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Chapter 17: Infected

The blonde and brunette exchanged raised eyebrows and worried looks, expression showing something between fear and panic. The taller male's eyes were clearly asking a question, 'what is going on here?' while the smaller one's simply shrugged and replied with an, 'I'm not sure I want to know.' The two then looked back on as the messy teenager was surprisingly cleaning up the living room. Sora was moving in what was almost just a blur of black and blue and red and yellow, snatching up the few empty candy wrappers and poptart wrappers that had come to make their homes on the coffee table as well fishing the TV remote out of the couch cushions. A towel haphazardly placed on the floor nearly tripped him up, so he quickly stooped down and grabbed it before continuing on his way with a handful of used paper plates and a couple empty pop cans into the kitchen. The two cringed when they heard the armful crash to the floor, most likely when he was trying to open the cupboard where the garbage can was located, and the boy curse semi-quietly as half-used ketchup and mustard splattered onto the hard linoleum. The sound of the facet being turned on reached their ears, and then a moment later the cupboard swung closed with a bang and the older twin emerging from the room. The blonde vaguely noticed the yellow stain on the cuff of Sora's pants as the boy approached them, wondering internally just what alien had possessed or replaced his brother to make him actually clean the house. Considering how messy his room constantly was, it was quite a surprise to the two that the boy even registered that the trash he had just thrown away didn't belong on the coffee table.

Coming to a stop in front of his younger twin, Sora asked in an excited voice, "You and Axel are still going to midnight movie release of Thor, right?" His face was only a few inches from his brother's as he tried to contain his anticipation, but the large grin plastered on it was more than enough to give it away. His twin-sense tingling, but his common sense strong-arming it into submission, Roxas resisted the urge to ask just what his spiky-haired twin was planning. Most likely, he didn't want to know anyway.

"Yeah, that's the plan at least," he replied somewhat nervously, leaning back slightly to put a little more distance between the brunette and himself. It didn't do him much good for in the next instant Sora's arms were wrapped his torso in a crushing hug.

"Alright," he cheered before releasing the blonde. Moving over the two steps to stand in front of Leon, he then asked, "And you're going to spend the night with Cloud like usual, right?"

Taking a nervous step back, the seasoned hunter articulated, "Um, well, I was planning on…" Sending a sidelong glance at his companion, his voice trailed off. The blonde was mouthing something to him, but he hadn't gotten the first part of it. Shaking his head marginally to tell the boy he hadn't quite gotten his message, Roxas rolled his eyes and started again.

'Word to the wise, stay with Cloud tonight,' he mouthed before looking straight ahead again like a soldier in a lineup. Figuring that the boy who had spent seventeen years with the teenager knew his motives a lot better than he did, the hunter looked back to his adversary.

"Planning on what?" Sora questioned impatiently, tilting his head to one side slightly in confusion.

"Planning on… just that," he replied, imitating the other male's at attention pose. "I was planning on staying over with Cloud."

"Yay!" the boy grinned, rushing off to go back to his task of tidying up the living room.

Watching Sora for just a short moment longer, the two soon realized that he was so engrossed in what he was doing that he probably wouldn't have heard their conversation even if they were shouting. "So why was it so important that I do as he asked?" Leon inquired, moving the few short steps so he could sit on the stairs. Wincing slightly as his ass touched the hard steps, he added, "I was planning on avoiding Cloud tonight because I want to be able to walk tomorrow."

Holding one hand up and shaking his head, Roxas started with, "Too much information. Let me just put it this way; past experience has taught me not to be anywhere nearby when Sora is planning something. Since it will most likely involve Riku, doubly so."

"Putting it that way, I can understand why I should be out of the house," he replied, standing up and stretching the ache out of his lower back. "I guess I'll just have to make sure Cloud realizes that no really means no this time…"

Watching the hunter's back retreat down the hallway to the guest room, the blonde's blue eyes swung around to absently follow his brother's movements. Sigh and shaking his head before heading up to his room, the only thing he could think was, I just hope that whatever he is planning will be over by the time the movie ends.

