Full Summary: Riku, a 17-year old teenager, works as a host for a man named Ansem. Unknown to him, Ansem is a vampire, and after watching Riku for a while, decides to turn him. Trying to turn back human, he kills his sire, successfully leaving him alone in this new body (not that he's want to learn from Ansem anyway, but still). Upset and confused, he turns to his best friend, Sora, whom he has had a major crush on (bordering on love) for the last several years. The two start going out despite Riku knowing the dangers about himself that Sora is completely oblivious to. Other characters include Roxas, Sora's twin brother, Kairi, Sora's friend, Leon, a vampire hunter, Axel, Leon's apprentice, and Cloud, a master vampire Leon is mercilessly pursuing.

Pairings: RikuxSora, AkuRoku, Cleon

Warnings: Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Blood, Gore, Violent themes

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Chapter 1: Dazed

He leaned against the wall, breathing heavily. A deep, burning sensation rose in his throat, something he had yet to understand. The air around him seemed heavy, stale, almost poisonous to his lungs, as if he only breathed it in out of habit. His eyes were just starting to regain their focus, exiting the strange fog his entire body had been in for the last couple hours. Limbs heavy with exhaustion, Riku tried to stumble his way down the alley.

Feet slipping in a puddle, the silver-haired teenager was too tired to catch himself and landed harshly on the ground. Panting from the strange, painful sensations coursing through his body, Riku stayed down for a moment, hoping to catch his breath. It didn't work, just as he thought it wouldn't. He had been wandering, disoriented and confused, for what he guessed to be a couple hours, at least. Nothing had changed except the growing heat in his throat and (finally) the clearing of his vision.

Weakly putting his hands under him, Riku struggled to get back to his feet. Lifting himself to the length of his arms, the young male looked down to notice something quite strange and frightening in his reflection in the puddle: his once teal eyes were now crystalline ruby. A gasp escaped his throat, showing a small flash of fangs. His enhanced eyes caught the small glimpse, and he tentatively brings an unsteady hand up to move his lip out of the way to see it better. His canine teeth have grown, forming into quite distinguishable fangs. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what has happened, and Riku is anything but dumb. The memory slowly seeps into his clouded mind, the reason he is no longer human.

He stretched and yawned, feeling the tiredness seep into his bones after a long night's work. He looked older than his seventeen years of age, so no one questioned why he worked in a host bar. He lived in a more unruly part of the city anyway, and most of the people who knew him and knew where he worked were simply glad he wasn't selling drugs or knocking up girls and booze. His silver hair fell into his face and he laughingly swatted it away, putting up the last of the chairs. "Riku, could you come here?" he heard the manager say.

Turning to see the taller man, the faithful employee said, "Yeah, coming." Not seeing the need to hurry, he casually strolled, towards the back door to his boss' office. "Do you need me for something, Ansem?" he asked, the dark-skinned light-haired man having insisted on not being called 'Sir' or 'Mister.'

"I've been watching you for a while, Riku," he stated simply. "You work hard and never complain. Your looks and talents are far above those of my other employees, would you not agree?"

The teenager chuckled a little and held up his hands in silent protest. "I wouldn't say that," Riku replied. "We all work to the best of our abilities, and I wouldn't say I'm better looking than any of them." Ansem smiled at that.

"And you're modest, too. All great qualities." Riku could pretty much feel the change in the air at this point. Looking at the boy slyly, the older male asked, "Do you want a promotion, Riku?"

His blue-green eyes lit up slightly at that, his mind wandering to what he might do with that extra money. I could get Sora something… he thought, but quickly forced it down. I mustn't think of him like that. he insisted, having worked up a good barrier over the years to fight back those thoughts. "I do not really have a say in it, but I cannot say I wouldn't want one," he finally answered.

Ansem smirked at that, hearing the answer he had hoped for. "If you want a promotion, then come here," the man beckoned. Riku suddenly became cautious, backing away from the man. "Now, now, I'm not going to ask anything indecent from you like sex," he assured, which didn't relieve much of the teenager's suspicions. He had cousins who worked in places like this be raped by their boss, and he was not going to fall victim to that as well. "I promise, now come here boy."

Slow steps brought him closer to the other platinum-haired person in the room, calculating the man's actions before he moved. He still didn't trust the man, and the first indication things were going to turn sexual he was out of there.

"Caution, another good quality to have," Ansem said, standing and moving over to his employee. Reaching out, he gently grasped Riku's chin, turning his head to the side and lowering his face to the young male's pale neck. "Shh… this will only hurt a bit."

He was about to pull away, but it was too late by then. Two sharp jabs simultaneously pierced his neck, sending a painful heat through his veins. There was the distinct feeling of blood gushing from his carotid artery, dizziness ensuing from the decreased amount of oxygenated blood to his brain. He had the strange feeling something foreign was being introduced to his system at the same time, something that burned through his tissues and slowed his heart. His entire body began to shake, vision blurring, strength depleting, breath catching in his throat. The last things he remembered before he passed out was the feeling of suffocating in a room full of air and the sensation that his body was burning up from the inside out.

His hand plastered over his mouth, it was only then that Riku realized he had stopped breathing when he recalled the events from earlier that night. Or was it that night? He honestly didn't know how long he had been out. Sitting so he was leaning against the wall, shaking from fear and an immense sadness, the boy hesitantly ran his tongue over his fangs, confirming they were still there. His thirst flared in his throat again, adding another bit of proof to the conclusion that he was now a vampire. Looking in the puddle again, he moved his long hair away from the left side of his neck, the bite mark that should have there completely healed by now. Of course, he scolded himself, you're not human anymore so of course you don't heal like one.

