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May 24 5:00 PM

_ Rocky, dear, are you sure you're ok?

I hear mom's voice from behind as she's trying to follow me upstairs.

_ I'm fine, mom, really. Just a headache, that's all.

_ You look pale and eat very little these days. Say, if you have any troubles you can always tell us.

_ I will, mom. You don't need to be worried, I fine, really.

I turn around and smile at her, hoping that will make her feel easier. She returns me with a gentle smile across her lips, still it can't hide her worry. Somehow I feel guilty for making mom feel like that, but I'm not a child anymore and this is nothing but a nightmare, yeah, a horrible nightmare. Maybe Tum Tum or Colt already told her about me, about my sleepless nights? I don't blame them, they did that because they worried about me, but I can't help but feeling a bit annoyed.

My feet carry me upstairs while my head is spinning around. The strange lullaby's still wandering in my memory, I can't remember every sentence of its lyrics but there're some words I can't seem to erase them from my mind.

What the hell is "Nowhere train" anyway?

I remember the little girl said something about the nowhere train, that it was coming. I really can't make it out. What did she mean?

A train of beasts and men?

While I'm trying to figure out what the meaning of the strange lullaby is, my feet stop as I finally stand in front of our room's door. A sound of music can be heard from the inside. Someone is playing the guitar. Probably Colt, he's playing for a school band as guitarist. I must admit he's quite talented, beside breaking things and easily getting mad. Colt's playing a slow song, very slow. Somehow the music seems to be very familiar to me, I swear I've heard it somewhere before. And then my brother begins to sing, and my heart stops as the lyrics ringing in my ears.

"…Sleep well, my dearest

The stars are dancing again

And the moon is running through a vast grassy plain

Here comes the nowhere train

Which will take you to the nowhere land…"

I quickly rush into the room and stare at Colt, who stops playing and looking back at me with his eyes wide opened.

_ Rocky, what the…?

_ Why do you know this song?

_ Huh?

Colt frowns and puts his guitar aside, I continue:

_ Where did you hear this song?

_ Well, strangely, I don't know. – Colt says as he scratches his hair.

_ What do you mean by you don't know?

_ It's true. I know I've heard it somewhere before, it suddenly came to my mind and I decided to play it. Strangely, I can't seem to remember where I heard it.

My heartbeats suddenly get faster. Could it be Colt had the same nightmare? I slowly approach his bed and sit next to him.

_ What is it, Rocky? Is something wrong with the song?

Yeah, it's "wrong". There's definitely something "wrong" about this lullaby.

_ Colt, have you had any nightmares recently?

_ Nightmare?

_ You know… did you dream about, well, something "abnormal"?

Colt scratches his hair again, then he slowly answers me, his voice seems to be very normal and he doesn't look like he's having a bad time:

_ I didn't dream much these days, you know. Because you just kept screaming and waking up in the middle of the night, both me and Tum Tum found it hard to have a good sleep.

_ Ah, sorry about that… but seriously, did you have any dreams?

_ Usually I don't remember dreams. Ah, wait…

_ What? You remember something?

I fix my eyes on Colt, hoping he will bring me some useful information. Maybe Colt heard the song in the dream like me, but somehow he forgot about it, only the lyrics remained in his memory. Colt continues scratching his hair, trying to recall something:

_ I did have a strange dream a couple of days ago, can't remember exactly when, maybe before your sleepless nights.

_ What did you see in your dream?

_ It wasn't nightmare, but it was quite strange, actually. I saw a little girl in a red kimono, she ran toward me and then she asked me to play with her.

A little girl in a red kimono? Could she be…?

_ And… did you play with her? – I ask, not noticing my hands are getting colder.

_ Well, we did play together a lot. Somehow I felt very happy, it was a nice and funny dream. I remember we were playing on a field. A vast grassy plain was more like it. But when it got darker, and I was about to leave, she said something to me…

Colt stops as he's trying to remember what the girl said. I urge him:

_ What was it? What did she say to you?

_ Something like… uhm… "Let's play together sometimes", then… "I promise that I'll come and pick you up so that we can play again"… yeah, something like that.

"I promise that I'll come and pick you up so that we can play again"? What the hell…?

_ She did say something more, but I couldn't remember. Strange, why couldn't I remember it? Anyway, I didn't dream about her anymore. Dreams are just dreams, right? Rocky?

Now my entire body is getting colder. There's no doubt Colt heard the song from the girl, I heard it from her, too. Strangely, Colt remembers the lyrics while I can't, and when I can remember where it came from, only the memories of playing with the girl remained in Colt's mind. And when I was haunted over and over by the red eyes, and now the little girl, Colt had a nice dream with her. The nightmare came to me almost every nights, just after the dream Colt had with the little girl, and he didn't dream about her again.

Who or what is playing with me anyway?

_ Rocky, what's wrong? You're scaring me, man.

Colt says as he's shaking my shoulders. I turn to him, now my whole body is as cold as ice:

_ No, it's nothing… I'm ok…

_ No, you're not ok! – Colt suddenly yells at me – Look, I'm tired of your little secret! You rushed into the room, then demanded me to tell you my silly dream! And now you look as if you were watching a horror movie!

A horror movie? Right, things around me are going to become a horror movie, and I'll be the lead actor, while you and Tum Tum will be supporting roles, great, isn't it? Even though I want to say that to Colt, my heart stops me from doing so. I don't want anyone involve in this, this is my problem and I can deal with it. Colt dreamt about the girl, I don't know why, but it looks like she left him and went to me instead.

Be it that way then. I don't want my brother to suffer the same nightmares.

I don't reply Colt, but stand up and go out of the room. I hear Colt's voice from behind, and he sounds pretty angry. Of course he has to be angry.

I'm not going to give it up to that girl. If she returns tonight then I'll have a word with her.

May 24 11:45 PM

My eyes once again open widely.

Only the ceiling appears in front of me. I didn't have any dreams tonight, or am I dreaming one? I close my eyes, trying to sleep. But somehow I can't, it's just like last time. Maybe I'm in a dream? If so, this time will be different. I'm going to confront this mysterious girl, she's just a child, while I'm nearly 18 years old.

I'm lying on my bed, waiting for a serene, high voice, for a lullaby to come.

But nothing happens.

Maybe this time it isn't a dream?

Thinking so, I turn around with my eyes closed, praying this time I'll finally be able to have a peaceful sleep. I'm just lying there, totally forget the track of time. Strangely enough, I can't sleep, I don't even feel sleepy. Then...

I hear it again.

The serene, high voice of a little girl. But she doesn't sing.

Let's play together.

What? I quickly open my eyes just to find there's nobody here. I swear I heard her voice ringing in my head. Something triggers in me, I slowly turn to look at my brothers' beds. And so I see…

She is here.

And she's dressing a festive red kimono, like Colt told me. Her short dark hair is dancing with the wind, and her round big eyes is looking at me curiously. A smile appears in her face, and I suddenly feel a chill.

_ Don't you toy with me.

I mumble angrily, trying to hide the fact that my hands are shaking. The girl giggles then all of sudden, she goes to Colt's bed and sits next to him.

Let's play together again. I promised l would come and pick you up, didn't I?

My heart stops as I hear what she's said.

-May 25 00:01 AM