will stop looking at me with those eyes.

_ Look, if you don't feel well you should go and see the doctor…

Colt says as he's trying to pull my blanket away, like I will let him. My hands pull the blanket back, cover myself from head to toes.

_ I know myself better than anyone else. It's not that I'm going to die soon or something. You guys really should go to bed.

I hear Colt's signing, and he slowly stands up from my bed and return to his bed, just like I wanted. As something comes across my mind, I sit up and turn to my brothers:

_ Don't ever think of telling mum, dad and grandpa about this, okay?

_ But… - Tum Tum frowns.

I lie down again and turn around, facing the cold wall. The creaking sound of Colt's bed tells me he's finally back to where he came from. Tired from those recently events, my eyelids get heavier, and soon I can no longer see anything but a black curtain.

May 24 00:20 AM


I wake up, not because of the nightmare. I did not dream anything, maybe because I was too tired? What's wrong with me anyway? Some kind of insomnia? I turn around, Colt and Tum Tum are still asleep, thankfully.

I close my eyes, trying to sleep.

One and two and three…

An image of a bunch of sheep running and jumping over the fence appears in my mind. Do not care what they say, seriously, this way doesn't make me feel sleepy. But then…

A high, serene voice of a little girl reaches my ears. She's singing a song…

No… a lullaby…

"…Sleep well, my dearest

The stars are dancing again

And the moon is running through a vast grassy plain

Here comes the nowhere train

Which will take you to the nowhere land…"

I sit up from my bed, trying to find where the lullaby comes from. Am I the only one who can hear it?

"…Go then, forget me never

For I shall remain here forever

Beasts are for tamed, humans are for blamed

But then who is the beast?..."

I get out of my bed, hoping not to wake my brothers up. I slowly open the door and walk downstairs, there's nobody. Then where does this lullaby come from?

"…Oh, sleep while you still can

For here comes the nowhere train

A train of beasts and men

Which will take you to the nowhere land

A land in which you will forever belong to

But then do not forget me…"


Silence again surrounds me, no lullaby, no little girls. Just a dark living room with familiar furniture. Do I have some problems in hearing, too? Beside the goddamned insomnia? I turn around, heading back to my room, I must have been too worn out.

Don't go.

The little girl's voice again reaches my ears. I turn around to see nobody.

Damn it! Stop that!

I curse, I know, there's no points in cursing. Suddenly, I feel a chill. I can feel it, they are here. Those blood red eyes that always haunted me in my sleep. I do not dare to turn around, for I feel their presence. I close my eyes and stupidly hoping that they will go away.

This is just a dream!

I speak to myself, praying it's just a nightmare and everything will disappear every time I wake up. I do not know if Gods exist, but they actually hear my prayers. The chill goes away, and again, I hear nothing. I slowly open my eyes and turn around.

No red eyes.

No little girls.

No lullaby.

I quickly go upstairs, trying find my way back to my room. Suddenly, I stumble and fell out, my head hits the floor. I turn back to see what stopped me from retreating. And there…

There she is.

A little girl with short dark hair, very much like Sadako from the novel Ring that I read, it's just that she looks smaller. Both of her hands are wrapping around my ankle.

Don't go.

Her lips don't move, still I can hear her voice dancing in my head.

_ What? Get off me!

I yell, trying to get her hands off my leg. But somehow I can't, is she really a child? Such strength cannot belong to a small body like that.

Nowhere train is coming.

_ Nowhere what?

I frown, still trying to escape from those cold hands. The chill returns to me, I look up and again…

Those red eyes are looking at me.

_ Stay away from me!

I yell as those eyes getting closer.

And closer…

_ Rocky!

A familiar voice wakes me up. The first thing that comes to my eyes is my brothers, how happy I am to see them again. And second thing I should take notes is… I'm still in my bed.

_ We heard you screamed in your sleep. Are you all right?

Tum Tum asks while Colt's looking at me, they both look worry. I sit up from the bed just to find my pillows are all wet because of my sweat, in spite of that my body is cold and my lips are dry.

_ You were screaming as if someone was trying to kill you.

Colt states. I look at them, trying to catch my breath, I can still hear my heart beats.

_ What… what time is it?

_ It's only 6 o'clock. – Colt replies my question.

_ I don't think I'm going to sleep again…

I say and get out of my bed. My brothers stand up and run to me.

_ Rocky, what exactly did you dream? – Colt stands in front up me.

_ It must have been terrifying! I haven't seen you like that before. – Tum Tum adds.

I don't know how to reply, I'm going to be 18 soon and normally, a silly horror dream like that wouldn't scare me that much, the problem is this dream just kept returning to me every time I closed my eyes. An instant fear is easily forgotten, but if something keeps haunting you over and over again, it slowly eats your mind and when you start to get used to it, it changes. It transforms into something more horrifying, and it makes you feel it's happening in the reality. And the border of dreams and reality soon will be lost, you will find fear in everything related to it, even in real life.

_ Nothing…

That is all I can say, I slowly walk past Colt and exit our room.

- May 24 6:10 AM