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Two years after the wedding.

October 16th, 2:54 PM, Alex and Olivia's brownstone,

"Slide piece AB on side C into slot D on piece E-2," Alex muttered as she sat on the floor of what used to be her study with a large pile of wood and screws around her, gently rubbing tiny circles over her bulging stomach, trying to soothe her soon to be born daughter, holding the directions for her crib in the other.

Alex put the directions down and took one of the pieces and looked at in confusion, trying to decide if the right way was up when she heard the door open.

"I'm home!" Olivia yelled up the stairs.

"I'm in the nursery!" Alex called back down, a smile over taking her face as she said the word still running her hand in tiny circles over her stomach, looking around the former study that looked like it had been hosed down in different shades of Pepto Bismol.

Alex tried to stand up, once, twice, but after the third unsuccessful attempt she sighed in annoyance and laid back down on the floor. "I need help," she called down the stairs.

The moment those words escaped her mouth, Alex groaned in annoyance at herself, hearing Olivia rush up the steps and down the hall to where she was, Olivia running into the room, a look of miner terror on her face

"Are you okay? What happened? How's the baby? How are you? Do you need an ambulance?" Olivia asked franticly as she raced over and kneeled down beside Alex, her cell phone already out and ready to dial 911. "Are you bleeding? Did you feel your water break? Just remember the Lamaze breathing until we get to the hospital! Keep your legs elevated! Turn your head and cough!"

"Olivia!" Alex shouted over Olivia's frantic rant, causing the detective to stop in her tracks. "Honey, I just need help getting up."

Olivia let out a sigh of relief and at once got behind her and with a tiny groan that she couldn't help escaping at Alex's weight, she pulled her up from the floor.

"What are you doing out of bed, much less upstairs and on the floor anyway?" Olivia asked as she put her phone away. "I told you I would take care of the crib, and I read that you shouldn't be exerting so much energy during your last few weeks."

"I just wanted to get it done and over with," Alex told her as she reached behind her and rubbed her painful back. "Plus when does walking up the steps qualify as-"

"You walked up the steps? What about the stair chair I had Elliot install?" Olivia asked, evidently hurt.

"It takes an hour to get up the stairs with that thing!" Alex complained.

"Better wait an hour then exert energy. And I don't want you out of bed anymore, okay? You've only got three weeks until your due date," Olivia reminded her as she went over to the closet and pulled out an old fashioned wheel chair. "I'll do it tonight if that'll make you feel better."

"Where the hell did you get that?" Alex asked as Olivia rolled it over to her. "And why do we have it?"

"E-bay! And I've got one in every room in the house so that you don't have to walk that much!" Olivia said proudly with a beaming smile.

"Great," Alex said, trying to harbor as much enthusiasm as possible.

Olivia's smile grew as she helped Alex sit down in the chair and wheeled her to the stairs.

"What have you eaten today?" Olivia asked as she helped Alex out of the wheel chair and into the stair seat, strapping her in.

"A piece of chocolate cake."

"Alex!" Olivia scolded as she walked alongside Alex as the stair seat crawled slowly down the steps, "what about the diet plan I made out for you?"

"I am sick and tired of rabbit food!" Alex yelled, "Okay, this is the time when I should be able to eat what I want without being scrutinized! You're not letting me have any cravings!"

"I know, but that's what's best for the baby."

Alex sighed and nodded, keeping her opinion of where Olivia could shove her diet plan to herself as she waited for the chair to hit the bottom of the steps.

When it did, instead of unhooking her, Olivia rushed to the cupboard under the stairs and pulled out another old wheelchair and helped Alex into it and wheeled her into their living room.

"Now you rest," Olivia said as she helped Alex lay down onto the couch, putting her 'necessary' pillows under her feet and head, "and I'm gonna make you some baked chicken and carrots for dinner and bring you a luke warm glass of water to drink because I was told that babies' don't like really cold food or drink. Oh, and I got a new CD for the baby to listen to."

Alex sighed as Olivia got her purse and pulled out a slim CD case and handed it to Alex.

"The best of Shakespeare as preformed by the royal Shakespeare league on 10 audio CD's," Alex read before looking up at Olivia in confusion.

