This is kind of my shriek for Alois because of chapter eight, but not really. :/

I do not do romance so I am sorry if this makes you shudder.

Oh well, here it is.


I had thought he was going to kiss me.

If I had had a body, I would have been in a ball, sobbing.

He had leaned in, caressing my cheek gently.

I had been so happy. Even if he had been pretending, he was going to pretend with me, I had thought.

Then came the pain, it was sudden and swift, shocking, but still painful.

He could have taken it without pain. I knew that much.

But he didn't.

It was almost like a punishment, a beating you would give to a misbehaving dog.

Bad Alois.

I giggled, although no one could here in this world of red, that lay within the ring that I had once worn on my pinky.

So, I was no longer even important enough to become his meal.

Sure I was 'useful'.

But so were many of the humans Claude knew.

I was lower than food now, a mere tool.


I laughed. "Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic, PATHETIC!" It was almost like a song.

I laughed harder. If I had still had a torso it would have ached.

Once, he had been interested enough, that although I had no wish, he let me go, and helped me find one.

Once, he had only wanted me with those eyes, and felt no desire to leave anything to others.

But then again, Once, I had not loved him.

Yes, Once, I had merely toyed with him, tried to find his weak spots and used him for my own benefit.

Once, he had been my toy, not the other way around.

Once, he had been the one who felt pain.

Loving a demon.

A foolish thing to do, I had known before, when I had realized that I needed him, that he was my highness, my king.

I had been hoping for him to play along, or call me stupid, maybe even disappear, but not this.

I want to cry, so I laugh instead.

I promised Luka I wouldn't cry.

Luka… he is the one who started all of this.

Once, he was the one I loved.

Maybe he still is, and Claude is just a replacement. I don't know. It doesn't matter anymore anyways.

It's all over.

Claude will use me, and then throw me away.

I wonder if he will let my soul drift free, to burn in hell, or if I will remain in this ring for the rest of eternity.

Ah, who cares? Either way I will end up going insane anyway.

Once, I would not have cared.

Once, I only wanted to make Sebastian suffer.

Once, I never noticed those eyes.

Once, I took Claude for granted, and treated him like a servant.


T.T Kinda R.I.P. Alois though right now, I think nothing is for sure.