Anxiety seemed to be the theme of the night, for Sora was once again antsy as he stood just a few feet from the door. He was waiting, albeit somewhat impatiently, for the redheaded vampire hunter to finish tying his shoes. And while his brother and the older of his two guests were eyeing him with mild concern, Axel was completely oblivious to the anticipation riddling Sora's actions. The other two were shifting from foot to foot as they waited equally impatiently to get out of the house and away from the overactive brunette while Axel was calmly and casually humming some strange song to himself as he brought the bunny around the mound before it ducked into the rabbit hole. Afterwards, he stood and straightened his clothes before turning to his boyfriend's brother and asking, "Do you have any plans tonight? We're kind of leaving you here all alone."

A broad smile on his face, Sora enthusiastically replied, "I'll be fine." Taking the few steps to come up even with the taller male, he placed his hands on the redhead's shoulders. "Now don't worry about me," he continued, gently turning the older boy around to face the door, "and go and enjoy your movie." Practically shoving him through the door—as in literally through the door, without opening it—he barely had enough self-control to wait for the last of the three, Leon, to get through the portal before closing it rather loudly. He then immediately ran down the hall to find the phone, placing it on the table before running upstairs to grab a few things in preparation.

Stopping a couple steps from the door, Axel scratched the back of his head in confusion and asked his boyfriend, "What was that about?" Roxas stopped dead in his tracks and Leon tripped over a small crack in the sidewalk. Regaining his balance, he sent an incredulous look back in the direction of the young blonde they were walking with.

"I feel sorry for you," Roxas sighed, shaking his head and starting off down the sidewalk again.

"It's more like I feel sorry for you," Leon corrected, falling into step beside the teenager. "I'm only his mentor, you're the one who chose to stand beside him."

Unable to refute that, he just shook his head again and continued in the direction of the theatre, even when Axel yelled for them to wait up. "Come on, what'd I miss?" he shouted, voice echoing down the street.

The three stayed together for another few blocks before they split off into different directions. Roxas and Axel continued on straight, towards the theatre where the movie they were going to watch was going to start just under thirty minutes, and Leon to the left, in the direction of Riku's house. They gave each other a brief good-bye before they parted, then the brunette was left alone to sort through his thoughts. He had to come up with a battle plan before he reached his lover, otherwise the older, stronger vampire would no doubt manage to convince him into bed before long. In all honesty, he was starting to get annoyed with Cloud, for he had not been given the dominant role since that first week. Every time he tried to bring it up since his lover had skillfully managed to distract him long enough to cloud his mind and push the thought from his head. This time, though, with his lower back already sore from the night before, he was going to insist that any escapades would not involve him on the bottom.

Taking the few steps up to the door, he was about to rap his knuckles on the wooden portal when it suddenly opened of his own accord. Only his conditioned reflexes kept him from getting very personal with it, but instead the sharp movement backwards sent a sharp, stinging pain up his spine. "Leon, oh, I'm so sorry," Riku apologized immediately once he realized how close he came to smacking the hunter with the door. "I, um… Cloud's in the living room. Sora just called me. It sounded kind of urgent."

Without waiting for him to reply, the silverette was already taking off down the street. Chuckling slightly, because he had a feeling he knew what was in store for the fledgling, he made his way inside and closed the door behind himself. Toeing off his shoes, he strolled into the living room just to find his blonde leaning arrogantly against a wall. The vampire leaning in for a kiss, he was quickly cut short with a swift slap on the wrist. "Not this time," he berated, a fierce, competitive look in his eyes. Cloud only smiled.

The bright red numbers on Riku's watch identified the time as 11:56, just four minutes before midnight. Just like he had done with Leon, the door opened just as he got to it, although it appeared that Sora had been watching through the curtained windows because he didn't almost hit the other male with it. A tanned hand shooting out of the dark interior and grabbing his wrist, the young vampire soon found himself being drug through the door. Riku barely had time to toe off his shoes before his boyfriend was once again pulling him along through the hallway and to the living room. He was deposited onto the couch, where he was finally able to get a good look at his surroundings. All the curtains were drawn, leaving the room virtually in the dark. His enhanced eyes could see just fine even with the minimal light from the street lights outside that made it through the fabric, and there was a small pile of… something… on the coffee table under a towel. Sora really needed to clean up the room. Next to the pile was a movie—How to Train Your Dragon again?—making him chuckle at his lover's very original train of thought. Shifting his weight he realized a blanket had been laid over the couch, which seemed kind of odd considering it would make it a lot more difficult to bunch it around them as they watched dragon movie for the one-hundred-and-twelfth time. Seriously, how many more times was Sora going to make him watch that movie until he got bored of it?