"I figured she could listen to some Shakespeare on her headphones," Olivia said before she took the first CD and put it into the tiny portable CD player on the stand, taking the headphones and placing them onto Alex's bulging stomach. "I read that you shouldn't just have her listening to the same thing because your baby could become immune to the effects. So instead of the classical music I've had her listening to, I got her this! And for you, I got this."

Olivia reached inside her bag once more and handed another movie to Alex. "Diapers to Duke: A thirteen hour documentary on how to make the best decisions for your child's schools from preschool to college," Alex groaned heavily as she read the title looking back up at Olivia. "Really, Olivia; our baby isn't even born yet and you're already worried about what preschool AND college she's going to go to?"

"It's never too early to start worrying about these types of things. Now I'm gonna start dinner, and you can start watching that and I'll be in to watch it with you when dinner's done, okay?"

"Can't wait," Alex said with a false grin that looked more like a grimace.

Olivia smiled eagerly once more before she kissed her on the top of her head and on her stomach before pressing play on the portable player, and Alex could faintly hear the sounds of Shakespeare being played through the headphones.

Olivia took the movie from Alex's hands and she put the first part of the movie in their DVD player and handed Alex the remote. "Enjoy it. And remember; just give me a call if you need anything, okay? Keep your feet elevated at 60 degrees, and your head and neck in at least a 45 degree angle okay?"

Alex nodded and Olivia gave her lips and her stomach a quick kiss before she headed into the kitchen.

Once Olivia was out of earshot, Alex turned off the TV and grabbed the box of wheat thins and grabbed a handful and stuffed them into her mouth, glowering at the DVD case on the coffee stand.

Ever since she had found out she was pregnant, it had been an almost nonstop rant of anything regarding whatever was 'safest' for the baby, and taking everything she heard to an almost unbearable extreme.

Olivia had read that bright lights could hurt the baby's eyesight from inside the womb, so she had turned off the power for an entire month before she heard that low and dim lights and could affect the development of the baby's eye sight, so she not only turned the power back on, but gotten super ultra bright light bulbs and put them in every room of the house, only allowing them to be turned off when they went to bed.

She read that dairy was bad for the baby, so she had thrown out everything in their freezer and fridge that had contained even the slightest amount of dairy, and had reprimanded Alex and scolded her harshly for about two hours when she caught her sneaking a cup of milk.

So far, the only thing that Alex had been able to convince Olivia to do was not move them from Manhattan into the island, and that was only because Alex had found a statistic that said more robberies happened in the island.

Alex let out another groan as she threw the now empty box of wheat thins onto the coffee table. She knew Olivia was just looking out for her, that she just wanted the best for her and their baby, but Alex was really beginning to get sick of it.

She wanted someone who would be able to control Olivia, to bring her in just a hair, to stop her in her tracks when she was about to do something that would probably lead to Alex's annoyance…

A slow grin grew on Alex's face as she picked up her phone and dialed a familiar number, the voice picking up after three rings.

"Hey, mom," Alex said softly so that Olivia wouldn't hear her conversation, "no, I'm okay, I promise. Look, I was wondering something? You know how I'm due in two weeks? Well I was wondering if you wanted to come and help out for a little bit…"

Four and a half hours and a very annoyed and upset Olivia later, Alex got off the couch, after four tries and walked over to where Olivia was doing dishes, slamming them down a little harder than necessary into the drying rack.

Already deciding there was no way in hell for Alex to wrap her arms around Olivia; she simply put her head on her shoulder and kissed her neck.

Olivia stopped the dishes for one moment before she sighed heavily and turned around to Alex.

"I'm sorry about asking Lila to come without your permission," Alex told her as she looked over Olivia's exasperated face. "It's just with you working all the time and with your schedule, I'm gonna need some help with the baby for a while."

"I know that, Alex. I just don't see why they have to come down two weeks before your due date," Olivia whined, sounding as if she were a child being asked to play nice with the other kids.

Alex shrugged and looked away from her, unable to lie to her face, not wanting Olivia to know she had called her in because Olivia was getting on her last nerve.