A strange scent invaded his nostrils, his crimson eyes glowing slightly in the reflections of the night. It was a smell that drew him by his senses, a smell that he didn't recognize yet, but the monster inside him knew well. It overwhelmed him, blocking out what was left of his humanity to amble almost drunkenly towards the intoxicating aroma. Each corner brought him closer to his destination, though his human mind would not be able to comprehend where he was going until he got there.

To his horror, his improved eyes landed on the form of another human. You're not human now… a solemn side of his mind said defeatedly. The sound of the guy's pulse could be heard, even from his location a good thirty meters away. Saliva began to build up in his mouth at the smell of food, the temptation of blood. Unable to control himself, Riku took labored steps towards his unsuspecting victim.

The man turned to look in his direction when he neared to about five meters. Eyes downcast, the other male could not see his devilish red eyes. "Hey, buddy? You okay?" he asked, trying to see under Riku's veil of hair. "You don't seem so good. Are you sick? Should I call a doct-AH!" His scream echoed as Riku lifted his head, exposing his fierce eyes. Startled, the probably twenty-something-year-old man stepped backwards quickly, tripping over a couple empty pop cans and an overturned bucket, landing solidly on his ass. "St-stay back!" he stuttered, the teenager slowly progressing towards him. He crawled backwards, sweat beading on his forehead from fear, until he ran into the brick wall.. This new smell mingled with the old one in Riku's mouth and nose, driving him forward with greater speed, sensing a helpless meal.

He was pretty much mindless as his stronger than human hands (even in his weakened, newly-turned state) gripped the stranger's wrists, pinning them to the cold stone behind him. Lips parting as he drew closer to the man's throat, a sudden wail sent him back, free hand covering his hurt ears. The man yelled again, obviously pleased with the reaction he got from the first scream. Riku was having none of that, though, and the man was quickly silence by the hand he used to protect his ears. Growling animalisticly, the silver-haired male leaned forward again, forcing the stranger's head to the side to better access his prize.

His fangs hovered for a second over the beating pulse before impatiently piercing the pliable skin. He could hear the cry of pain through his hand, but his beast side ignored it. Even going on instinct, Riku was still an inexperienced vampire, and managed to only graze the man's jugular, opening a small tear in the side instead of stabbing right through it. As such, the warm liquid did not just flow into his mouth. Sucking gently on the skin, Riku finally managed to get his first coppery taste of blood. The warmth was oddly cooling on his burning throat, and the teenager yearned for more to stop the pain he could not quell any other way. Salty tears ran down onto Riku's pale fingers and palm, soft whimpers issuing from the captive man's covered mouth. As the burning went down, Riku's humanity began to return. With his eyes closed and enjoying the taste of whatever juice he was drinking, it took the young male a moment to actually hear the whines.

Eyes shooting open, Riku's mind suddenly comprehended what he was doing. Almost too quick, Riku jerked his head back, fangs almost ripping through more flesh as they withdrew from the stranger's skin. The fresh vampire looked on in just as much terror as him impromptu victim, hands leaving the man and stopping just inches away from his own face. What have I done? His mind reeled, searching for some explanation other than he just drank this man's blood. There was the proof, though, the two neat holes in the side of the stranger's neck that still seeped a small amount of fluid. He was pleased to see it was stopping at least, but could not get over the fact he had caused that injury.

A combination of shock and fear finally overtook the man, and he passed out, a small reprieve to Riku, who at least didn't have to listen to his whimpering now. The stranger's pulse could still be heard, while Riku found he could not find his own beat. Placing two fingers to his throat, it did not surprise him when he didn't find any.

Ashamed, the teenager looked down and to his right, directly into another puddle caused by the previous rain, which was just now starting to drizzle again. He could clearly see his reflection with his vampire eyes, and the twin trails of blood running from the corners of his mouth to his chin. "No…" he whispered almost inaudibly to the rain, unable to look away from what he had become.

"So how did you like it?" came a deep voice, one Riku knew all too well. "How did you like your first taste of blood?"

Hateful eyes turned on him. Riku resisted the urge to bare his fangs in vampiric hostility, still clinging to humanity. "Don't act as if this is some kind of gift, you bastard!" he yelled.

"Now don't be that way, Riku," the older vampire mock scolded. "I have given you one of the greatest presents in the world. You are a vampire now, Riku, so much better than these pathetic humans. It is so easy to simply kill them off." To prove his point, he grabbed the unconscious man's head and turned it sharply, his neck breaking with a loud snap! that startled and sickened the traumatized teen. "You are so much stronger than them now," he said, emphasizing the word with distaste.

"I didn't want this!" Riku yelled, shakily finding his feet. "I never asked to be turned into a monster!" A confident, dark hand reached for him, and Riku reflexively recoiled from it. "Don't touch me! Don't come near me!"

Anger flaring in Ansem's cold eyes, the older male said, "Fine, run then, child. But realize this, Riku, you will come crawling back to me. You cannot learn to become a true vampire on your own. You will need my help. There are not many of our kind who will help a sireless fledgling."

Still shaking from fear and sorrow, Riku did the only thing his mind could tell him to do.

He ran.

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