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Tag: ‚Cover Story' …(Missing scene, if you will)

„I didn't realize you think of me as Spiderman."

Even though it had been a long night Abby knew exactly what he was referring to.

Smiling, she snuggled closer.

"Well I can say that you definitively are more a superhero than any other guy I have been with, yet."

With tender strokes he caressed her back moving upwards till his fingertips met her hair strands.

"How about 'more than any other guy you'll be with in your life?"

"What are you saying?"

She sat up and stared at the man she shared a bed with. His face only illuminated by the street lamp.

"I know it is a stretch but you and I, we're good together, I think we could work the long haul Abs, you know me."

"Gibbs." Before she could say anything else he placed his finger on top of her lips.

"If you ever want out of it I would understand, but I want all of you, permanent if I could decide, forever. More important I want it to be official; so everyone can know that I'm the luckiest bastard on this planet. Not some fictional Agent McGregor."

Without answering his question she decided to comment on his last sentence, giving her some time to think. Not that she really needed to think about an answer.

"So you did read his books?"

He smiled softly. "Of course Abs, but don't tell anyone."

"I won't."

Abs lay back down, letting her hand move under his shirt, drawing circles on top of his heart.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes very serious, Abigail Sciuto."

"Then Mr Leroy Jethro Gibbs, we have a wedding to plan."

Pulling her on top of him he kissed her deeply with all the passion he had bottled up in his chest.

Need for air let them break apart.

More tender and passionate kisses followed, starting into the new life as an engaged couple.



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