"Because she's my mom, and her grandmother," Alex said as she rested a hand on her stomach. "And I think it'll be nice if she just helps out a little, that's all."

"But I don't want her helping out with the baby, Alex. Hell, I don't want her near the baby with a ten foot pole! We're her parents, not Lila! And you know she's gonna come here and try to control every little thing, and try to tell us what's best, and tell us what we're not doing right and-."

"Sound familiar?" Alex asked with a raised brow.

Olivia stopped her sentence and closed her mouth, a little bit of a blush breaking out. "Alright, so I may be a little on the extreme side but right now I'm supposed to be taking care of the two things I love and care about more than life itself. So what if I'm a bit… over protective."

"A bit? Liv, you gave me a police escort to the hospital when I cut myself shaving."

"What if a parasite from the water had gotten into the cut?" Olivia snapped, although her blush was more pronounced than ever.

Alex took a deep breath and held Olivia's hand looking her dead in the eyes. "Olivia, you're my wife, and I love you, and our baby loves you. And I know you love me and our baby. But you have got to calm down a bit with the safety stuff. We're not made of glass, Liv."

Olivia bit her lip and finally nodded. "I'll… I'll try, but the light bulbs are staying!"

Alex let out a weak chuckle and nodded. "Fine, the light bulbs can stay. So can I eat cake now?"

Olivia scoffed and looked at her as if she had just asked if she could climb the Sears Tower. "Not on your life, sweetie. The diet sticks."

Alex groaned loudly but ultimately decided to save that argument for another day.

Olivia smirked as she draped her arms around her neck and kissed her on the lips.

"So what do you think she'll look like?" Olivia asked as she gently traced circles around Alex's stomach.

"Well," Alex mused, "me or that six foot four, 37 year old male Police Sergeant with brown hair and brown eyes and no family history of any genetic illnesses."

Olivia chuckled and kissed Alex once more before. "Well whoever she looks like, she is going to be absolutely perfect."

"Well of course she will be! She has my genes!" Alex said with a smug grin.

Olivia managed an attempt at a smile but instead only came up with a grimace.

"Yeah… your genes."

Alex looked at her for a moment before there was a doorbell ringing.

"I'll get it," Alex said as she walked towards the door, taking a deep breath.

When she reached the front door, she looked down at her bulging stomach. "Ready to meet your grandma, my little angel?"

A furious kick made Alex chuckle as she tried to soothe her unborn daughter. "Yeah, I'll agree with you there. I wouldn't want to meet her either."

Still holding a hand over her stomach, Alex opened the door, putting on a fake smile that she had become so accustomed to wearing when her parents came into town.

"Alexandra, oh how I've missed you!" Lila Cabot exclaimed as she hugged Alexandra around the neck.

"I've missed you too, mom," said Alex as she hugged her back.

They released the hug and Alex turned to her father and smiled at him as he put down several of the heavy bags he was carrying.

"Hey, Alex, how you've been?" he asked as he hugged her as well.

"I'm fine, dad. How are you?"

"Being bored out of my mind every other day, but other than that…"

"Darling, you're seventy three years old, you're supposed to be enjoying your retirement," Lila said with an eye roll, "not griping that you're not in that hot and horrid court room all day with those violent and loathsome criminals, having threats made against you every other day, dealing with the lowest scum decent and civilized society has tossed out their back door."

"But I liked being in that hot and horrid court room all day," Max griped softly.

Alex chuckled as she shrugged. "Sorry, mom, I gotta go with dad on this one. I kind of like being in a hot and horrid court room all day long as well."

Lila gave her a sympathetic frown and took her hand in hers. "I know, darling, and trust me, that'll pass."

Alex raised her brow in confusion. "Mom, what are you talking about?"

Lila let out a pretentious laugh, still holding onto Alex's hand. "Oh, Alexandra, don't be absurd! I'm talking about you giving up your job to raise your child."

Alex looked at her in almost astonishment as she wrapped her arm around her daughter, almost as if trying to protect her from Lila's words. "Mom, I make 45 dollars an hour, I bring in six figures a year… why the hell would I quit my job?"

Lila's eyes widened as she looked from Alex's stomach to her face, letting go of Alex's hand. "You're… Alexandra, you're not seriously considering returning to work after your child is born are you?"

