Tai strolled leisurely down the street towards Yamato's house; he had just returned from his check up at the hospital, and had been assured, once again, that everything was fine. The only thing they recommended was that he ate larger meals, and more snacks in between, as he looked like he'd just pulled out of a mild bout of malnutrition. Tai was happy to oblige; not only was his appetite back, but he also had his own personal Yama who would cook anything and everything for him…within reason.

The sun was high in the sky today, and there wasn't a cloud in sight. Perfect for a walk with his boyfriend. Of course, said boyfriend didn't know Tai was coming today. Hopefully, it would be a well-received surprise. Tai opened the front gate to the Ishida residence, and made his way up the garden. This place was much better than the apartment Yamato used to live in with his dad. Since his parents had got back together, they'd bought a new house in a peaceful area – complete with a large, nature-happy front garden. In one of the corners was a log with a seat etched into it, flanked by a flowerbed and a small fruit tree. A small, golden harmonica rested on it.

Tai smiled, remembering how many times he'd seen Yamato sitting there with a notepad on his lap and an instrument in his hands, coming up with new songs in the peace of his own personal haven. "You really are an amazing person, Yama…" He thought to himself, before turning towards the front door. It opened before he reached it; Takeru was standing there wearing a new, green and white baseball cap on his head, and a smile on his face. "Heya Tai, Matt's in his room. Oh, did everything go ok at the hospital?"

"Yeah, I'm all healed up." Tai replied, grinning. "It takes a lot more than that to keep the amazing Taichi down!" Takeru couldn't think of a retort, so instead settled with giggling at Tai's 'inflated back to normal' ego. Tai started talking again, only this time in a slightly more serious tone. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something."

"What could the amazing Taichi possibly wish to know?" Takeru replied, raising his eyebrows.

"Well, back on Sunday you said you're ok with me…" He began, wondering how best to express what he was thinking. "But how did you know about…me? If…y'know, you get what I mean."

"That's what's bothering you?" Takeru laughed, giving Tai a bemused look. "I guess I should have told you earlier. That day, before I went to play soccer with the guys, I went to grab something to eat. I met your old girlfriend along the way…erm, what's her name?


"Yeah, that's it! Thanks. Anyway, she was rambling on like crazy. Something about revenge and how she's gonna show everyone who you really are." Takeru took off his cap and nibbled on the edge of it for a second, before continuing. "Then she just changed and smiled at me, and gave me the book and said 'here, you can get the sneak preview as you have such a special brother' and…well…I read it. I didn't tell Matt though, so don't worry." He smiled another wide, toothy grin, and waited a few moments for Tai to reply.

"Well…erm…r-right." Tai stuttered, trying to come up with a half-decent response.

"Don't worry about it Tai. Everything's gonna be fine, ok? Plus, like I told you before, I think Yamato is the same way…" Tai smiled at this; he already knew from experience that Yamato was 'the same way'.

"Oh? And what makes you think that?" Tai asked, smiling once again.

"Oh, I have my sources…" Takeru winked, smiling cheekily before turning around to find Yamato walking towards them.

"What are you two up to? Plotting my demise?" Yamato asked with a smirk, finding it hard not to run up and jump on his boyfriend. He settled for blowing Tai a kiss from behind Takeru's back.

"Maybe." Takeru answered evasively, before turning around to head back inside. "I'm gonna go in for a bit. See you later, guys."

"Bye, TK." The two of them answered simultaneously. They grinned at each other, before Yamato began speaking again in an overly exaggerated, seductive tone. "What have I done to deserve such a sexy surprise on my doorstep? Planning on sweeping me up off of my feet and taking me somewhere romantic, Tai?"

"Oh, yeah." Tai purred, hugging Yamato around the waist and allowing his hands to slip into the back pockets with a soft squeeze. "I was thinking we could go for a walk. Maybe…along the park?" Yamato cracked up with laughter, and gave Tai a quick nibble on his lower lip.

"Sounds great, Tai." They stood there for almost two minutes, locked together at the hips and the lips, before Yamato suddenly realised this wasn't the safest place to be doing such things together. They separated, and walked out into the street towards the park. A slow breeze ruffled through their hair, and their faces glowed in the sunlight. They truly were one of the most beautiful couples that had ever lived.

The house was finally empty; Takeru smiled at this as he walked into his brother's room, sat on the bed and stuck his hand underneath Yamato's pillow. Sitting there, as usual, was a small, orange diary. "It's been waaay too long since I've checked up on my big bro." Takeru said to himself, flicking through the pages until he hit a new entry. "Matt, you'd better have something good for me."

Hi. I know it's been a while since I've written anything in here…but it's time for me to give it another shot. So, what's new in the life of Yamato? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Absolutely zero percent…ok, so maybe I'm lying. I've got a story to tell you – and it's weird as hell! Lets start with what happened last Saturday…

Slowly, as he read through the next few pages, Takeru's grin spread into his biggest smile to date. There was no need to feel guilty about having invaded his brother's privacy; he was just too happy to feel bad. At long last Yamato and Tai, the two best friends in the world, were now a couple. "I'm so happy…" Takeru sighed, placing the book in its original place. "My big brother's all grown up." He raised himself from the bed and left Yamato's room, closing the door silently behind him. Water began to form in his eyes, and slowly crawl down his face as he set off into the garden to play with Yamato's harmonica. Never before had he shed such a joyful set of tears.

Yamato gripped Tai by the hand, and slowly edged himself in front of him. Walking towards the couple, with a particularly smug look on her face, was a pale, blonde haired teenage girl wearing a pair of thick brown boots, a short skirt and a thin black T-shirt. She stopped a couple of metres in front of them. "Having a gay time are we, girls?"