Sora reentered the room from the kitchen and sat down. When he glanced to the clock Riku's eyes followed, the entertainment center marking it as 11:58, before turning back to the boy next to him. Indicating toward the movie with one hand, he asked amusedly, "Is this what was so important, Sora?"

Grinning from ear to ear, the brunette replied, "You'll see," and silence descended upon them again.

After thirty short seconds Riku couldn't stand it anymore and tried to speak again. "Seriously Sora, what is—"

"Shh," the younger male interrupted, holding a finger up to his mouth.

One silver eyebrow raised curiously on the fledgling's forehead. "Did you just—" he started.

"Shh," the boy reiterated, this time pressing a finger to Riku's lips. Oh he did! But he wouldn't let the silverette speak for every time he acted like he was going to open his mouth the finger would press into him farther. So, grudgingly, he finally just sat back and waited for whatever his—well, the best word he could find for him at the moment was strange—boyfriend had planned.

Faintly he registered the VCR beeping quietly as the clock hit midnight, but mainly he was just getting bored of the brunette's game. And then he felt two hands on his chest and he turned to look up into Sora's deep brown eyes. "Happy birthday, Riku," the boy whispered, seductively, almost inaudible, and then slowly, softly, sensually pressed his lips to Riku's. He nudged the older male's lips with his tongue, tilting his head to the side slightly when he was granted access in order to deepen the kiss farther. Exploring the walls of the fledgling's mouth and occasionally massaging the other's tongue, tanned hands nimbly found their way to the hem of the vampire's shirt. Bunching the fabric up in his hands, he began to slowly inch the material farther up his boyfriend's smooth stomach, revealing his naval, then the bottom of his ribs, and it was just about to expose his nipples when the silverette's own digits slipped under Sora's shirt.

He immediately received a slap on the wrist. Confused, he leaned out of the kiss while Sora sat up a little, eyes scolding as he stared down at his boyfriend. "Just stay," the brunette commanded, a small hint of annoyance in his voice. He had been planning this for two weeks and he wasn't going to let Riku hastily ruin his surprise. "It's your birthday, so let me do all the work."

Riku's heart metaphorically fluttered, and red dusted his pale cheeks. "At least let me take off your clothes," he replied, almost a plead. He wanted to see more of the boy's golden flesh, to run his fingertips along the slightly defined muscles, to taste the saltiness on his tongue. But he was told to just lay back and enjoy himself, so the least the brunette could do was give him the first part of that chain of desires.

"No touching," Sora reiterated, but the seductive grin on his face gave away what he was planning on doing. Crossing his arms across his chest, he grabbed the hem of his shirt in both hands. Then, just as slowly as he had leaned in to kiss the older male, he brought those hands, and the shirt they held on to, up his body and over his head, displaying his chiseled torso for the other's viewing pleasure. A pink tongue slipped out to lick at undead lips, but before the silverette could do anything else Sora was pulling his own shirt over his head and off his body.

There wasn't a second's pause between that action and his next. With just a quick peck on Riku's moistened lips, Sora dove at the fledgling's throat. Nipping the pale flesh with his teeth, one hand gingerly traced lines on his chest as his fingertips neared the nipple while the other continued on a lower path. The featherlike touched acted like bolts of electricity, stimulating the older male's body in ways that touching the other boy never could. He could feel the small buds on his chest hardening, and when Sora experimentally pinched one between his thumb and forefinger he could not stop from letting out a pleasured gasp.

Smirking, the brunette directed his small love bites down until he reached the collarbone. Giving one last playful nip, he latched on to the bone and gave it a strong suck. Keening at the unfamiliar, but pleasant, sensations, Riku arched his head back into the couch cushions. He continued to moan and gasp at his boyfriend's ministration until he felt a hand at the edge of his pants. Holding in a breath, his mind started to reel as he felt the button, and then zipper, be undone. He could feel both the anxiety and anticipation welling up in his throat, his brain desperately trying to wrap itself around just what the brunette was planning. Sora had only mentioned it once or twice, and always in humor, but was he really going to…? And then he lost that train of thought for a moment as the bruise forming on his collarbone was deepened.