Alex groaned softly and turned to Max, a silent plea of 'help!' passing from Alex to him.

Max cleared his throat and smiled as he picked all the bags up once more. "Why don't we talk about this inside, alright?"

Eyeing Alex wearily, Lila walked in, followed by Max who gave Alex a sympathetic look.

"Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun two weeks."

"You're the one who invited us," Max said with a smirk.

Alex gave him a tiny glare as she shut the door behind him.

Olivia finally put the last dish in the rack, making a note to sterilize them later so that Alex had no opportunity to ingest any kind of dirt or grime or bacteria the dishwasher, and Olivia when she personally hand washed them, may have missed.

She heard low muttering of talking out in the kitchen and she groaned in annoyance as she took a deep breath and forced herself to smile at the appearance at her in laws.

Olivia walked out into the living room where Alex had just shut the door behind Max who looked like he was carrying Lila's entire wardrobe.

"Hi, Olivia," Max said with a smile as he set down the baggage and went up and gave her a swift one armed hug.

"Hi, Max. Do you uh, do you want me to help you with some of those bags?"

He opened his mouth to reply when Lila walked up to her, a look of anger set heavy in her light blue eyes.

"I cannot believe you! Making our daughter work all day! Grueling, tiring, bone breaking work, when she has a child to come home to at night! I know you're a feminist, Olivia, but-."

"Hang the hell on!" Olivia interrupted taking a step back, her eyes wide with confusion and anger, "first off, let's get one thing straight right now. I'm not a feminist. I believe a woman should have the choice on rather or not they want to work and be modern, not that they should be forced to. Second… what the hell are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about the fact that Alexandra is still going to be working long and hard hours after her daughter is born!"

"I'm the daughter of an English professor, Lila. I'm pretty sure the word you're looking for is 'ours'! Not 'hers'!" Olivia snarled glowering furiously at her. "Also, I can't… I can't afford two people and a baby, and our Brownstone, and the bills, and everything else on my pay check, even with the most maximum allowed overtime I can have, which I'm currently at right now since she's been on maternity leave! Alex… Alex has to work! I hate it, but it's true!"

Alex glared at her mother as Lila scoffed and crossed her arms in front of her. "And what happens when you both have to work? Do you really expect Alexandra to just leave her daughter with complete incompetent strangers at some day care that's probably funded by Columbian drug money?"

"It's 'our' baby, mom, not 'mine'!" Alex snapped, causing everyone in the room to look at her. "You're not going to start that two weeks before she's due! And I'm sorry, but I need to work. We can't afford to survive on Olivia's check alone. And I've already got it worked out with Cragen and McCoy on times when both Olivia and I can and can't be called into work."

A dead silence hung over the group for a moment as Lila looked at Alex who suddenly wanted to shrink until she was only an inch high.

"Alexandra," Lila began apparently stunned that Alex had actually shouted at her like that, her razor sharp voice surprisingly soft. "I just… I was raised with the morals that the woman stayed in the kitchen and nursery, and the men went out and earned the money. I think it's clear who the man is in the relationship," she said with a nudge towards Olivia who glared at the woman who chooses to ignore it, "and I just don't think it's appropriate for you to be working after your daughter is born."

"Ours, not YOURS!" Olivia hissed, but received no response.

Alex sighed heavily and nodded. "I know, and I'm sorry too. But there's nothing we can do about it. I need to work, that's the bottom line, and I'm really sorry if this upsets you."

Lila looked at her for a moment before she turned to Olivia who, although she still had the glare on her face, was almost smirking at what had just taken place in her living room.

Max cleared his throat loudly, making all three women turn to him, looking just as surprised at Alex as the rest of her family. "I think, perhaps, it would be a good idea for us to settle in. Maybe take some time to rest. Three hour drive down from Albany, an hour and half packing nearly an entire wardrobe… it could make some people a bit… irritable. Olivia, would you mind helping me with the luggage?"

Olivia nodded, forcing both the glare and smirk away from her face as she went over to the large extent of luggage and began to pick some of it up.

