The ride to the track started off quiet, but after a while Tony began talking again. He was just prattling on about general things, like movies or asking about Elvira's background. She just sort of nodded her head at whatever he was saying, not really bothering to pay attention. She was slumped to the side of her seat, resting her head against the headrest and sticking her hand out the side of the car, cool air washing over it. Elvira watched all the people and streets flash by as the car passed them, counting how many street signs there were until they got to the horse track. Tony didn't seem to notice though; she guessed he was just happy that she was actually listening to him.

"So you said you're from Baltimore, right?"


"You surprised I remember?"

Elvira turned her head and looked over at him. He was still wearing her hat; she hadn't really noticed that until now, much to her annoyance. Despite her obvious lack of entertainment, Tony looked like he was having fun; he was grinning so you could see his white teeth and his eyes had that teasing gleam in them again. A frown flickered on her lips; she briefly considered swiping the hat off his head, but figured it would be a better idea if she waited till they got to the track. Why spoil his fun now when she could do it in public?

"Not really", she coolly replied, raising a brow.

"I didn't think you would be".

"You know me so well", she scoffed, leaning towards the mirror to fix her hair. He ignored her comment.

"I know where Balti-Baltimore is now", he struggled with the word for a minute, but the smile was still on his lips. Elvira peered over at him again and raised a brow.

"Oh really, where is it?"

"Uhh-it's in-" she saw Tony crease his forehead in thought, trying desperately to remember exactly where Baltimore was. "Umm-in Maryland", he finally said.

"Very good", she replied somewhat sarcastically, leaning back into her seat.

"It's right? Ok good, I knew I remember".

"Who told you where it was?"

"I saw it on a map somewhere", he stated matter-of-factly.


Elvira turned back to watching the streets pass by. She rested her cheek against her fist and began counting the street signs yet again; this still didn't stop Tony from talking though.

"You know it's really hard to impress you".

"Is it?" she retorted dryly.


"How so?" she rolled her eyes.

"I learn where Baltimore is so I can talk to you about it, I pick you up in a nice car when Frank is busy, and I buy another car because you don't like this car. Nothing I do you give a shit about", Tony insisted.

"Sorry", Elvira tapped her fingers on the car door, her annoyance level slowly increasing. She really didn't feel like discussing his disappointment in her attentiveness towards him, especially when she was so close to getting rid of him and finally seeing Frank.

"What can I do to impress you?" he asked a small smirk flashing on his lips.

"Be quiet and take me to Frank".

"Nahh, that's too easy", he laughed.

Elvira sighed, rested her head against the seat's headrest and closed her eyes, deciding it would just be best not to answer him at all. Maybe this one time if she ignored him he would finally get the hint and shut up.

After a few minutes of silence Tony finally spoke up.

"I think you like me".

Elvira's eyes snapped open and she turned toward Tony, giving him a taken aback look. He peeked over at her and gave a short laugh.

"I think so", he sniggered.


"I just do. You like me right?" he asked calmly.

Elvira rolled her eyes and looked forward at the road ahead them, and exasperatingly answered, "Sure, why not?"

"I think you like me more then you know".

Elvira guffawed and insisted wryly, "Mhmm, I really don't think so". She crossed her legs and grabbed her purse, starting to go through it again, looking for make-up, cigarettes anything to avoid acknowledging his stares.

They sat in a silence a little bit longer, Elvira's nerves got more and more strained when she sensed him slipping her quick glances. She tried her best to ignore him and started putting on some lipstick she found in her purse, but his stares were too much for her after awhile.

"Would you please stop watching me and look at the road. You're going to get us fucking killed", she stated calmly. Elvira popped her lips and looked in the mirror to see if she had put on enough lipstick, trying to give off a nonchalant air.

"Sorry", he turned his gaze at the road again, but much to Elvira's exasperation he still wasn't quiet. "-I just don't understand why you don't want to admit it".

"Admit what?" she asked, knowing the answer.

"That you like me", Tony pursued.

Elvira gave an arrogant laugh, "Listen, I don't like you, ok? I still don't understand why you think I do."

"Why not? Frank likes me", he laughed.

She rolled her eyes, in utter disbelief at what an idiot this guy was. How many times did a girl have to tell him that she didn't like him until he got the picture? Was there no way of reaching this guy? She grumbled a bit to herself then turned to look at him again.

"I don't care if Frank likes you", she sneered. "I'll tell you why I don't like you. I don't like you because you're arrogant, I don't like you because you're an asshole…and I don't like you because you can't seem to understand that I don't want to fuck you".

Tony laughed which pissed her off even more; she was trying to be serious and all he could do was laugh. Elvira puffed up, fearing she'd explode if he kept on teasing her like that. Why was he doing this? What was wrong with him? Even the other lackeys Frank had that tried to come onto her never did it this strong.

"Hey buddy, you're just lucky I'm not telling Frank about that "kiss" you gave me in that parking lot today", she fumed.

He shrugged at her.

"And another thing, I think you're probably the most annoying person I've ever had to deal with. You don't take anything I say seriously and you always manage to piss me off enough to where I just want to pull my fucking hair out", Elvira continued to hiss.

