I'm Not Your Baby

"Where is that son of a bitch?" Elvira murmured to herself, waiting outside one of her clubs on a typical hot, sunny, Florida day. She looked down at her watch and the sun blared off of it, nearly blinding her. Frank was supposed have picked her up nearly fifteen minutes ago. Her lip curled into a sneer, she didn't mind being behind schedule herself but when others were behind it drove her nuts. She wasn't looking forward to telling Frank that night how pissed off she was because he was late yet again. Elvira frowned, looking out into the street, seeing if a recognizable vehicle might be coming her way, no one was. All the cars passed by, not one striking a resemblance to Frank's.

"Hmph", she turned on her heel and went back into the air conditioned waiting room. She wasn't going to stand out there and get sun burnt, not while waiting for Frank. Elvira plopped into a cushy chair and picked up a magazine to read it, but her mind wandered off quickly from reading the boring articles. She thought back to that night at the Babylon Club a month ago or so, when she was the one who was late. Hmm, maybe she shouldn't bother Frank about being slow just yet; he'd surely bring up that night as evidence for her own shortcomings. Damn that Frank, he always had a comeback to her accusations. Elvira flipped the page, glancing over the pictures and articles, boredom washing over her now.

"Why would he be late again? I don't understand…oh, wait…he's probably held up with that Tony Montana and his friend again", she considered, her mouth twisting into a frown. "I won't forgive him if that's what he's doing, I can't stand that little, arrogant prick". She thought back on Tony Montana, on the night when she first met him and Elvira rolled her eyes; she'd like to forget she met him in the first place, but he was insistently trying to bother her now. Since he started working for Frank, Elvira had to tolerate seeing him at least once a week, sometimes more. It was annoying, and she didn't like to be annoyed, especially by people she didn't like. Just the thought of that short, temperamental Cuban made her want to scream, and what was worse was that he liked her. It was obvious, disgustingly obvious how much he liked her, and she didn't understand why he even tried to pursue anything. She was Frank's lady, he knew that, why was he sticking his big nose in her business then?

Elvira crossed her legs and leaned back in the seat. Gripping the chair arms tightly she thought back to that first irritating occasion when she had to spend time with Tony Montana, and then considered how she might survive the next.

She was late again. Elvira looked at the alarm clock that was sitting on her vanity and it read that it was already ten o'clock. She gave an irritated sigh and continued to apply her eye shadow, figuring if she were already late she might as well keep taking her sweet time.

Frank was taking her out to dinner again this week. She looked forward to going out to clubs or going to eat, that's mainly why she was with Frank in the first place. She enjoyed being seen and being admired for her pretty clothes and beautiful face; because everywhere she went she was accepted for those reasons. It didn't really bother her to be a trophy girlfriend; she figured she was good at doing it so why be ashamed? It was nice to know how striking you were just by people's reactions to you.

Elvira slipped on a sleek blue dress and slid in her earrings, admiring her finished look in the mirror. She spun around a few times and was pleased at what she saw.

She glanced over toward the clock again and only ten minutes had passed. She gave herself a confident smile and went over to grab her clutch, but then remembered she had left it down stairs. Elvira stopped at the mirror one last time before she left. It had been a while since they last went out this late and she got to wear one of her expensive evening gowns, she needed to admire it first. She smiled approvingly, fixing her blonde bangs and then strutted out the door to the glass elevator. She pushed the down button and the sleek doors opened for her. Elvira stepped in, turned around and leaned against the wall with one of her hands, the other hand resting on her hip. She rolled her eyes irritably; the elevator was always so slow when she was in a hurry, she wanted to get her purse before they left. No doubt Frank would confront her about her tardiness and she'd get mad and forget the purse, just like the last time. Elvira's lip curled at the thought. A gentle thud and the elevator landed, the doors opened wide and she straightened her dress before getting off. She swung out of the open doors and then around the giant column which held the second floor up. Right as she walked out into the stylish, open living room Frank's booming voice greeted her.

"Elvira, where the hell you been? It's ten o'clock, baby, I'm starving", she continued pacing by, determined to get her purse.

"You're always hungry, you should try starving".

Frank ignored her comment and sat down on the couch but then hurriedly got back up when he noticed she kept walking by.

"Where you going? Come on. Come over here", Frank followed her over to the dinning room where she left her purse. Elvira nabbed the bag then turned around to meet Frank.

"I want you to meet a friend of mine, come on", he extended his hand to her. "Tony Montana", he announced, guiding Elvira over to two men she hadn't even noticed were there until now. Frank signaled toward a short, tan…was he Cuban or Colombian? Elvira couldn't tell, either way he looked rather nervous as he tipped his head hello at her. She didn't think she looked that imposing, why did he look like he just saw a ghost?

"Hello", she greeted him softly.

"Manny Ribera", Frank pointed to the taller man of the two, also Spanish. Manny, as he was called, also gave her a little bow of acknowledgement. She observed them both quickly. They just looked like the typical people Frank did business with. Both men were wearing sharp suits, golden chains around their dark necks and had those flashy, alert eyes… although the taller one was more handsome than usual. The shorter one, however, had some sort of interesting spark in his eyes, and an ominous scar cutting through his eyebrow and down to his cheek. She fixed her gaze on his eyes for a moment, studying them, not quite sure what the spark was, but after a second she really didn't care. She shrugged to herself; she was relatively unimpressed by them after her first, quick scrutiny.

"Elvira", Frank stated, a small, glowing smile on his lips as he showed her off to them.

"So, there are five of us. Where are we having dinner?" Elvira asked casually, looking through her clutch to make sure all her things were there.

"I thought we go to the Babylon Club", Frank announced jovially.

Elvira looked up from her bag and closed it quickly. She rolled her eyes; that was the only place he was interested in going anymore. She flashed him an annoyed look and murmured, "Again?"

"Again", Frank turned around toward Tony and Manny giving them an embarrassed grin.

"You know, Frank-if anyone ever wanted to assassinate you, you wouldn't be too hard to find", she jeered.

"Assassinate me?" he looked at Elvira with a twinkle in his eye. "Who the hell would want to kill me?" he turned toward the two men and laughed. "I have nothing but friends!" Frank threw his arms in the air still cackling. Elvira rolled her eyes and started toward the door, wanting to get a good seat in the car before it became too crowded.

"You never know. Maybe the catcher on your little league team", she called back sarcastically.

"The catcher? That son of a bitch didn't get a base in all season, I should kill him", he chuckled as they followed her out.