Alex made her way over to the luggage and bent down to pick a box up herself, when she nearly jumped out of her skin in fright.

A loud cry of "NO!" was shouted by someone and Alex quickly straightened up and turned to the source of the voice; Olivia, looking terrified, and Alex was sure she was mirroring her wife's look.

"What the hell is wrong with you, Alex?" Olivia scolded as she ran over and with a bit of effort picked up the box Alex had tried to pick up. "I don't want you over exerting yourself, and carrying boxes up the steps. Do you know what that could have do- this one's barking."

Olivia quickly set the box down, which turned out to be a crate, when she heard loud snappy barks and growls emitted from it.

Olivia quickly backed up, already feeling the effects of the dander so close to her, taking slightly wheezy breaths.

"And that's why I chose to do it," Alex said, unable to truly gloat because of the truthfully frightening prospect of Olivia being unable to breathe in a matter of minutes. Kijibwa is-"

"Kiijawabra?" Olivia interrupted, her throat hurting her some, her brow raised in confusion at the name. "What happened to Martha? I swear to god, Lila, you run through more dogs then you do Botox!"

Lila glowered at her for a moment as she ran a hand over her surprisingly smooth and wrinkle free face before she spoke. "For your information, Martha, the filthy traitor, decided she would rather have little mongrels with some flea bitten stray mutt then live up to the decades of fine championship breeding that coursed through her veins so we donated her, her litter, and the degenerate responsible to the local animal shelter. Kijibwa, on the hand, is going to be a fine, upstanding pure bred champion."

"So Kitebyway-."

"Kee-gee-bra!" Lila annunciated slowly. "It's Swahili for 'little dog'. Let me show you."

Lila walked over to the crate and opened it up, pulling out a tiny Cairn terrier with long silky pitch black hair.

"Isn't he excusive?" Lila cooed as she patted the dog on top of the head. "And he is the descendent of royalty you know! Breeding records actually prove he is a direct ancestor to Terry, the little dog who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz!"

Olivia backed away from the dog, coughing wildly, slamming into the china cabinet, and Alex rushed over to her at once as she dropped the luggage. "I don't care if he came out Judy Garland herself; get it out of here!" Olivia cried, feeling her throat become more painfully irritated.

Lila sighed in annoyance and rolled her eyes. "Now really, Olivia, don't you think you're taking this a little bit too far? Over exaggerating this just a little?"

"Lila, she can't breathe!" Max cried almost desperately.

"Yet she had no problem when she picked the box up!" Lila shot back.

Olivia shook her head, desperately attempting to suck in the smallest amount of breath she possibly could. "Lila," she wheezed, "put that damn thing back in the box!"

Lila, glowering furiously at Olivia, reluctantly put Kijibwa back into her little crate, and Olivia forced herself to take deep gulping breaths of air.

"Liv, you alright?" Alex asked softly as she rubbed her shoulders, her yes full of fear.

"Get it out of here," Olivia pleaded softly, her throat still dangerously inflamed. "Alex, please, I can't be around that damn thing!"

"Alright," Alex agreed, "I promise I'll put it out in the garage."

Alex went over and picked up the tiny crate that contained him, carried him out to the garage, Lila looking longingly after him.

"Why the hell do you insist on bringing your dog every time you come? Every damn time!" Olivia snapped, the words she spoke causing her more pain than anything, still taking heavy wheezing breaths. "Birthdays, holidays, vacations… Lila, you know I can't be around them!"

"Because I can't keep these beauties apart from me! They're worth thousands! Do you know how much Kijibwa cost? Picture what you spend on clothes each year, now times that by ten thousand! A ten thousand dollar show and championship dog does not get left at home alone! He needs to experience travel! He needs to experience life! He needs-."

"Stuff more than your granddaughter does?" Olivia snapped harshly, and Lila gasped in alarm. "Do you know how far that ten thousand would have gone us? Instead you spend it on some dog?"

"It is a PURE BREED!"

Olivia rolled her eyes and let out a scoff of disbelief. "You know something, Lila, you really-!"

"Back from the garage!" Alex's voice rang out before she rushed into the living room, rushing in front of Olivia and Lila. "And ready to show you the guestroom!"

