Authors Note: The exciting sequel to Guardian Angel. Starting where Guardian Angel left off. Please Review :)

Burn His Wings

"Sam! Sam!"

Sam sat up abruptly from the couch he was sleeping on at Bobby's hearing Jessica's screams from the outside. He jumped off the couch hearing her screaming and crying. As he got to the door it flew open and Jessica was standing there tears, blood, bruises and dirt all over her. Her clothes were torn in some places and she had a cut under her left eye that looked pretty deep.

She fell into his arms and he held her. "Rabbit…Jess, what happened? Where's Dean?"

She began to cry harder at the mention of Dean's name. "They-they took him Sam. We tried to fight them off but…oh my God there were too many. Together we were strong, we could hold them off but," she shook her head tears falling freely down her cheeks and falling onto the floor, "they separated us. They threw me against my car and I tried to save him but they took him."

She fell to her knees and Sam looked outside. It looked like a bomb went off. There was blood and dirt all over the place. Jessica's car…there was no way to save it. And Dean…Dean was gone.

Sam went on his knees and shook Jessica. "Jessica who took Dean?" She continued to rock back and forth holding herself as she cried. "Jessica!"

She snapped out of it from the anger in his voice and looked into his brown eyes. "The angels, the angels came to take him back home."

Her bottom lip began to tremble of the thought of never seeing Dean again and Sam wrapped his arms around her holding her tight against him. "We'll get him back, I promise! We'll get him back!"

"Dean, Dean, Dean," said a voice through the darkness.

Dean moved against in his chains and there was laughter.

"Almost mortal again I see."

"Too afraid to show your face you son of a bitch!" yelled Dean looking around.

It was silent for a moment then there was a bright light that turned on. Dean closed his eyes and moved his head to the side trying to block the light. It didn't burn his eyes though. He opened them back up and saw a person standing in front of him.

"Dean, it's nice to see you again," said the woman.

"Who are you?"

She smiled. "You forget who I was? I was your trainer. I taught you everything about being an angel."

Dean shook his head. "I'm not an angel anymore. That's not who I am. I'm…"

"Human?" Dean and her locked eyes. She laughed a little walking around the tiny room. "You see you're only half human. You let your emotions take over. I guess we should have sent someone else down to protect Jessica but no, God commanded that you be sent down."

"And then brought back up?"

She smiled. "No, that was my command."

Dean smirked. "Going against daddy's rule wont he strike you down for that?"

"What daddy doesn't know won't hurt him?"

Dean sighed. "Just let me go. Jessica needs me, she can't…"

"She'll be fine. She has Sam doesn't she?"

Dean looked at her and she walked back towards him. "Yes we know all about you saving Sam from the pit. Very courageous Dean, even for you. Stupid, but courageous."

"You don't understand, if Jessica is without me for even a day she goes nuts. We both need each other."

"You don't need her Dean! She brought you down! You used to be so powerful, so great, so strong and she brought you down to a weak pathetic mud monkey." She scratched her head and sighed. "We'll change that." She started walking away and Dean tried pulling on the chains again. "No use trying to get out those chains." She stopped at the door and looked at him. "You're not leaving for a very long time and by then you won't remember who Jessica, Sam, Bobby or Castiel are and they would be long gone by then. We need to shape you back up. Put you back in the line."

"You think you can keep me here! I'll find a way out! I always find a way!"

She shook her head smiling. "Keep that anger up we're gonna need it for your training back in. And if you fight us well there are ways of making you do things, I'm pretty sure you remember how things were in Hell; things are like that in Heaven too. Say goodbye to your humanity Dean, you left that back with Jessica and Sam."

She closed the door and Dean looked around trying to find a way out. "Sam! Jessica! Anyone! HELP!"

Jessica held onto Swift Heart Rabbit as she stared out the window. She continued to stare at the place where it all happen. Where she had failed Dean and lost him. She tried to replay the whole thing over and over again in her head. Tried to figure out how she could have saved him and got him out of there. But there was nothing. She couldn't think of one thing.

Sam, Castiel and Bobby watched her from the kitchen. They could only see the tear drops form on her face when the lightning struck outside.

"Has she said anything?" asked Castiel taking a sip of coffee.

Sam shook his head. "Nothing, not since the incident." She sighed running a hand through his hair walking back inside the kitchen.

Bobby frowned looking at her and followed Castiel into the kitchen.

"What are we going to do?" asked Bobby.

Castiel shook his head putting his mug down. "There's nothing you can do. They probably have him up in Heaven right now doing God knows what to him."

"Speaking of God," said Sam leaning on the counter, "if he wanted Dean down here to protect Jessica so bad why did he take him back up there?"

Castiel shook his head and was about to open his mouth and Sam stopped him. "If you say God works in mysterious ways I am going to shoot you in the leg." Castiel's mouth closed.

Sam sighed shaking his head. "I don't know what to do. Dean was like her rock, her soul mate her…"

"Wait, what did you say?" asked Castiel.

"Her soul mate?"

Castiel bit his lip. "That's it, that's why God wanted Dean down here."

"Dean is Jessica's soul mate?"

"Explains why if he's gone for more than a day how she gets. She falls into a depression a comatose state. She isn't herself, she needs Dean to make her feel whole and I bet Dean feels the same way."

"Of course he does, you remember how he was when we were trying to find her a month or so ago," said Bobby.

"Then that just leads us back to the same question what are we going to do?" asked Sam.

Everyone was quiet. "Get him back," said Jessica.

The three men turned around to look at her. She looked pale, her dark hair bone straight and not alive like usual. Her green eyes not so shiny and green. She had her arms crossed and stood in the middle of the doorway.

"He would want us to move on," she said, "but secretly want us to help him hoping that we wouldn't give up on him like he wouldn't give up on us." She put her hands back in her pocket.

"How are we going to save him?" asked Sam.

"I don't know yet. But I know we'll think of something."

"You better think of something soon then," said Castiel. "The things that the angels can do," Castiel poised his lips together," it's horrible things."

"Dean's strong, he can hold on."

"Like in Hell?" asked Sam. Sam and Jessica looked into each others eyes.

"No not like Hell, he's stronger now. He's different. He can do it. I know he can."

"Not without my help," said a woman's voice behind the men. They turned around to see a blond girl standing there. She looked at Castiel and smiled. "Long time no see brother."

He furrowed his eyebrows and looked into her eyes. "Melinda?"

"In the flesh," she looked down at herself, "well sort of."

"Who's this?" asked Sam grabbing his knife in his pocket.

"Melinda, she's an angel…"

"Half angel actually, sort of like Dean but I've been on the run from the angels a lot longer than he has."

"Why?" asked Sam.

"That's a long story for another time, you want to find your brother you're gonna need my help to do it."

The others looked at Castiel and he nodded. "You can trust her. She's one of us."