Callie sat in the living room of her new house and looked around. Six months ago she would have never imagined that this was where her life would take her. But then that was the story of Callie's adult life. Just when she thought she understood the path she was on..things would change and she would have to change with them. This was no different but for once..this was a good change. It was a change that made Callie happy every time she thought about it. But she had paid a heavy price for this newfound happiness but she knew in her heart it was all worth it.

These last two months had been the best two months of her life. Callie loved Arizona and she thought that she would be with this woman for a very long time. But the two of them had come to an impasse. Callie's biological clock was ticking out of control and Arizona had no interest in being a parent.

At first Callie thought that it was an issue that they could compromise on but as the weeks passed Callie realized that neither of them would be happy if they compromised on an issue that was so important to both of them. But Callie rationalized that she had time to become a mother…there was no reason to rush…right? Two months ago had been the beginning of the end. Callie had gone to work at the hospital like it was any other day. But this day wasn't like any other day. This day had changed her life.


Callie had just finished a 16 hour shift and was exhausted. Callie walked out into the cool October night air about to leave the hospital for the night when she heard a faint cry. At first Callie thought it might be from some type of animal but the longer she stood and listened she realized that it was a baby's faint cry. Callie looked around and didn't see anyone with a baby. For that matter she didn't see anyone at all. Callie started looking around for where the sound was coming from.

Mark Sloan was leaving the hospital at the same time. He spotted Callie looking around and stopped. "Lose something Torres?" asked Mark jokingly. He still considered himself to be a pretty good friend to Callie. She had been there for him when he and Lexie broke up with one another. Callie and Mark hung out on a regular basis much to Arizona's chagrin. Mark walked over to her and stood next to her. "Torres…did you hear me?" asked Mark wondering what was with her.

Callie shushed him and said "Shut up…." There was another faint cry from the baby. Callie looked at Mark. "Sloan…you heard that right?" asked Callie.

The smile fell from Mark's face. "Yes, I heard that." "Come on let's split up and look for the baby." said Mark. Mark started looking around hoping that the baby would cry again.

Callie heard the baby cry again and this time she realized she was close by. She rushed over to a pile of boxes and behind it was a stroller. "Mark! Over here." said Callie. She bent down and looked into the stroller and was shocked to see two children. There was a girl that appeared to be about 4 years old. She was in the back of the stroller and in the front was an infant that looked to be about 5 months old. The little girl looked groggy and tired.

Mark ran over to Callie and stopped seeing the baby and the little girl. Mark looked around to see if anyone was close by that could be the parents of these children but he knew they had been abandoned. "We need to get them inside Callie…get them seen by a doctor and call the police." "Who could just abandon two children like this?" "They didn't even have the decency to bring them inside where it is warm and safe…"

Callie reached down and picked up small infant swaddling him in the baby blanket that was only loosely covering him. "Someone who is heartless…that is who."

Mark said "I'll push the stroller into the hospital…let's go." Mark pushed the stroller into the hospital following Callie. "We need help over here!" called Mark.

Miranda Bailey ran over hearing the urgency in Mark's voice. "What is going on?"

"Torres and I found two children abandoned outside of the hospital." "They both need to be seen especially the little girl." "She seems out of it and I've heard her wheezing." said Mark reaching into the stroller and pulling out the little girl that clung to him when he lifted her up.

"Bring them over here." said Miranda she went to the nurses' station and called for one of the on call pediatricians. Miranda started examining the girl. "From the sound of her lungs it sounds like she has pneumonia."

In the mean time Callie examined the infant. "He sounds like he has pneumonia as well."

The pediatrician arrived to examine both children and Callie left them there to be looked after.

Mark saw the look on her face. "They are safe now Callie." He gave her a hug. "You are a hero…" "If you hadn't heard the baby crying there is no telling how long they might have been out there."

That had been two months ago and in that space of time Callie and Mark had found out that the children's mother had recently died and that their drug addicted father was the one who abandoned them outside of the hospital. The little girl and the baby boy both suffered from pneumonia, but the girl's condition was more severe because she already suffered from asthma.

The children were both in the hospital for two weeks and every day for two weeks Callie spent as much time with them as her schedule would allow. Callie had come to know them as Sophie Santos and Nicolas Santos. Callie was heartbroken when the two weeks were up and the children were released from the hospital and sent to separate foster homes. It was at that moment that Callie made a choice. She wanted to adopt the two children and take them into her home. Callie had pleaded with Arizona hoping that she would change her mind about being a parent. Callie had even introduced Arizona to the children while they were still in the hospital. But it was not to be. Arizona had packed her things and moved out.