To say that the two women were glaring daggers at one another would be the understatement of the year. Olivia hastily picked up the fallen luggage, and stormed up the steps.

Alex released a long, deep breath and followed Olivia up the steps, hoping she would be too agitated to remember the whole 'stair climber' argument they had earlier, trying to remember why she had decided this was a good idea in the first place.

Luckily for Alex's sake Olivia did forget, and she, Max, and Lila in the rear, holding nothing but her purse while Max and Olivia struggled under the weight of all her luggage.

They made it up the steps and began to walk towards the guestroom when Max stopped suddenly.

"Oh, Alex, is that the nursery?" he asked as he looked into the room.

Alex walked over to him and looked in the room also, smiling as she placed a hand on her round stomach, making calming circles over it.

"Yeah, all we need to do is get the crib together and it'll be all set for her arrival."

Slightly groaning under all the weight, Max set it down and walked into the room, Lila following. Olivia put her own pack of luggage down as well and followed her in laws into the nursery.

Max looked around the large room, letting out a low whistle. "This is beautiful Alex. Who designed it?"

"Olivia did," Alex said, a sort of pride in her voice as Olivia blushed and walked over to Max.

"I just, you know, whatever was safest for the baby, I-."

"Alexandra," Lila interrupted, causing the low almost unheard of groan of both Olivia and Alex as she looked over the pile of wood and screws that would soon become a crib.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked as she walked over to her, looking down at the pile of wood also.

"Alexandra, what on earth is that?" she asked in disgust as she gently nudged a piece of wood with her foot.

"It's going to be her crib, I'm gonna work on it tonight, I just haven't had time yet," Olivia told her.

Lila scoffed in disbelief as she nudged another piece. "Dear lord, where on earth did you get this woven basket, behind the dumpster?"

Olivia glowered at her for a moment before she cleared her throat and tried to make herself already taller than she already was a smug grin on her lips as she thought she would finally be able to pull one over on Lila. "No, actually, I got it from Macys. It has a five star safety warranty, guaranteed protection not to collapse or fall apart if assembled right, a certified mountain engineer mattress so that there's little chance of her rolling over and suffocating herself, and has non toxic, organic naturally dyed pink paint on it. Altogether costing a very expensive 659 dollars"

Olivia smirked and crossed her arms as she looked at Lila, waiting for her response which she surly knew would consist of a 'good job' or a 'congratulations on getting the safest crib for your child' or maybe even a-.

"It's absolute garbage."

Olivia's smug smile fell to the ground her arms sank heavily to her sides.

Lila scoffed and looked up from the pieces of the crib, the same look of knowing you had won a battle that Olivia had on moments ago.

"Didn't you receive that E-mail I had the help mail you? The one where it gave a link to one of the most modern and fashionable baby cribs being manufactured today? The one only available in France?"

"You mean the death trap?" Olivia shot back.

Lila scoffed in disbelief. "What do you mean death trap? That crib had a heated mattress resembling the insides of the mother's womb comforting the child, it had finished cheery wood bars held together by the most delicate and rare glue in the world so that the looks of screws wouldn't be evident, and had a fully functional mobile that would release gentle, soothing aromas into the air to help the baby sleep!"

"The heated mattress had been known to randomly combust at any given moment, the glue could come off when it got wet enough, and the aromas had spores on them that could very easily choke the baby! Not to mention it cost over five grand, and we don't have that kind of money!"

"Wrong; Alex does, you don't," Lila snapped, "and that crib looked far more pleasing to the eye than this hunk of fire wood will!"

"Who cares about what looks good or how much you spent as long as it's safe?"

Lila's eyes widened to the size of saucer plates as she looked at Olivia as if she just heard her say 'who cares about oxygen.'

She continued to look at the brunette for several seconds in utter shock before she shook herself out of it, taking several deep breaths.

"Who cares," she finally spoke after several seconds of stunned silence. "About what looks good or ho- how much you spend on artifacts and objects? Good lord, Olivia, you can not under any circumstances be serious!"

Lila scoffed and motioned to the whole nursery. "Look at this place! It's… its beyond… I can't even find words to describe it! What on earth is your theme? It's all just different shades of pink!"