Tony cracked a smile which just made her want to continue her rant. She'd set this guy straight, since nobody else seemed to have touched his precious ego before. She'd take serious pleasure in telling him just exactly why no one would ever want to be around him. Elvira raised her brow and sneered.

"You think you can impress me with this stuff?" she motioned around to the hideous Cadillac she was forced to ride in.

"I think I can impress you with my new car I bought".

Elvira stopped for a minute, registering what he had just said to her and became flustered. After a second to clear her mind she scowled and continued, "Well, I'm not impressed. Not by whatever car you have, or how much money it costs. I'm not impressed that you work for Frank and make good cash, and I'm not impressed by how much you want to impress me".

She swiftly turned her head back to watching the street signs while crossing her arms indignantly. They were nearly to the track and then she could finally get rid of him. At last he made the final left turn, and suddenly they were driving down the road to the horse track; she couldn't have asked for better timing.

"Alright, whatever you want to say about me is ok with me, but I still know that you like me. Even if you don't want to say it", Tony finally replied, not sounding wounded or hurt as she had hoped. He just sounded like he had before, casual and sure of himself. She glared at him again in disbelief.

"Why even bother anymore?" she thought. "He doesn't care what I think about him, all he cares about is what he believes I think about him". Elvira shook her head, hating to admit that this guy had gotten to her. As much as she disliked him, she had to admit it wasn't usual for her to get so worked up over what some guy said. Why was she so ready to defend herself in his presence, why was he so damn annoying to her all the time? She wasn't sure, but she didn't really ponder it anymore because now she could finally see Frank and get rid of him.

They slowly pulled into the parking lot and Tony stopped the car in an open space, still amused at her insulted silence from his last sentence. Elvira searched through her purse again, making sure she hadn't left anything so she wouldn't have to climb back into his repulsive car again to get it back. Everything checked out and suddenly her door was opened before she could even reach for the handle. Tony stood there smirking down at her; Elvira blinked for a moment and then got out of the car swiftly, trying her best not to look at him.

"I hope you had a nice ride, you can go in ahead of me if you want, I told Manny I'd meet him out here", he almost seemed to jest as he slammed the door. Elvira turned around and blinked at him again.

He still had her hat on, she had almost forgotten about it in her rage. She stared him down for a moment, taking in his amused expression and casual stance. Elvira raised a brow, not exactly certain if she should reply with a witty remark, or just say thank you and leave. Either way she wasn't going to get mad, she didn't want him to be even more amused at her temper then he already was.

"Well, I've had worse car rides", she stated slowly, "now would you please give me my hat back so I can see Frank?" Elvira put her hand out, waiting for him to grant her the hat so she could finally get rid of him and go to see Frank.

Tony cocked an eyebrow and removed the hat from his head, fiddling with it in his hands for a few minutes, looking as if he was still deciding whether or not to give it back. Elvira rolled her eyes, she really couldn't stand him playing games anymore; she just wanted to get her hat back. She placed her free hand on her hip and shifted her weight, shaking her extended hand to signal him to hurry up.

"Just give me the hat, I really don't have time for this", she demanded as coolly as she could.

Tony smiled and plopped the hat on her head before she even realized he had moved a muscle. He leaned into her and lightly pinched her cheek before he quietly said "I'll talk to you later". Elvira blinked, a little confused at what had just happened, and watched him turn and get back into his car and drive off. She guessed he was going to circle the parking lot or something, looking for Manny, but that didn't really matter much to her now.

Elvira raised her hand to her face and felt her cheek for a moment, rooted to the spot where she was standing. Despite everything she had said to him it was obvious that Tony Montana was not going to back down. She felt the soft skin of her cheek that he had pinched for a moment longer, then removed her hand and placed it on her hip. Why did he have to do this? Couldn't he just get the message already? But Elvira thought a little bit harder, of course he wasn't going to….and did she really want him to get it?

She suddenly became flustered; what was she thinking? Why would she ever want attention from that guy? She looked out into the parking lot but couldn't spot his hideous car anymore.

"Hmph, like I'll ever like that prick", she muttered to herself and turned on her heel to start toward the track. But as Elvira was striding to the entrance of the track, the horrible thought reappeared in her mind. She did like Tony Montana, just a little bit, but she still liked him none the less. Elvira gave an irritated sigh. Why did this have to happen to her? Couldn't she of just stood her ground and refused to even think of Tony, like she normally did with people like him? No, she couldn't do it, it was too late, and she begrudgingly knew it. The fact that he was already pursing her so relentlessly interested her, it had to…it was too good to pass up. Elvira couldn't help it; she loved when people made fools out of themselves just to impress her. Besides, Frank never even tried to amaze her anymore, considering he already had her. But out of all the people to peak her interest, why did it have to be that little, bullheaded spick Tony Montana? Elvira rolled her eyes at the thought. Well, even if she did like him she'd never let him know it; she was now going to promise herself that she would never admit that she liked him, no matter how much he pushed the subject. That would at least keep her sane, knowing she had a sort of secret power that she could keep over him. Her lack of devotion should surely drive him up the wall at some point, and that was always fun to watch.

She smiled to herself at the idea and continued on her way, fixing her hat that Tony had put on her head so indifferently.

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