With what he believed was a pristine hickey on the vampire's collarbone, Sora released the skin in his mouth and slipped off the couch. Reaching for the bundle seemingly forgotten on the coffee table, he removed the top towel to reveal a bowl of water and supplies to clean up afterwards, as well as a bottle of disinfectant and two different scents of lubrication. He went for the latest of the items, taking one in each hand and holding them out for the silverette to see. "Which one?" he asked.

Riku looked between the two for a moment, one labeled as lavender scented while the other was cherry, before embarrassedly pointing to the cherry one. It seemed appropriate, considering his mind was still under the impression that Sora was planning on taking him.

Placing the other tube back on the table, he had a set about to work. His jeans were quickly discarded and Riku's were taken down to his knees, confusing the vampire slightly because there was no way he could physically reach his entrance like that. Then Sora climbed on top of him and straddled his hips and the lights clicked on in his eyes; Sora wasn't going to take him, he was going to ride him.

Spreading cherry smelling lubricant on his fingers, Sora quickly set to work preparing himself. Halfway through he made the mistake of looking up into Riku's eyes, and the red glow captivated him. If his head wasn't so hazy with lust he might have realized the danger those eyes held, but instead their exotic feel just spurred him on to move faster. Finishing with his own preparation, he spread more the slick liquid on his boyfriend. Hesitating for just a second, he slowly sat down on the older male. It was uncomfortable and in his haste he hadn't prepared himself enough, but luckily Riku managed to stay still until he adjusted. Finally ready to move, the brunette began to figure out a steady rhythm.

It wasn't until his sweet spot was hit that things fell apart. Throwing his head back in pleasure, the fledgling got a perfect view of his throat. In an instant he was sitting up with his arms around the brunette in a crushing hug, one hand bunched in his messy hair. His fangs poised over the boy's pulse, Riku's rational mind was completely lost. And as he pierced through the flesh the only thing at the forefront of his mind was his instinct to keep his mate.

Sora realized the one thing he overlooked when he felt those two, sharp jabs in his carotid artery. If Riku hadn't drank blood in over two weeks then the chance his instincts would take over increased dramatically, and it had been twenty days from his last feeding. He could feel his blood being drained and at the same time something else being added. It burned his veins and spread to all of the surrounding tissues, slowed his heart and stopped his breathing until he finally lost consciousness.

Riku didn't stop until after he came to his release, and then they just sat there motionless, Sora unconscious and Riku lost in his own head.


The two remained like that for several minutes, waiting for the fledgling's stupor to wear off and his conscious mind to wake back up. Only half aware of what he was doing, he released his death grip bite on the younger male's throat, the brunette's head lolling backwards. Licking the blood off of his lower lip and chin, he still wasn't quite conscious enough to realize what he had done. Gazing absently at the wounds he had created, the pieces finally started falling into place. His eyes went from half-lidded and euphoric to wide open and horrified. "Sora?" he questioned breathlessly, releasing the boy from a bone shattering hug and grabbing his shoulders. "Sora?" he tried again, giving the brunette a little shake. He already knew he wouldn't get a response, but that didn't stop him from hoping. "Sora!"

The blonde brought a hand up to scratch the back of his neck, but the itch he was feeling didn't seem to be physical for it wasn't working. No matter how much he scratched it just wouldn't go away, and after about a minute even Axel took notice. "What's wrong?" he inquired, turning away from the movie.

Roxas's oceanic eyes met his, revealing the fear whispering at the back of his thoughts. "Something isn't right," he whispered in reply. "It's Sora, I can tell. I've been able to ever since we were really young. When something bad happens to him, I know."

The hunter could tell his boyfriend was torn. This was supposed to be their night—they had been planning it for weeks, including a nice hotel visit after the credits—but he was seriously worried about brother. "Let's go," he said, grabbing the blonde's wrist. Roxas looked from him, to the screen, then to the doors in question, to which he replied, "The movie can wait until another night, let's go make sure your brother's alright." Not needing any more urging, he flipped his wrist out of Axel's grasp and reversed their hold. Jumping over the older boy using the seats as leverage, he was soon dragging the hunter down the aisle and out the door.