"There is no theme," Olivia growled.

Lila scoffed and rolled her eyes to the ceiling. "No theme? Oh good heavens, Alexandra, why in heavens name didn't you stop her?"

"Because we both decided we didn't want a theme," Alex argued, giving the smallest glare to her mother. "And Olivia worked really hard on painting the room."

"Not want a theme? Who wants their first child to grow up without a themed room? I can understand Olivia not caring, but Alexandra, this is your child. How could you let her get away with this? You had a beautiful medieval King Authors theme, complete with dazzling paintings on the wall of villages, and woods, and a real concrete castle in the corner that stood over ten feet high. Oh it was absolutely stunningly gorgeous. Too bad the only thing your wife can afford to buy your daughter is… pink. "

Alex's glare grew more pronounced as Lila went over to the bassinet full of incredibly soft plush toy animals and picked up a pink elephant. "How much did you pay for this? A dollar at the flea market for all of them, the bassinet included?"

"They were five dollars each, and they all contain a stuffing that will disintegrate if it touches water so there's no chance on her ripping the stuffing out and choking on it," Olivia snarled as she went over to Lila and snatched the elephant out of her hand, carefully placing the toy back in its original spot.

Lila rolled her eyes to the ceiling once more. "When Alexandra was little, we had Madame Alexandra dolls imported from France, custom ordered."

"Well good for you, but we can't afford-!"

"Wrong again," Lila interrupted, "you can't afford it, Alexandra can."

Olivia narrowed her eyes at her and took a step towards her, her hands balled into shaking fists as Max stood in front of them, Lila clinging to him.

"Look, why don't we all take a few breaths to calm down, okay?" Max offered as he looked from Olivia to Lila who were still shooting furious glances at one another. "Is there any way we can make a compromise?" he asked mainly Olivia, a silent pleading in his eye. "We'll even pay for it if you want."

"No!" Olivia told him much angrier then she had intended. "I'm not getting some death trap crib for OUR daughter just because it looks better and came from another country!"

Max sighed before he turned to Lila. "Darling, is there any way you can just accept-."

"My first grandchild is not going to be playing with toys that someone working minimum wage for an hour will be able to afford!"

Max groaned loudly before he turned to Alex and shrugged as if to say, 'I did my best'.

"Well you're just gonna have to learn to like the toys, and the crib, and the paint scheme, because we're keeping it!" Olivia shouted at her blonde haired nemesis. "So you, your death trap crib, your china dolls Alex probably hated because she wasn't allowed to play with them, and your King Author theme can just kiss my-."


That one simple word caused the entire room to grow deathly silent as all faces snapped towards Alex who was a little hunched over, holding her stomach, once again making the soft smooth motions.

Olivia ran over to her and all but yanked her to the soft hypoallergenic rocking chair she had bought, gently sitting her down in it, her phone out and ready to hit the send button to dial 911.

"Alexandra, what happened?" asked Lila as she ran over to her.

Olivia began to speak frantically, a cold sweat breaking down her face. "Are you okay? Are your hurt? Did your water break? Did you-."

"I'm fine," Alex groaned as she stood back up, her hand still lying over her round stomach, both Olivia and Lila looking at her as if she were a glass figurine that was being juggled, forcing a smile at the two of them. "She's getting really hungry and kicking mommy really hard is a great way to get what you want."

Both women let out a sigh of relief and caught one another's eyes for the briefest of moments before they turned away again.

"I made reservations as LaClaires at eight thirty," Olivia told the group. "This really nice French place a few blocks away."

"Now when you say nice, do you mean Five Star nice or 'they put a baked potato on the dollar menu' nice?" Lila asked, a sickly sweet smile plastered on her face.

"Mom, just leave her alone," Alex muttered before Olivia could come up with a response.

Lila let out a huff of annoyed air before she turned to Max who looked almost impressed at Alex. "Fine! Come on, Max, I would say we have to get ready, but we could probably show up in bathrobes and be over dressed!"

Walking away with her nose in the air, she stormed out of the nursery, Max going up to Alex before he left, uttering the most annoying words he could have used at that point in time.

"You're the one that invited her."

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