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Heidi's Point of View

The doctor came out moments later and walked straight up to me. Jay, an emergency doctor, knew all of the Rescue team; he had even come out on some of our rescues but knew Caz very well, high school sweetheart or something.

"Heidi, she is okay."

"Thank you Jay! Can I go in and see her?"

"Sure but be careful, she is currently very tired from her attack."

"Did you work out what was causing all of the symptoms?"

"We believe that Caz suffered a very severe hypoglycaemic attack combined with a few other issues."

"So she is a diabetic, did she know?"

"I am not sure that she knew exactly what was wrong with her but with her intelligence and medical knowledge, she had to know that something was going wrong. Whether she actually tests positive to diabetes, I don't know but something went really wrong today and hitting her head was the least of her issues."

I walked to the door of her room and looked in. Caz looked so pale and fragile, connected up to so many wires and IV drips. She was asleep and it seemed that she was actually at peace after so many weeks of pain and exhaustion. Sitting beside her I was almost afraid to touch her but forced my hand up to her and prayed that she could hear me.

"Caz, the doctor said that you knew that something was wrong, why couldn't you just tell me or Chase that you weren't feeling right. We want to help you but you are always pushing us away. I need you to get better, how am I supposed to face Chase if you don't?"

Tears rolled down my face and I moved my hand to brush them away, sighing at the fact that this beautiful girl could bring so much emotion out of everyone without even realising it. All of the Rescue team fell silent whenever she spoke and even Vince and Dean with more experience than all of us combined contemplated her suggestions during a Rescue.

"Heidi, please don't cry…"

A small, tired voice spoke out through the haze of reflection. Turning I was uplifted to see Caz's brown eyes focusing on mine.

"You will get wrinkles if you frown so much."

My eyes crinkled in mirth although I was too emotion swept to laugh out loud.

"How do you feel?"

"Like I have not moved in a very long time"

"How much of today can you remember?"

"A little, I mostly remember feeling like crap for the last few weeks but I feel a lot better now."

A knock on the door was followed by Dr Jay walking into the room.

"Hi Caz, how are you feeling"

"I feel fine, better if you would let me out of this place"

Her smirk was greeted by a chuckle from Jay.

"Not very likely at this point in time, darling. You need to get better before I am harassed by your boyfriend for holding you hostage for too long."

A small giggle escaped my lips at the thought of Chase, as brawny and brave as he was having a go at the man would had saved Caz's life more times that any of us could keep track of. They went to high school together and probably would have ended up together if their life paths had not branched away from each other just after school, Caz's to Rescue and Jay's to Trauma Medicine in the Army before both meeting up again in Sydney.

If Chase had not already claimed her, I am positive that the lost love between the two would have been rekindled very quickly on sight. It was cute and we knew that if anyone in the team was hurt, Jay would be the first one to help.

"What was wrong with me, why did I feel like crap?"

Caz's raspy voice stunned me out of my silence and I turned to Jay.

"You had a severe hypoglycaemic attack combined with the fact that you were also hyponatremic. Both of those combined was the reason that you felt so bad."

"And what does that mean?"

I stared at her, knowing that she knew exactly what was wrong. My anger bubbled up though the relief I was feeling.

"Don't you dare tell me that you knew all along what was wrong with you?"

"Yes I had a fair idea; I was just waiting for the right time to tell you that I could be a diabetic and then have enough time to go get tested."

"Enough time, one word to Dean, Vince or Michelle would have given you plenty of time. How dare you not tell me, forget that we are best friends and live together, I am your rescue partner, my life is in your hands more times a day than I can count. How could you keep this from me, worse, how could you keep this from your boyfriend? Remember him, the one that I had to switch with because his girl friend collapsed in his arms of some unknown cause and his brother forced him to wait to see you until they had driven home. How is that fair?"

My rant at Caz was so heartfelt that I had tears pouring out of my very red eyes, looking up I could see that she was bawling as well.

"I am so sorry, I didn't mean to hurt anyone. Heidi, I am so sorry…"

Jay's voice cut through our tears.

"Caz, you do have Type I Diabetes Mellitus, but that is not the only issue."


"Caz, you have Addison's Disease..."