The pair pretty much ran the entire way back, slowing to a brisk walk only when the smaller of the two ran out of breath. Without knocking, Roxas burst through the door and ran down the hallway without taking off his shoes. The house was so dark he slammed his toe into a side table he knew was against the wall, and he was know thankful he was wearing shoes because that would have hurt, so the first thing he did was flip on the light. The sudden light shocked Riku, the silverette tripped over the corner of the coffee table as he stood. He was missing his shirt, but that wasn't what the redhead noticed. The amount of fear present in his eyes was greater than when they first met and he thought Leon was going to kill him.

"What happened to Sora?" they heard the younger twin ask, the blonde now leaning over the back of the couch to look down at his brother. The brunette was shivering, his eyes tightly sealed in pain as his entire constitution was morphing, changing.

Still in shock himself, Riku couldn't bring himself to look at the other boy. Instead he brought a shaky hand up to cover his mouth as he tried to explain just what had transpired. "I… I… uh," he tried, but he couldn't get his body to form the words.

"He's turning, isn't he?" Roxas asked in an unusually calm voice. The vampire's silence was all the confirmation that he needed. "So what's next?"

"I… I don't know," he admitted guiltily. "This… isn't a subject Cloud has covered… and I never brought it up."

Shifting his gaze from his twin to the vampire, he asked, "Then don't you think you should bring it up now? We'll stay here and watch over him, so go get Cloud quick, so he can help both my brother and you get through this."

They weren't expecting a knock at the door, but considering where the blonde was trying to lead him Leon was thankful for the distraction. "I'll get it," he announced loud enough that he feared the neighbors three blocks away might have heard. And Cloud's growl could probably be heard from twice that. Opening the wooden portal, he was quite surprised to the fledgling. "What wrong, Riku?"

"Where's Cloud?" he asked in response.

Peering around the hunter's back playfully, he answered, "Right here. What's…" he trailed off when he got a whiff of the scent clinging to the fledgling's clothes. "Sora," he stated. "Leon, get your coat and sword."

Just minutes later the three were on their way back to the twin's place, a heavy silence hanging over them like a thunder cloud. There was the sense that any words would set it off and rain fire down on them, so none spoke. Arriving just over twenty minutes after the silverette had left, the three flooded into the living room. Sora's mouth was open as he tried to pant, but his lungs weren't working. His hands kept clenching and unclenching as he tried to combat the pain, Riku taking one in his own as he kneeled by the couch for his own comfort if nothing else. Riku keenly remembered his own transformation, the haze in his mind and fire in his throat and blood, and now he was subjugating the person most dear to him to that same pain. And the cursed lifestyle that follows.

"Is there anything you can do for him?" the fledgling inquired of his mentor.

"There is no way to stop the process," the blonde reluctantly informed, slipping his thumb between the boy's jaws and prying them a little farther apart. "His canines have started to grow, we'll have to move him soon. He will need to be somewhere he can feed, and we can watch from the shadows."

"Shouldn't we help him through this?" Riku shot, shivering at his own memory of trying to sort through his awakening.

"The first feeding has to be solo," Cloud stated. "When a fledgling first awakens their instincts are also in their infancy. If the sire helps them at that time then they will not grow and the vampire will not be able to control their impulses. They will kill with every feeding because they can't tell when to stop without help, and their thirst will be out of control. Just like a person with Pradar-Willi Syndrome they are unable to tell when their stomach is already full of blood so they never stop wanting to drink. Now we need to move him into an alleyway before he starts to regain consciousness."

The world was spinning, and he didn't want to get up. He wanted to breathe, but the air tasted horrid and heavy in his lungs. The concrete sidewalk was cold on his cheek, but it didn't seem to do anything to help with the burning in his throat. And finally, his eyes were so blurry that he didn't want to open them, but he also didn't know where he was so periodically he'd search his surroundings to see if anything had cleared up. He guessed around fifteen minutes passed between each checking, but at the same time he had nothing with which to judge the passage of time, so he remained on the ground and waited for his strength, and memory, to come back to him.