It was then that Callie and put the wheels of her new life into motion. Callie began the process to adopt Sophie and Nicolas. She started looking for a home to buy and bought it. She then readied her home for the arrival of the two children. The entire time Mark had been at her side helping her in any way she needed him to. He had spent many of his off hours helping her paint the children's bedrooms. Mark often went with Callie to visit the children at their foster home. Mark was helping Callie at her house so much that he started spending the night there. Sloan was spending a lot of time with Callie and Mark as she got closer to her due date. Callie and Mark had worked hard to make sure the house was perfect for the children. Christmas was only a few weeks away and Mark had also helped her decorate for Christmas.

Callie looked around at house hearing the silence knowing that that silence would be a thing of the past in a matter of minutes. Soon her children would be there. Sophie Rose Torres and Nicolas Mateo Torres.

The doorbell rang and she hopped up from the couch and rushed to the door. Callie flung the door open. She laughed and said "Sloan! I thought you were the kids. The social worker should be here any minute."

Mark smiled and said "I know. I come with gifts." He smiled holding up two bags from a local toy store. "I wanted to be here to meet them too."

Callie laughed and said "Thanks Mark." "Well, get in here…" Callie closed the door and shivered. It was December and it was freezing cold outside. "You can put the toys in the living room."

Mark walked into the living room and smiled seeing the Christmas tree they had put up together. In a lot of ways it felt like Mark was a big part of this welcome home celebration.

Callie walked over to Mark. "I want to thank you for all of the help you have given me. I could not have gotten everything done so quickly without you." "I just…I wanted everything to be perfect for their first Christmas with me." "You are the best friend that I could have ever hoped for."

"So how are you feeling…about the holidays without Arizona?" asked Mark.

"I am fine.." "I may have lost a girlfriend but I gained a family…and that is more important to me than anything else." "Speaking of families…how is Sloan doing?" asked Callie. "She is about ready to give birth isn't she?" asked Callie.

Mark nodded and said "She's got another two weeks…but she doesn't think that she wants to keep the baby." "I have been trying my best not to put any pressure on her. I don't want her to keep the baby just because..I want her to." "She's a kid…and she needs to be able to live her life." "And the best way for her to do that…may be by giving up the baby."

"I know how hard that has to be for you Mark. But you are being a great dad by putting what is best for Sloan first instead of what you want." said Callie. "Besides, you never know…seeing that baby for the first time…she just might change her mind."

"I don't know if she would be able to hack it as a mother Cal." said Mark. "She's so young and…." "I just want what is best for her and for this baby." said Mark.

The doorbell rang and Callie said "That must be them!" She took in a deep breath. "Okay they are here."

Mark laughed and said "Calm down…and go answer the door." "Time to start your life Torres."

Callie smiled at him and walked to the door. She opened it and sure enough there was the social worker holding a carrier that contained and bundled up Nicolas. Sophie was holding the social workers hand.

Sophie waved at Callie with a grin. "Hi!" "We gets to move in here with you now." said Sophie. The little girl had truly bonded with Callie over the last two months.

Callie smiled and said "I know and I am so happy to have you and Nicolas here with me." Callie looked at the social worker. "Please come in."

The woman smiled at Callie and said "I wish that I could but I have a very busy schedule to keep." She handed Nicolas's carrier to Callie.

Callie smiled and said "Thank you." "Have a good day." Callie took Sophie's hand and led her into the house. Callie closed the door with her hip.

Sophie looked around the house and gasped. "Wow….." "It's ginormous…"

The house was pretty large. Callie had purchased a 5 bedroom 4 and ½ bathroom home with a third story attic. Callie smiled and said "Well, this is your new home." "Would you like to see the Christmas tree?" Callie walked with Sophie into the living room carrying Nicolas in his carrier.

Mark grinned seeing Sophie and Nicolas. "Munchkin!" said Mark.

Sophie dropped Callie's hand and ran over to Mark. "Uncle Mark!"

Mark picked her up and swung her around. "Get a load of that Christmas tree." He walked with her over to the Christmas tree.

Sophia gasped looking at all of the blinking lights and the sparkling ornaments. "It's the most beautiful ever!" said Sophie in awe.

Callie chuckled and set the carrier down on the coffee table and lifted Nicolas out of his carrier. "Hi baby boy." "Welcome home to you too." said Callie rocking the sleeping baby. Callie kissed the top of the baby's head and watched Mark and Sophie interact together. She had her family now…she had her kids and their beloved Uncle Mark. Callie wouldn't let herself admit it…but she loved their Uncle Mark too.