"Get away from us before I lose my temper, Ami. You've already made your point, and we don't care what you think."

"I can see that, Matt." She laughed, and added, "You two freaks are done for." Yamato let go of Tai's hand and stepped forward, but froze in his place as a boy appeared behind her and held her around the waist. Shuu had returned. His face was still lightly bruised around his nose, but his confidence had obviously returned.

"Don't worry, Matty-boy. I know you're pretty tough for a fag, so I'm not gonna start a fight. Once we get back to school, though, everything changes. We just wanted to show you how alone you two are."

"I can't say I agree with you." A voice added from behind Tai and Yamato. Everyone turned to face the new addition to the group, and found themselves looking at an extremely angry Sora. Her bright orange hair was blistering about in the wind. "I'm not sure if you two have noticed, but the world isn't what you think it is. We're living proof of how these two will never be alone!"

"We're? I don't see anyone else here, bitch!"

"Because you can't open your eyes to the truth!" Sora retorted, as a short, brown haired boy appeared behind Ami and Shuu, looking more threatening than should have been possible, considering his size.

"Feeling outnumbered yet, guys?" Izzy asked, sounding surprisingly calm. They jumped at his voice, but didn't reply. He continued. "I guess not. Maybe if you look over there you'll comprehend what I'm talking about." Ami followed his eyes and stepped back as realisation hit. Striding towards them from their right was a group of four people. Takeru, Kari, Joe and Mimi. Each set of eyes was glaring daggers at the pair.

This was beyond outnumbered. Out of nowhere, there were now eight of them. All standing strong together. "I guess 'alone' was a poor conclusion to draw, Shuu." Yamato said evenly. Shuu was frozen to the spot, and Ami, trembling slightly, answered for him.

"This means nothing! Just you wait. Just you wait!"

"Is that a threat!" Takeru shouted in reply, stepping forward with his fists clenched at his sides. He no longer had a hat with him, so his bright blonde hair was blowing about in the breeze. Yamato's harmonica was sticking out of his trouser pocket.

"I hope so! Believe me, we know how to handle threats!" Kari shouted, stepping forward alongside her boyfriend. Her hair was tied back, so remained mostly unaffected by the weather. Her face, however, had gone red with fury.

Ami and Shuu took a few steps backwards, as Joe stepped forward towards them. "You're more alone than any of us will ever be!" He yelled, as Izzy moved to stand closer to him. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment, before reverting their stares back towards Ami and Shuu.

"You dare to call them freaks, when you lack even the smallest understanding of other people!" Sora shouted, tensing her body as she drew in front of Yamato and Tai. This time, Shuu replied again.

"They're d-disgusting!"

"If you can't accept them for who they are, then you obviously have no concept of what true beauty really is!" Mimi retorted in Sora's place, moving to her side.

At this Ami moved towards Mimi, but stopped halfway as she came face to face with Tai. "Guess what, Ami?" He stared at her, refusing to break eye contact. "Game over." Ami stumbled backwards in a hurry to get away from him, and was caught by Shuu, who quickly pulled her to her feet before turning around and running off. The two left together, exceedingly quickly, and the remaining eight friends cheered. It seemed that, for now at least, they had won.

The group hung out together for a couple of hours, going through everything that had happened so far, and what they guessed could happen in the future, as they laid quietly together on the grass. "Hey, guys. I can't believe I never asked, but how did you know where to find us? This can't have been a coincidence." Yamato asked, stroking Tai's fluffy brown hair, much to everyone's amusement.

"Well…" Sora began, looking to Izzy for support.

"It's ok Sora, I'll explain." Izzy said, running a hand through his hair. "It's quite simple, actually. Me and Joe heard Shuu telling one of his friends that he was going to get you guys so, naturally, we followed him about for a while. I'm not sure how he knew where you'd be today...but I guess that's not important. Anyway, when he eventually found you two he called Ami and asked her to meet him."

"But Izzy had alerted me by phone already." Sora interrupted, smiling at him.

"And Joe had already set off to get me and Kari, who quickly grabbed TK. We ran all the way here!" Mimi interrupted further, smiling at Joe. Izzy cleared his throat, and everyone quietened down again so he could continue.

"Thank you. Anyway, everyone got here just as Ami showed up and, to further intimidate them, we decided to enter from different directions. Sora from behind you two…" He looked at Tai and Yamato, who nodded along gratefully. "…myself from behind Shuu and Ami, and the others from the right. It seems the plan worked well."

"Worked well?" Tai exclaimed with his mouth wide open. "That's the understatement of the century, Izzy! I wouldn't be surprised if they left us alone completely!"

"Well, I would." Izzy replied, coolly.

"He's kinda right, Tai." Yamato agreed, half-heartedly. "We're definitely not alone, but that doesn't mean they are either. Once they have the numbers behind them, probably at school, they'll go for it again. We just need to hope we have the same kind of support going for us."

"But we do! The teachers are already on our side because of what happened. So are loads of the kids in our science class. As for everyone else…we'll just have to hope." Tai finished, looking towards the others for signs of agreement.

"You put it in a nutshell for us there, Tai. We'll just have to hope." Kari finished, before getting up to give her brother a hug. They remained there for at least another hour, just talking about nothing in particular, watching as the sun slowly began to set in the sky. Life was certainly not going to be easy, and new challenges would await them all around every corner of their lives. However, as Tai and Yamato had eventually come to realise, together they were strong, and no amount of hate could ever break them apart. Their love was way too strong for that.

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