Watching from his perch on a nearby roof, Riku swallowed nervously as his lover laid almost perfectly still. He'd check his surroundings every minute, but had made no move to get up. The waiting was painful, and every nerve was telling him to go to the boy's side. A calm hand on his shoulder stopped him from jumping down. "It can take up to half and hour to reorient oneself with the world," the blue-eyes informed.

Sora could finally make out more than just blurs of light and dark, and shapes were quite quickly coming into focus. Slowly rising to his hands and knees, he pulled his legs out in front of him and rested his back against the wall in a sitting position. He could tell he was in an alleyway, although how he got there he didn't know. A stack of crates sat beside two overflowing trashcans, and he could tell not only by sight that it was behind a restaurant but by smell as well, the rotting leftovers of meat and fruit and unwelcome fragrance. A cat yowled at the far end, but it confused him when he looked in its direction only to not find it. A second yowl confirmed that it was in that direction, but it just must be right around the corner or something. Not paying it any more mind, he conducted another sweep of his surroundings in hopes of finding something defining, but there were no indicators for where he was.

Trying to catch his breath, Sora remained against the brick wall for a moment longer, one hand clutching at his throat. The burning in it was overwhelming, and he had to find something to lessen the pain so he used the wall to push himself to his feet. Maybe if he headed in either direction he would come across someone willing to give him some milk, or water, or… a mirror? It looked like it had once been a full length one, only shattered into several pieces now. And the way it was angled happened to correspond to just where he was standing that he could see his face, and the bright, glowing red eyes replacing his usual brown ones.

"I thought you said not to interfere," Riku hissed quietly, indicating to the broken glass the master vampire had just moved.

"He cannot see you, and he cannot know you are here," Cloud clarified, keeping his voice equally as low.

The image of his face jogged him memory of the passed hours, and as he worked to process it he absently pinched his thumb nail between his upper and lower fangs. The burning in his throat, that was his thirst for blood, the same thirst Riku faced every month. It was driving, controlling, and it scared him. He wasn't sure how to face it alone.

But how had he gotten to the alley? He didn't remember wandering there, so he must have been carried. "Riku?" he called, glancing up at the rooftops. "Riku!?"

"You can't!" Cloud commanded quietly, holding the silverette down with one hand and his mouth closed with the other. "You can go to him only after he feeds."

When his boyfriend didn't show up, Sora had to turn his attention to other matters. His thirst was not going down and something seemed to be calling to him from the opposite direction as the cat. Its intoxicating smell gave him strength and agility, the previously weak child traversing several meters in a couple seconds noiselessly. Peering around the corner, he could see the back of a woman in a white collared shirt and long, black skirt. From the way she was leaning over she seemed either drunk or sick, but neither mattered to the thirsty fledgling. She never saw him coming. In an instant he was behind her with one arm across her chest and the other hand covering her mouth and holding her chin. Forcing her head to the side, he angled his fangs as well at her pulse as a new fledgling could and bit down. He didn't manage to pierce her jugular vein, but he did make a tear in its side and the warm liquid flooded his throat. It was odd how the warmth on his tongue could cool the burning in his throat, but it was working. Each pull of his mouth lessened his thirst, and the power of his instincts over his own judgment, until he finally had the control to release the unconscious woman. She slumped forward onto several black trash bags, but she was breathing and her pulse was steady, albeit a bit slow; she would not die. And with blood still staining his lips, he searched the alley for the person he desperately wanted to see at that moment.

"You can go now," Cloud said, and no sooner were the words out that Riku was flying to the ground.

"Sora?" he tentatively asked, taking a single, cautious step forward.

The brunette immediately spun on his heels and dove into his lover's arms, burying his head in the taller male's shoulder. "Riku," he whispered, clutching at the fabric on the silverette's back.

"I'm so sorry, Sora," he replied shamefully, softly stroking the brunette's spiky locks. "I never meant to do this to you."

Smiling slightly into his shoulder, Sora replied, "It's alright. I don't mind, really. And it's just as much my fault as it is yours; neither of us thought of it in time."

"But I—" he started, but was cut off by a fist pounding once into his chest.

"Just shut up and take me home. I'm tired."

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