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May's breath hitched as she stared at the object in her hand. Her cerulean eyes widened, and she collapsed onto her bed, her mind reeling and her heart pounding. Making a split-second decision, she grabbed her cell phone and dialled the number she had memorised. Her heart pounded even faster as she waited for the person on the other end to pick up.

After a few rings, he did, "Hello?" his voice rang with confidence and May felt her heart do a somersault.

"Drew?" She voiced, and instantly felt like an idiot. It was his number she had dialled, was it not?

"May, is that you?" He asked, and May could tell he was smiling just by the way he said that, and it scared her that she knew.

"Y-yeah." She stammered.

"Really? Man, it's been so long." May winced. She had still not gotten used to Drew's new way of speaking. After all, it had been only once in the past eight years did she ever meet him again, and that was two months ago.

"Yeah, is sure has." May knew she failed miserably at trying to keep her voice upbeat, and Drew noticed it too.

"May, is everything alright?" He asked, and May was shocked at how easily he showed others how he felt now that they were older, as compared to when they were kids.

May was silent for a moment. She considered telling him that everything was perfectly fine, but that would make the whole phone call an utter waste of time.

"No, it's not. It's not, Drew." She felt a lump in her throat, breaking her voice as she said his name.

"I'll be right there. You just stay calm and don't do anything stupid. Okay May?" He demanded, and May could easily hear the panic in his voice.

She nodded, and then remembered he couldn't see her. "Okay." She choked out.

As she heard the click on the phone that indicated he had ended the call, she stared at her phone blankly. Then a thought struck. Did Drew even know how to get to her apartment?

But of course he knew. After all, this was where they had... re-acquainted with each other. Right in this room, right on this bed.

May once again stared at the object in her hand. The two lines that had changed her life as she knew it.

May cried, drowning in the loneliness and injustice of it all. She cried so hard for so long that she didn't even hear it when Drew frantically rang the doorbell. She cried when she rose unsteadily from her bed to let him in.

And lastly, she cried as she threw her arms around his neck and sobbed the same sentence into his shoulder over and over again.

"I'm pregnant."